Bravo’s U Report enrages cricket czar

The superb timing of Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Darren Bravo’s strokeplay has already won him global attention. His “tweets” aren’t bad either.

Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) Azzim Bassarath is not a fan, though.

Bravo recently posted two unflattering photos of the dressing room used by national players on his Twitter account, which subsequently prompted a television news report. But Bassarath used the graduation of the TTCB Cricket Academy to slam Bravo’s “U Report” and informed aspiring cricketers as to what administrators really think of them.

“We’re aware that maintenance work is sorely needed and late last year,” said Bassarath, in a Trinidad Newsday report. “I publicly stated that we were spending $1 million to refurbish our Balmain facility. We have started this work at the Alloy Lequay Administration Centre…”

So, to paraphrase: Pipe down, Bravo. We will get to the players right after our own administrative offices are nice and comfy.

Bassarath went further.

“Also on the positive side, our Minister of Sport (Anil Roberts) publicly announced his understanding of the need for maintenance work,” he said, “and pledged his full support to have the Balmain facility, including this, the Sir Frank Worrell Development Centre, fully refurbished and brought up to a standard to accommodate regional and international cricket.”

The TTCB has the refurbishment of its facilities under such competent control that the Sport Ministry felt obliged to step in and help. No thanks to Bravo’s tweet, of course.

Mr Live Wire knows where Bassarath should look if he wants to see what a real twit looks like.

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One comment

  1. I am fed up of leaders who feel that they are above criticism. If the guy felt compelled to tweet in order to highlight something dear to him and his sport and if the tweet is accurate, then the Cricket Board should be glad that it was highlighted. But no, we want to get upset instead of seeing the positive side. And not only get upset but want to talk about the guy too. Steuppppppppppsss I am fed up of our leaders taking cue from this government and lashing out at people who oppose what is wrong. Bravo boy, if you feel compelled to do it again, do it. It is time that we challenge the status quo. I feel the administrator is upset that it has been highlighted as it would appear that the administration is not doing their job to take care of the facility…..and if that is so….then take yuh licks like ah big man, pull up yuh socks and fix the damn thing. Don’t ridicule someone for pointing it out.

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