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Crowne: Mas Confusion; videos or photos for personal use do not infringe copyright laws

Works of mas have come into the spotlight recently. In particular, the right to photograph, record or broadcast such works during Carnival. The Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Organisation (TTCO)—the collective management organisation (CMO) that claims responsibility for administering the copyright in ‘works of mas’—has suggested that photography, videography and/or broadcasting …

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NCBA stifles Carnival internet stream… and common sense

Economics 101: How do you raise interest and help ensure the long term viability of Carnival? If you are a 21st century homo sapien, the internet might be your first and most cost-effective stop. Encourage the Trinidad and Tobago media and Carnival participants to take photographs and show videos of revellers …

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T&T copyright groups bubbling for a fight; no getaway

A lecturer and medical students at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex were relieved of their money, jewelry, cellular phones, laptop computers, wallets and iPads yesterday at 9.30 am. North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) chairman Dr Shehenaz Mohammed said security would be beefed up at the complex as a …

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