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Dear Editor: What you should know about Asperger’s; and why it matters


“Whereas autism is often reflected in poor academics and developmental issues, children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome usually possess an average or even above average IQ, which means they are not easily diagnosed since they are not inhibited from succeeding academically. “However they may be mislabeled as ‘difficult’, ‘antisocial’, ‘awkward’ and even …

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Discussion: Should T&T be reaping the benefits of the end of corporal punishment by now?

Corporal punishment

Corporal punishment was removed from schools over 15 years ago and there seemed to be a strong moral argument to abolish “violence” against children. But should that not mean young people—at least below the ages of 23—ought to be significantly less violent? Whether or not you believe that abolishing corporal punishment was the just …

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Tailor-made education: Best sews up loose ends on Ministry’s dress code proposal


“Education kills,” some wit with spare time and a can of spray paint inscribed on the walls of the London Underground years ago, “… by degrees.” How right! The move from ABC to BA, MSc or PhD is very often not a journey about acquiring the life skills comfortable survival …

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