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Dial violates Dangerous Dog Lovers Act; Facebook police alerted

Prominent COP member Nalini Dial’s assertion, via Facebook, that San Fernando Mayor Marlene Coudray’s alleged mistreatment of stray dogs was somehow responsible for the disappearance of her daughter, Michelle Coudray-Greaves, prompted outrage within Government circles and from the public at large as well as the mysterious Facebook Police Squad. Nalini …

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AG bites dangerous dogs

TTSPCA president Sita Kuruvilla said the Dangerous Dog Act, which will be proclaimed on 1 August 2012, is flawed and discriminates against pitbulls but fails to address the reckless ownership, which created the problem in the first place. Pitbulls, the Fila Brasileiro and the Japanese Tosa will soon be endangered …

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Doggone luck for dangerous dogs

A release from the Attorney General’s office revealed that the Dangerous Dog Act is finally set to be proclaimed on 1 August 2012 after being declared by the Parliament, 12 years ago. To put the passage of time into context: Basdeo Panday and ANR Robinson were Prime Minister and President …

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