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Daly Bread: Disgusting politicking with human trafficking undermines public trust

A disgusting exchange of sly political innuendos erupted and similar exchanges between politicians continued all last week over the possible identity of “senior government officials” allegedly involved in human trafficking activity in Trinidad and Tobago. The highest level of leadership in the two main political parties—PNM and UNC—participated in these …

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Daly Bread: “Stay safe”—T&T’s collective vulnerability to violent crime; and the need for national archiving

For the last two weeks I have focused on how successive governments—PNM and UNC, or UNC-led—miserably failed us in providing the equipment and specially trained personnel capable of detecting and interdicting illegal firearms importation through the legal ports. We now have an unqualified acknowledgment from McDonald Jacob, the acting commissioner …

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The acting PM and the prisoner

Two men who were involved in the alleged undeclared transportation of foreign currency to Trinidad and Tobago last year were in the news yesterday. Joseph Baptiste, a 57-year-old fisherman, was denied bail at the Port of Spain Magistrate’s Court for supposedly failing to declare US$660,000 to Customs officials. Jack Warner, …

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