‘A court hearing could be beneficial […] to the entire country’; Wired868 responds to CoP

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has filed a defamation lawsuit against Wired868 and its columnist Dennise Demming for an opinion piece which suggested that Griffith abused his position in an attempt to have his son and footballer, Gary Griffith III, selected for the Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Senior Team.

Lasana Liburd is the managing director and editor of Wired868. However, contrary to media reports, Griffith did not sue Liburd in a personal capacity or as an author. As such, there was no suggestion of defamation in any from a series of exclusive articles written by Liburd on the police commissioner.

Photo: Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith directs traffic on a Sunday morning after the Wet Fete “Jamnation” at O2 Park, Chaguaramas on 24 February 2019.
(Copyright Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

As regards to Griffith’s concerns over Demming’s column, Wired868 will consult attorney Keith Scotland before responding formally. 

We do note though that a high court trip would allow a learned judge to consider evidence published in several media houses (including supporting evidence that was not published) to determine whether or not the post of commissioner of police was misused in this instance.

We believe such a court hearing could be beneficial to not only the parties involved but the entire country. 


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  1. I never heard of Gary son where he arrived from they kick out the Maloney player and Gary paid his son way in because he has that power. And then he is talking shit about eating his hat stinky gary

  2. My instinct was to repeat something I hear about crooked cops and crooked CoPs.

    But my court clothes cyar fit me again and I ent have neither the cash nor the vaccine to go Scotland so I go hush my mouth.

  3. Agree 100%. Let’s see what he brings to the table. Because in the face of some very damning allegations and many frightening coincidences is either supreme confidence or stupidity and arrogance can trigger such a move. But after all it is the cop we talking about here.

  4. I totally agreed. Gift of Garb (GG) is just trying to save face and do some PR because his contract is up for renewal

    • I agree with you he is playing nice boy now but Rowley will kick him to the curb because he has someone to take his place already Gary not doing anything all those murder cases gone cold u hearing how the investigation ended nor how it started waste of time Gary pack up u not giving poor people justice u for the 100% but remember u coming back to civilian life u using your power to sue people because u petty u cannot face the truth if u were a soldier where is your belly then u weak gg go rest time to roll

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