NLCB: No gaming until further notice, due to state of emergency

The following is a press statement by the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB):

All Lottery Centres will be closed from 17 May 2021 until further notice, as per the updated legal notice issued on 16 May 2021.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however this is a necessary measure in order to safeguard the health of not only our staff, agents, and customers, but also the entire population of Trinidad and Tobago, as we work together to win the battle against the Covid-19 virus.

Image: NLCB notice on 17 May 2021.

The NLCB would like to extend our well wishes and prayers to each of our citizens, with special emphasis on those employed in our essential services.

Thank you for your unwavering and tireless support to our country during these times. Trinidad and Tobago, we stand with you as a nation, we shall persevere.

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