A ‘replica’ of John-Williams! United TTFA turns on president Wallace, calls general meeting

“[…] This pattern of behaviour is unacceptable. It is unilateral. It exceeds the constitutional limits to the president’s authority.

“It is deceptive and deeply disappointing. And it replicates the performance of former president David John-Williams…”

The following press statement on the actions of Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president William Wallace—in the wake of recent scandals—was issued today by United TTFA members, Clynt Taylor, Susan Joseph-Warrick, Joseph Sam Phillip, Anthony Harford and Keith Look Loy:

Photo: TTFA president William Wallace.
(Courtesy TTFA Media/Allan V Crane)

In recent days regional broadcaster Sportsmax raised the issue of Terry Fenwick’s contract as TTFA’s Senior Men’s National Team coach—specifically, the content, duration and TTFA Board approval of said contract.

We have stated for the public record that we were not aware of the content of, nor did the TTFA Board approve said contract, which varied significantly from what it had in fact approved.

Last night, Monday 15 June, SportsMax raised the issue of Ramesh Ramdhan’s contract as TTFA general secretary—specifically the fact that it was two years in duration, while the TTFA Board had approved a one-year appointment.

We were unaware of this and immediately contacted Ramesh Ramdhan via WhatsApp text to enquire about the veracity of SportsMax’s claim. Ramdhan confirmed that he does, indeed, hold a two-year agreement signed by president William Wallace.

We are confronted by the fact of TTFA president Wallace’s signature on three contracts which the TTFA Board did not approve:

  1. Avec uniforms, for which the Board criticised him but accepted his apology and assurance that such action would not be repeated. The contract was presented to the Board after the fact;
  2. Terry Fenwick’s;
  3. Ramesh Ramdhan’s.
Photo: (From left) S&G director Omar Hadeed, TTFA president William Wallace and Soca Warriors head coach Terry Fenwick during a media launch on 9 March 2020.
(via TTFA Media)

This pattern of behaviour is unacceptable. It is unilateral. It exceeds the constitutional limits to the president’s authority.

It is deceptive and deeply disappointing. And it replicates the performance of former president David John-Williams.

As members of United TTFA, we brought John-Williams’ reign to an end in the last TTFA election on the promise of democracy, transparency and accountability.

We stand by the principles of national sovereignty and the right of TTFA’s membership to elect and remove officers, which is the premise of United TTFA’s High Court action. But we also believe Wallace no longer holds the moral high ground.

We are determined to continue the case because we reject FIFA’s belief that it could remove a democratically elected administration. That said, we have determined to immediately call a virtual general meeting of TTFA’s membership (via zoom), on Saturday 20 June at 2pm.

The purpose of this meeting will be to allow the members the opportunity to speak on all of the above, as well as the overall tenure of the Wallace administration.

Editor’s Note: Click HERE to read response from TTFA president William Wallace.

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  1. Dear TTFA Members,

    In response to a Press Release of the United TTFA circulated to all members of the TTFA in an attempt to distance themselves from Mr William Wallace and to call for General Meeting of the TTFA, in my capacity as President of the Veteran Footballers Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago – VFFOTT, a member of the TTFA in good standing to date, since 2015 when the TTFA Constitution was adopted and introduced a Board of Directors for the Administration of the TTFA, I wish to provide the following words of advice and caution to fellow TTFA Members for their due consideration.

    The fact is the United TTFA has NO authority to call a General Meeting of the TTFA. The Constitution provides for at minimum 50% of the membership to call in writing, for a General Meeting. The United TTFA is NOT a member of the TTFA.

    During the period November 24th 2019 to March 16th 2020, TTFA Officers failed to call one single General Meeting of the TTFA Membership.

    It is amazing that they have the tenacity or persistence, to call for a General Meeting when they have been REMOVED from Office by FIFA and a Nominalization Committee appointed to conduct the daily matters of Administration of the TTFA.

    Worse any such meeting by the membership of the TTFA would have the effect to quite simply place those members in good standing in the TTFA in a position of compromise with FIFA.

    I therefore beseech the Membership of the TTFA NOT to fall prey to any such outrageous utter rubbish that can lead to becoming besieged and compromised with the actions of the United TTFA.

    Selby Browne

  2. “This pattern of behaviour is unacceptable…and deeply disappointing.”

    Moreso for those of us who still call Wally friend and who wait–impatiently–for the explanation, confident that it will be forthcoming and that we need not rush to invidious judgements about any resemblance between the character of our friend and the cited aberrant behaviours that certainly do not flatter him.

  3. Always one set of bacchanal in TTFA no matter who is in charge.

    Is their business model copied from FIFA?

    And then, they always want taxpayer’s money, with no accountability.

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