St Christopher’s doubles gets green light, Griffith apologises for police intervention

The following press statement on police action against ‘The Original Fat Boy Doubles’ sold at the St Christopher’s Service Station and Massy Stores lunches was issued today by the Corporate Communications Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS):

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has offered an apology on behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, after police officers stopped the sale of pre-packaged food items at two establishments in Woodbrook today.

Photo: A pre-packed meal of doubles at the St Christopher’s Service Station.

In the first instance, police officers stopped the sale of packaged ‘deconstructed doubles’ as well as other pre-packaged meals at St Christopher’s Service Station, Wrightson Road, Woodbrook.

Police officers also ordered the kitchen at Massy Stores Limited, French Street, Woodbrook, to be closed and that the sale of pre-packaged food items be stopped.

Commissioner Griffith said this was done in error. When he was made aware, the CoP reminded the relevant officers in the particular Division of the regulations of the Public Health Ordinance, which allow for the preparation and sale of such pre-packaged items.

According to Regulation 10 of the Public Health [2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)] (Regulations, 2020): “street vending of food and beverages and all retail food services (including restaurants in-house dining, delivery and take-away services), except discount stores, markets, supermarkets, fruit stalls or shops, vegetable stalls or shops, bakeries and ‘parlours’, for the provision of food or other necessities of life, shall be closed for operation during the period set out.”

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