TTPS urged to investigate makers of claim that UNC funding crime to destabilise country

“In this video, Samuel Stafford stated: ‘The UNC has a bunch of businessmen…. there are certain high profile businessmen in UNC [trying] to keep the crime rate up and destabilise the country…’

[…] Given that this is an election year such an offensive statements appear designed to inflame political and racial passions along racial lines it demands an immediate and urgent investigation…”

Former UNC Minister Devant Maharaj calls for Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to investigate Facebook posters Samuel Stafford and Ed Reid for sedition:

Photo: Ed Reid shares a controversial video from Samuel Stafford on his Facebook timeline.

Commissioner Griffith, I wish to draw your attention to the social media post which was shared by Ed Reid of a video of Samuel Stafford.

In this video Samuel Stafford stated: “The UNC has a bunch of businessmen… there are certain high profile businessmen in UNC [trying] to keep the crime rate up and destabilise the country… the crime must stay up to create fear…

“The more fear it have in society to then you can blame a government. The East Indian community, the East Indian leaders, have been doing this for years… where they pay people… that give these young black men a few thousand dollars to take a life…”

For ease of reference the video can be viewed HERE:

Given that this is an election year such an offensive statements appear designed to inflame political and racial passions along racial lines it demands an immediate and urgent investigation. The video of Samuel Stafford alleges that Indian businesspersons aligned to the Opposition [are] paying African youth to commit crimes so that it will place the PNM in a disadvantageous position when the General Election is called.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley (left) and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC.
(Copyright Power102fm)

The video appears to violently offend Section 3(1) c and 3(1)d :

  • 3. (1) A seditious intention is an intention:
  • (c) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • (d) to engender or promote—
  • (i) feelings of ill-will or hostility between one or more sections of the community on the one hand and any other section or sections of the community on the other hand; or
  • (ii) feelings of ill-will towards, hostility to or contempt for any class of inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago distinguished by race, colour, religion, profession, calling or employment;

In an year of an anticipated General Election where the economy is in shambles and there is growing unemployment, statements such as this one is one which can divide the nation and result in violence and as such is deserving of your office’s attention with a view of taking the appropriate legal action if required.

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  1. I believe that because all of a sudden crime rampat in Trinidad and Tobago our country was not like this before and then Kamal say if she aint win the elections that blood would be flowing on the streets and no police take up that .

    • Mrs. George,
      Dr. Darius Figueira, did academic research & produced a book on Illegal Drug Trafficking & Crime in T&T and the caribbean 16+ years ago. The book, titled “Cocaine & Heroin Trafficking in Trinidad & Tobago” showed that there are NO AFRICAN DRUG LORDS IN T&T!!!…only FUNCTIONARIES\TOOLS!!These African TOOLS are who defend drug blocks and drug crime families. These African TOOLS are who attack other african counterparts for OTHER Indian crime families!! It is SICKKKKK!!!
      However, Dr. Figueira noted that There are SEVERAL, Syrian, White,Chinese & INDIAN CRIME FAMILIES that DOMINATE T&T & the caribbean‘s illicit drug trade. Also, Dr. Figueira through his research and in his book pointed out that the Indian crime families PURPOSEFULLY peddled drugs in African neighbourhoods (80’s til present day) to POLITICALLY DESTABALIZE the African PNM support base!
      Also, in Dr. Figueira’s book, he showed that UNLIKE THE PNM, The many UNC Ministers enjoy PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with The Indian Drug Lords and that in 1995-2001 the UNC ushered in an entire new GENERATION of Functionaries of drug crime families on STATE BOARDS!!

    • Your statement of “all of a sudden crime rampant” truly is shocking. Either you’re lying or you lack basic intelligence.

      These stats were taken from
      I added the government column

      Year: Murders: Kidnap**: Government
      1994 143 PNM
      1995 122 PNM/UNC
      1996 106 UNC
      1997 101 UNC
      1998 98 UNC
      1999 93 UNC
      2000 118 UNC
      2001 151 UNC/PNM
      2002 171 29 PNM
      2003 229 51 PNM
      2004 260 28 PNM
      2005 386 58 PNM
      2006 368 17 PNM
      2007 395 155 PNM
      2008 550 11 PNM
      2009 509 6 PNM
      2010 485 4 PNM/PP
      2011 354* 2 PP
      2012 383 5 PP
      2013 408 3 PP
      2014 403 2 PP
      2015 410 3 PP
      2016 463 0 PNM
      2017 494 7 PNM
      2018 516 2 PNM
      2019 538 ? PNM

  2. Another excuse for blacks committing crime.

    • “another excuse for blacks committing crime” (rex mahadeo)…..
      Rex, are indians white??
      If Dr. Rowley is Black, what is Israel Khan?…lol, please say ‘brown’ lol!!

      • I guess black and white are the only colours that exist when it comes to race. BTW what colour was Vaughn “Sandman” Mieres? And what was his line of work?

        And remember any donkey can write a book. May I recommend “From Mason Hall to White Hall”

        • Kwesi, NOT “Kwasi”…
          Your hatred of African people is obvious in your fraudulent usage of an African name as your screen name while spouting UNC Statistical propaganda , as well as implying that Dr. Rowley and Dr. Figuiera are animals(donkeys)…TYPICAL Indian venomous anti-black racism. Statistics on crime during time periods DO NOT show CAUSE AND\OR effect. Peddle that rubbish among yourselves.
          Black skin is the original colour of the indigenous peoples of India and the MASSES of Indentured Labourers who fled Hindu racism (caste system) there to live in the caribbean under european christian rule. To the extent that an self identified indian is not very black skinned is the result of being ‘mixed’ since arriving in T&T (Typically,ironically with high coloured mulattoes). In other words “Kwasi” (a.k.a Prakash),
          Indians are a BLACK peoples….Black is reference to what colour your ethnicity is without the admixture of other groups…Or without the vicco turmeric whitening cream that you loooove. Self loathing is the core of Denying your blackness.

          • Another often overlooked race-baiting, slanderous falsehood peddled by the UNC, is that the scourge of kidnappings during the early 2000’s, was in fact racism from africans and the PNM agaist indians because of envy… BULL%#**! LIES!
            These aren’t genuine beliefs, but malicious LIES told by persons privy to the inconvenient truths but choose to slander african people & the party they typically support PNM.
            The reason that kidnappings began in the early 2000’s was because of the death of Nankissoon Boodram (Dole Chadee). Boodram was well known to have US$100 Million+ dollars in accounts, BUSINESSES & ASSETS\PROPERTIES… He owned an entire STREET of different businesses in South Trinidad but hidden in OTHER PERSONS NAMES…Indians like himself of course…What pray tell do you think happened to all of boodram’s valuable assets after he hung?? Did these ‘honest’ business puppets simply hand over boodram’s assets to his family?… NO! They assumed that they could keep the assests. The kidnappings were simply used by a certain member of boodram’s family,to force the return of boodram’s drug empire assets.
            Indian drug lords USING AFRICAN henchmen to do ghastly acts to other indian criminals over dirty business, then, indian politicians, religious leaders (UNC) who are privy to these facts, purposefully LYING to the public about Africans Kidnapping indians out of racism…..To politically mudsling PNM & African supporters! SICKKKKK!
            What about the kidnapping of balliram maharaj, a U.S. citizen? After all the slander of africans and PNM Balliram’s Wife (Ex) was found guilty of conspiring & HIRING people to do it. What about the kidnapping of Maska owner in south Trinidad?Granparents…!! After all the pnm\African slander, the ambitious grandchild and girlfriend were charged! Or we could examined he numerous hoaxes where it was discovered that numerous,ungrateful indian children faked their own kidnappings to EXTORT their parents & Granparents for cash.
            Samuel Stafford’s claims are not WITHOUT PRECEDENT

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