TTSL split on Look Loy’s fate, San F’do Giants can decide fate of petition tomorrow

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Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) outfit San Fernando Giants have asked for another 24 hours to consider their position on president Keith Look Loy’s role on the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association’s board of directors.

And, with Guaya United owner Randy Hagley’s petition for Look Loy’s removal down from 15 clubs to 11, Giants’ decision could have a telling impact on not just the TTSL but local football on a whole.

Photo: TTSL president and FC Santa Rosa owner Keith Look Loy leads a march for peace in Arima on 17 March 2018.
(Copyright Annalicia Caruth/Wired868)

Hagley needs 12 votes from the TTSL’s 22 member clubs to force an unprecedented special general meeting to rule on whether their president should be taken off the TTFA board—a decision that could impact on Look Loy’s probing of association president David John-Williams’ controversial Home of Football project.

At present, the Guaya-led motion appears short of one backer, although both parties disagree on the count.

Last night, WASA FC officially rescinded its support for Hagley’s petition via email.

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“I am writing to officially rescind WASA FC’s support for the petition to convene an EGM for the removal of president Keith Look Loy as the TTSL Representative on the TTFA Board of Directors with immediate effect,” stated WASA official Lennon Jones. “WASA FC is of the opinion that: the actions initiated by the TTSL President regarding transparency of the Home of Football project and the governing body should be allowed to be completed; and the impending merger of the Pro League and Super League into one national league with two divisions must be our main focus at the moment…”

Jones’ about-turn followed a similar move by Erin FC official Jason Gordon.

Hagley told Wired868 today that Gordon changed his mind yet again and was once more supporting the call for Look Loy’s removal from the TTFA board. However, Gordon denied that.

“No, I am not supporting that petition,” the Erin representative told Wired868 tonight.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa attacker Kheelon Mitchell (centre) tries to elude two Cunupia FC players during TTSL action at the Larry Gomes Stadium on 2 December 2018.
(Copyright Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

At present, the 11 clubs in support of Hagley’s petition are: Guaya United, Cunupia FC, Matura Re-United, Petit Valley/Diego Martin United, Defence Force, Harlem Strikers, Marabella FCC, Siparia Spurs, Youth Stars, Central 500 and 1976 Phoenix FC. Only four of those teams competed in the 2018 TTSL competition while the rest missed out due to their failure to meet a registration deadline.

The 10 clubs in Look Loy’s corner are: Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Club Sando FC, FC Santa Rosa, RSSR FC, Bethel United, Prisons FC, UTT, Police FC, Metal X Erin FC and WASA FC.

Hagley cannot tally the support of Central Football Association (CFA) team, Perseverance United, who also signed the petition but are not deemed to be a TTSL team.

Last year, Perseverance United were one of four teams—alongside Erin, Beatnix and San Fernando Giants—given provisional membership to the TTSL on 7 April. However the club, which earned promotion through the Champion of Champions tournament, could not raise their TT$45,000 registration fee in time.

Still, Perseverance United could have preserved their place in the second tier competition by paying a TT$1,000 subscription fee. But they failed to do that too, after what club officials claimed to be a mix-up caused by a conversation with TTSL general secretary Peter Thomas.

Photo: WASA FC goalkeeper Denzil Carabon (left) and defender Phillip Nelson have a scare during TTSL One action against QPCC at the WASA grounds, St Joseph on 2 July 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

“Here is the ticklish thing; when we first learnt we had to pay the subscription I spoke to Mr Thomas on two occasions,” said team manager Allan Logan, “and he said they were having a subsequent meeting to decide on membership and to hold off paying. I called two months later and he said the meeting never took place.

“[…] After [last month’s visit of the] UEFA officials, we were considering rejoining and wanted to be a part of the meeting [today] only to hear we were not members because we are not in financial standing. We feel we were disenfranchised.”

Curtis Agard, another official at the club—which has since undergone a name change to Real Central FC—admitted that they received word of their expulsion since last September.

“We received an email saying ‘the TTSL hasn’t received any fees from Perseverance United and as a result the provisional membership was rescinded’,” said Agard. “But it is the general membership gave us provisional membership, so I don’t know who rescinded it.

“We qualified to be in the Super League and we tried to pay our fees. Yesterday the general secretary sent us an email saying we were uninvited [to today’s EGM] and that our email address had been included in error.

“But we feel it is unfair, since there are teams in the Super League that didn’t even qualify for the Super League.”

Photo: San F’do Giants midfielder Jamal Du Barry (centre) tries to keep the ball from QPCC midfielder Elton John (right) while referee Kern De Souza watches on during TTSL action at Serpentine Road on 14 July 2018.
(Copyright Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

San Fernando Giants were the only club accepted into the TTSL without even qualifying for the Champion of Champions tournament last year. As teams struggled to meet the registration deadline, the Giants were able to get their finances together and were allowed into the TTSL to help make up numbers.

Giants president Anthony ‘Cla Tones’ Clarke is a vocal supporter of the TTFA president and was part of a hand-picked Home of Football committee which met UEFA officials last week—despite not being sanctioned by the TTFA board.

Clarke has a problem with Look Loy’s public tussles with John-Williams.

“[Look Loy] stated his agenda clearly which is to remove the president of the TTFA,” said Clarke. “If it was a FC Santa Rosa agenda that is okay but in the [TTFA] AGM he said he, Keith Look Loy, would not stop until the president of the TTFA is removed. He didn’t say Santa Rosa and he never corrected himself.

“[…] He is taking a personal position where he is representing a body. He cannot say that on behalf of all the clubs of the TTSL; he must speak to the club members.

“Is this the proper man to represent us seeing that he has this agenda?”

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) shares the stage with board members Julia Baptiste (centre) and Keith Look Loy at the presentation of FIFA refereeing badges to local officials on 23 January 2019.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

Ironically, Giants ruled that Clarke himself had spoken out of turn by supporting Hagley’s petition without running it past their board first.

On Thursday, Clarke assured Wired868 that his Giants colleagues would soon see things his way after a board meeting that night. However, that did not happen.

“We have not made a decision as yet,” said Giants PRO Curtis Emmanuel. “That is still in discussion with the board of the San Fernando Giants.”

Clarke will have another chance to win over his board within the next 24 hours. If he fails to do so, Hagley’s petition will be dead. (Although, even with the Giants’ support, questions over the status of the non-compliant trio of Siparia Spurs, Youth Stars and Central 500 could also a problem for the faction seeking to rein in the TTSL president.)

Ironically, the seemingly robust nature of the board at tiny San Fernando Giants could potentially create a headache for the less collective management style of the current TTFA president.

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  2. Subject: Re: request for extraordinary general meeting

    Good morning comrades,

    I respond to the petition dated 29 December 2018 re: request for Extraordinary General Meeting” and submitted to me via email on 29 January 2019.

    As correctly quoted in said petition, TTSL’s By Laws (2017) state,

    Article 32 Extraordinary General Meeting

    2. The Board of Directors shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting if a majority (more than 50%) of the Members make such a request in writing. The request shall specify the items for the Agenda. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held within twenty-one (21) days of receipt of the request, unless the Agenda includes the election of members of the Board of Directors, in which case the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request. If an Extraordinary General Meeting is not convened within the indicated time, the Members who requested it may convene the Extraordinary General Meeting themselves. As a last resort, the Members may request assistance from TTFA.”

    I must, firstly, point to the fact that one of the signatories – Perseverance FC – is not a member of the TT Super League as they never fulfilled the basic membership requirements offered to them, i.e. purchase of a share in TTSL Limited, nor did they participate in the League’s 2018 season.

    Secondly, since the submission of the petition via email, three (3) clubs have submitted written communication to the League Secretariat rescinding their support for the document and its content. These clubs are Erin FC, San Fernando Giants FC, and WASA FC. Indeed, one of these three clubs has even described the handling of the petition and the securing of signatures “by a TTSL member” as “fraud and deceit”.

    Thirdly, three clubs on whose behalf persons signed – Central 500 FC, Siparia Spurs FC, and Youth Stars FC – are non-compliant members of TTFA, without the right to participate in TTFA/TTSL business unless and until they are deemed to be compliant by the TTFA General Meeting. We are guided in this by TTFA’s Constitution (2015), which states,

    “A suspended Member shall lose its Membership rights. Other Members may not entertain sporting
    contact with a suspended Member.”

    By directive of the TTFA Annual General Meeting of 31 March 2018, the TTFA Board of Directors provisionally suspended all TTFA members which had not submitted 2016 compliance documentation, with a recommendation for expulsion. At the 2018 AGM meeting of 21 April 2018, which addressed the status of all non-compliant member, it was decided to offer each club special conditions to redeem their compliant status. Nothing further has developed in this matter. Therefore, these three clubs are still held to be non-compliant with all rights suspended, according to Article 14.3 of the TTFA Constitution. Indeed, the latest document on TTFA compliance issued by the TTFA Secretariat indicates that these three clubs, in addition to being 2016 non-compliant, are also deemed to be 2017 non-compliant.

    Further, TTSL’s By Laws (2017) state,

    5.4. Application for Membership and Relegation from Membership

    “5.4.3. Any legal entity or person wishing to become a Member shall apply in writing to the Company Secretariat. The

    application must be accompanied by the following mandatory items:

    a. a copy of its legally valid constitution and regulations, which shall comply with the requirements
    of the TTSL by laws;

    b. a declaration that it will always comply with the Statutes, regulations and decisions of FIFA
    CONCACAF, CFU and TTFA, and ensure that these are also respected by its own Members, officials.

    By agreement with 5.4.3.b. of our by Laws (and the regulations of TTFA membership compliance) , all TTSL members agree to abide by decisions of TTFA, and cannot refuse to do so by reference to their membership in TTSL.

    Given all of the above, in actuality, the petition in question is supported by only eight (8) clubs and thus does not meet the majority (“more than fifty percent”) threshold set by TTSL’s By Laws. Under these circumstances, the TTSL Board of Directors cannot call an Extraordinary General Meeting.


    Peter Thomas
    League Secretary

    • K.. so Giants rescinded as well.. moving on. Now there is deeper understanding of the games folks are trying to play. Sadly, the powers that be can’t even pull off a “coup” without looking incompetent. Thanks for sharing.

    • Brian Jordan TTSL ain’t Venezuela.The rule of law, elected government and the sovereignty of the league will hold sway as long as I am President..

    • The Giants rescinding their interest is interesting….I don’t know if Alvin Henderson is still involved with Giants but he is a principled man of integrity and doesn’t stand for the things that DJW stands for despite the fact that Clarkie seemingly does (or at least his interests). So Giants walking away from this makes me feel good about it.

    • By the way, anyone knows if the gentleman who initially signed the petition on behalf of San Fernando Giants did the honorable thing and stepped down from his role representing the club? Would show some redeeming qualities, in my humble view.

  3. DJW and his cohort Jameson Rigues clearly do not understand the TTFA Constitution or the TTSL By Laws. Or they are playing games with football law for selfish political advantage. TTSL’s Secretary has responded to all of this with an excellent letter rooted in both legal documents, the logic of which is irrefutable. DJW is running scared and flailing around looking for straws (read “minions”) to grasp at while he is faced with the prospect of inevitable drowning..

  4. “Non-com­pli­ant clubs in the T&TSL can vote” so said David John-Williams, pres­i­dent of the T&T Foot­ball As­so­ci­a­tion and Jame­son Rigues, vice pres­i­dent of the T&T Su­per League.

  5. 3 questions.
    1. Is there a lack of transparency and accountability in TT football?
    2. Should there be transparency and accountability in TT football?
    3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, why does it matter who is calling for it now and who did or didn’t do anything then?
    Seems like to get anywhere here we need only the perfect person to seek information.
    Apparently, only God can help TT football

  6. I don’t talk about Trinidad and Tobago Football…..but is time that we put aside personal issues who like who and stop this shit. Our Football is suffering stop this John Williams and Keith shit. Let us be real our Football is on a low. What are you doing to develop our Football.

    • Derek Terron King exactlyyyy. Every day is a bacchanal never a solution

    • Yes, unfortunately it ends up being about personalities instead of the issues. Although sometimes the two are intertwined.

    • As I said a million times the both presidents needs to be remove because the conflict of interest will always continue in Alyuh faces , being the owner of a team and being the president of the leagues, madness Them really good yes

    • Earl Mango Pierre jack Warner did it too lol

    • Hence the reason why it is time that we put a stop to it because these two fellas doesnt care about our players and the beautiful game and although my corrupted Jack Warner did corrupted things, our players use to get their monies, well except when he bounced his head and thought that he cudda only pay them $ 5000 monies each when they qualified for the first ever World Cup and he got a rude awakening when taken to court and they won their settlement and finally receive their millions eh Them really good yes lol

    • And in the mean time while all the bacchanal taking place with our football ah wonder if they are noticing that my second sweetest country on ah roll again eh Them really good yes

    • Nobody had a solution neither a voice under Jack. What are you doing to develop football is a rhetorical question… we all should do the same kind of introspection.

    • The people in charge of the funds allocated to funding our national teams are building hotels with the money and NOT paying our coaches….Not putting our teams in training….Not running our elite programs. We talk about our history of corruption and we talk about supposed personal grudges when the things I have just mentioned is the source of our problems. When we speak on this “specific issue” people say we have personal agendas and taking sides…. the guy plumb in the middle of these things is David John Williams……so if you wanna talk about fixing our issues then one of the significant sources has to be addressed ….however he is maneuvering his minions in order to avoid having to give account of his actions…and he is not allowing the board to make decisions because he is doing it all with no consultation with them…… I ask how in the actual hell are we supposed to work together with that man running things in the way that he is? HTF does this work?

  7. Will KLL resign and let someone who can unite the league take charge? He has been a big advocate for DJW to step down. Personally I think all this is crab in a barrel products but now the shoe is on the other foot. #popcorninhand

  8. It would be quite ironic if one of the biggest supporters of the petition was denied the chance to see it pass by his own board …

  9. I find this whole petition business farcical. Is one ting if dey wanted to remove him as TTSL president due to lack of sponsorship, prize money etc. But to want to remove him from the TTFA Board for doing what any responsible Board member should be doing, is ludicrous. In any event, de Board seem collectively impotent.

  10. Can I sign??? I’ll sign it ten times if I can

    • Bass why would you want KLL out? Asking……

    • Brian Harry hognorant, manipulative, obnoxious, dictatorial… would you like me to continue?? I’m sure that I’m entitled to an opinion right??? And that is my view of and has been my experience with the person…

    • Bass Cleff come on, you should know by now I’m not challenging your right to an opinion! So let me ask a question, “are you or the view that KLL is good for football?” And, would you be willing to put aside your personal experience with him for the betterment of football? Just asking eh. No offense meant

    • Chabeth Haynes I agree but also consider that I may not know of any such instances.

    • we need to get past someone being good at their job as justification for overlooking poor treatment of people.

    • Brian Harry how can someone be good for any job and simply don’t know how to treat ppl? How can someone be good for a job when it’s their way or the highway? How can someone be good for a job who manipulates ppl and a system. I’m no way denying the man’s knowledge of the game and it’s management however having a wealth of knowledge with zero ppl skills could never make someone good for the job. If you look back at many of my past posts I always maintained “if only he was a different person he will be great for TNT football”. Let me ask… in your view, is DJW good for the job? Because we cannot deny he too is quite knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience… in your view, was JW good at his job??? His knowledge is undeniable right??? Because, mind you KLL was TD under JW right?? I said it before and I’ll say it again… 6 of 1… half dozen of the other. The same type of governance he’s condemning now… the very same governance he was condoning then…

    • Bass Cleff i keep saying this over an over again but i have come to the realization that ppl dont wanna hear the truth. These ppl have been a part of local football for however long but seem to believe that local football went to hell since DJW took over. None of them would accept that they too are part of the problem. Take a look nobody seems to want to point out that many of the ppl making noise about the state of football now were part of the most corrupt period in our football history and did nothing but fed at table of corruption but today the are the loudest voices calling for transparency.

    • The description seems to fit David John Williams completely ….no petition for him? lol

    • Malik Johnson steups. Is everything about you delayed so???

    • Bass Cleff lol my life does run on my time… that’s the only timeline that matters #sorrynotsorry

  11. Not even the rats could figure out a good exit strategy.

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