Freya’s Advice: Is nixing of anti-buggery law pushing us closer to Second Coming?

As the courts came to a decision on whether to revoke the buggery law in Trinidad and Tobago, I was observing the goings-on in our beautiful two-island republic with great trepidation. And excitement.

And as I also observe what is happening on the international front, I have reason to believe that we are in great danger of losing our religious liberty.

Photo: A protest by Christians against the repeal of buggery laws in Trinidad.
(Copyright Joe My God)

For me, these are clear indications that Jesus is coming back soon. Any student of bible history and prophecy—I count myself among them—knows that, once we begin to pass legislation to ensure LGBTQIA rights, we are taking one more step towards D-Day and the eventual destruction of the earth. This, in turn, will usher in the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is an occasion to be celebrated and welcomed with solemn awesomeness. Each of us should be doing everything to ensure that our life is in harmony with the word of God unless we are content to end up in the same place where we Christians believe all members of the LGBTQIA—seems ‘Asexual’ has joined the growing alphabet—community will end up when the time comes.

Much of the bible, when studied properly, constitutes written instructions for the followers of Christ, not the non-followers.  Amazing, isn’t it? Lot was the righteous man in Sodom but God had to send his angels to almost literally drag him out of that sinful place. In the end, he lost his wife. And those who have followed his story know that neither he nor his daughters were free from the corrupting influence of that environment.

Is the lesson we need to learn here that we need to remove ourselves from the corrupting influence(s) in our personal lives? Or is it that we need to look at the beam in our eye before we look at the mote in our neighbour’s eye? Maybe it is both…

Don’t get me wrong; I understand the concern and angst about this recent decision. It is not lost on me how the removal of this law might have a serious impact on our way of life. I understand what it can mean for our educational institutions, hospitals, businesses and general lifestyle. But, frankly speaking, I knew it was coming, we all knew it was coming; it has been coming for years.

Photo: Michelangelo’s depiction of the Creation of Adam, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling fresco.

My, my, my, look at us today! Aren’t we sitting pretty now?

Rack your brains. Didn’t you see this coming? Didn’t some alarm go off in your head when they started to introduce it into the school curriculum from as early as kindergarten? It might have been a pre-condition for us to access funding from foreign organisations, many of them based in the United States of America.

I believe the USA is a major player in the doomsday movement. The Americans are, I believe, in the eye of the hurricane bringing cataclysmic laws that will clear the path for the Second Coming. On 26 June, 2015, when the US Supreme Court made homosexuality legal in all 50 states, it came as no surprise to me. It did not surprise me either that the law was passed on the sixth day of the week, the same day, according to the Genesis account, that Adam and Eve were created.

Where there is an original, there will eventually be a counterfeit.

I note as well that October 31, 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s contribution to Protestantism. Not a drum was heard, not a celebratory note. How is it that there was no gran zaffaire to commemorate such a grand occasion?

In my opinion, that is an historic event which should have been celebrated with great fanfare. After all, the history of our 16th Century Reformation is really pivotal to the religious freedom we enjoy today.

Photo: A depiction of monk, theologist and professor Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on 31 October, 1517.

Before the Church decides to wage public war on the LGBTQIA community, many of whom want to have nothing to do with Christendom, I want to strongly encourage the Church to look inside its doors. Christians need to remember that Jesus’ greatest enemies were inside the church, not outside of it. After all, according to Ezekiel 9 and 1 Peter 4:17, judgement does begin at the house of God.

To tell the truth, the LGBTQIA community is the least of our worries. We need to acknowledge the existence of the sinfulness being practised within our congregations and clean that up first. Adultery, elderly abuse, fornication, homosexuality, lying, paedophilia, sexual abuse, stealing, underhand business deals and all manner of crimes are rampant within and are being practised with impunity.

So, Trinidad and Tobago, get ready! To bugger in public or to bugger in private, that is the question that was answered today.

Get ready, get ready, get ready for the continuing battle! It has not gone the way we Christians hoped but we must not give up the fight.

But maybe today will prove to be the wake-up call needed to get us out of the lethargy and stupor that have seemingly engulfed us. Let us pray that, as he did with Lot, God will send his angels to rescue a whole lot of us before it is too late.

Photo: An artist’s depiction of Lot’s departure from Sodom and Gomorrah
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  1. To start out..there is a GOD..and am proud to say that..God is just waiting on the right time to come.The bible is fulfilling..the immoral act won’t last for long.this world is really sinking deeper in hell. Hope t&t don’t regret legalizing this immoral act..SMH.God destroy sodomity once and will do it again.

  2. Pardon the interruption, kindly!
    A topic like this should draw healthy conversation and not some of what is what is being unleashed here. This should be a pathway for thoughtful ideas and good, upper level reasoning. Unlike other topics, this issue brings into question, a reality for believers as well as non-believers. Regardless of where one’s faith lies, there is one truth, a truth that can never be removed or lessened. As a matter, the more this truth is discussed, the more it grows and its essence is more greatly felt and understood, and that truth is, one’s inability to explain God, does NOT explain Him away. May I add a tightening thought here, one that is ever prevalent in the world today but I believe more proportionately so in our twin-island nation? That point is, there is more wrongs and irregularities going on than ever before and our world is in peril; our children are in war zones like we have never seen before. We have failed to make better that which had be handed us – the true test of our maturity and character. These wrongs are farther than the eyes can probe space’s distance, deeper than any gas tank can submarine us to, even to Devil’s heaven, wider than the wingspans that all of space can fathom, and higher than the very heavens of the God in question. I tender, if there is no God, then, “all hell shall break loose!”

  3. ‘Gawd’ save us from these religious nutters.

    Their ‘logic’ is so far off sense that one wonders how they reached adulthood without harming themselves. I was especially tickled to see the Muslimeen outside the Court quoting the Bible to make their point, rather than the Koran. 😀

  4. The end is near man with man woman with woman Jah send fire and brimstone destroy this place God sink this island remove it from the world’s existence

  5. The way this planet going… dat Second Coming can’t reach soon enough. What is the final act? If we get a gay Prime Minister? We need to fast track this thing.

  6. Like alyuh forget God is a Trini.

  7. why dem hypocrites doh go and look to find some witches to burn? oh shit ah forget dese iz no longer de dark ages

  8. A tiny island with 0.02%of the world’s population will fast track teh second coming over a court ruling that says that the law against anal sex is unconstitutional?

    And people will lose their “religious liberty?” over this

    This person does not understand what “liberty” is.

  9. “I have reason to believe that we are in great danger of losing our religious liberty.”

    I really do love that decriminalization of buggery is a loss of her religious liberty.

    She real boldface to believe her liberty means telling the rest of the country what to do.

  10. Well im quite surprised god holds trinidad in such high esteem, to decide to finally decide to enact his second, long promised coming based on the repealing of a colonial era law. This is especially astonishing if you consider that so many have been praying for an alleviation of the murders and corruption that has thrown our country into this quagmire, yet a repeal of a colonial era law has seemed to do the trick. Afreya dont lament, rejoice as you will be whisked away to heaven.

  11. If you’re personally more concerned & offended by consenting adults’ bedroom behaviour
    than the corrupting, murdering, uncompassionate complacency of our society & world, then you need to look at & refocus your energy to make the world a better place.

  12. “ To tell the truth, the LGBTQIA community is the least of our worries. We need to acknowledge the existence of the sinfulness being practised within our congregations and clean that up first. Adultery, elderly abuse, fornication, homosexuality, lying, paedophilia, sexual abuse, stealing, underhand business deals and all manner of crimes are rampant within and are being practised with impunity.“

    I’m so happy that he’s able to identify all the ills within these churches . However , one of these things is not like the other .
    Homosexuality in no way infringes upon the rights of others , It’s a relationship and an understanding between consenting adults .
    I’m not gay but I’m not a Christian neither , therefore I’m not worthy in the eyes of your God anyways , nor do I care to be .
    Save your flock , they’re dying from hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness and bigotry , and it all trickles down from the top .

  13. Wired868 mixing in Science Fiction articles in here now……nice!!!

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