TTPS: We’ve detained seven persons; investigation still live but we will keep you informed

“Since our last report, we continued with the investigation and have detained three more persons, bringing the number of individuals detained in relation to this matter to seven. The investigation remains a live one.

“[…] The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is obligated to enlighten citizens and residents of this country of any threat which has come to our attention.”

The following release on an ongoing investigation into an unspecified, violent threat to Carnival 2018 was submitted by acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams:

Photo: Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams is not afraid to look the members of the media in the eye and insult their intelligence.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

In my capacity as Commissioner of Police of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, I wish to give the assurance to residents and visitors that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service continues to address the threat to disrupt Carnival 2018 festivities.

As you may recall, we first reported the matter to you on Thursday 8 February, 2018. The threat is of unusual criminal acts of varying forms, including violence.

Since our last report, we continued with the investigation and have detained three more persons, bringing the number of individuals detained in relation to this matter to seven. The investigation remains a live one.

We are working diligently and doing everything possible, within the framework of the law, to conclude this investigation within the shortest period of time.

I wish though to clarify that, contrary to rumours and some media reporting, we have not unearthed any threat in relation to any embassy or high commission with a diplomatic presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo: A police officer helps his colleague with his stripes.

At present, the investigators continue to interview persons detained and they also continue to pursue the gathering of evidence with a clear intention to prosecute persons where sufficient evidence would have been obtained. We are consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions at intervals.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is obligated to enlighten citizens and residents of this country of any threat which has come to our attention. In fact, we owe a duty of care to inform all. It is in this context our initial statement to you would have been made and it is for this reason I am today addressing you.

As the investigation progresses, our commitment is to keep you informed on a timely basis.

At the moment, we are doing everything legally possible to eliminate the threat to public safety and security for Carnival 2018 celebrations and, based on the advances we have made since the threat was uncovered, I am in a position to give the public the assurance that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, supported by our partner agency, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, will continue to be out in our numbers at all Carnival venues to ensure a safe and secure Carnival 2018.

We continue to remind citizens that, while they are enjoying the festivities, any matter which may come to their attention and which they consider to be strange, unusual or untoward, they should feel free to share such matters to any police officer on duty or with any police station or by calling 999.

Photo: Revellers enjoy themselves during the 2016 J’Ouvert celebrations.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

At this juncture, I wish to commend Imam Sheraz Ali of the Nur-E-Islam Masjid in El Socorro for the very fair representation he has given about a search carried out at his masjid by the police on Thursday morning.

Police officers have been directed, by me to be professional in the execution of their duties in relation to this ongoing investigation and the general conduct of their policing function.

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  1. Today’s Guardian:
    “Five of the 13 people detained in relation to an alleged terrorist plot targeting recently concluded Carnival celebrations, were released by police between Wednesday evening and last night…”

  2. Has any of the detainees been charged yet? Asking for the country.

  3. We want names of persons arrested their backgrounds and their attorneys names

  4. BANDITS “terrorising” people in POS…

  5. I would remember to tell my grandchildren this story before they go to bed

  6. Along with the 8000 pounds of dasheen…**

  7. Good news! The threat that we don’t know anything about is supposedly averted thanks to “the quick work of the police.”

  8. Hey we doh want no f**king terrorist here

  9. And then one wonders why the country is in the mess we are in ? look at the kind of idiots we have at the top ,does one really expect anything better from this fool ? This man is a big joke yes hahahahah

  10. Lawsuits… what a joke. By the time the cases come up, we all will be dead. Criminal justice system a joke.

  11. That was the attitude in 1990. Go figure. Them things never happen in good ole Trini.

  12. Just another distraction….Rowlee call the elections now…

    • It matters not where the information comes from inno as long as they act upon it. Remember the Mohamed guy was arrested in Saudi Arabia for connections to isis he spent more than a year in Saudi jail eh just saying

  13. Just do what you have to do. You know there will always be the doubting “Thomases” I don’t know, I’m not doubting anything. Social media have some of us ” chupppidd “

  14. The threat! Listen to the news on social media, the police, and just keep on saying it is not a threat. One day it will happen and you will not be prepared. They have something to investigate and it was unearthed by theUS. Forget about Muslims. It’s the radicals, not the real Muslims. Get informed and stop talking nonsense. You all stupid, yes!

  15. Stephen des Vignes. You are talking ‘ta ta’ uneducated stupidness.

  16. Tell that bald headed idot call the elections after the carnival ….

    • If you read the post on the female victim’s fb page… Lots of dynamics there.

      One important one, since before carnival, and even for local interests, the police have been suppressing the murder count. I was following it when it first went askew. Thirtyseven I counted by a Friday, that should have been forty four by Monday, but official stats stayed at 34 (something so.
      Ive forgotten exact statistics

      Police Mum police selective

  17. Political idiots creating havoc to deviate their incompetence

  18. They just looking for a reason to target muslims… They should really get something to investigate

  19. They ain’t find one scratch bomb or a toy gun yet but only panicking john public. Wait nah the antiterrorism bill supposed to come up for debate soon, like they pulling ah George Bush on we Trini’s. Frighten the public and do whatever you want after because the public will accept anything without questioning it.

  20. It’s better to risk a lawsuit than an attack

  21. Great to know they are working behind the scenes.

  22. They not saying what these threats are. If they found guns, or bombs or plans to do some form of sabotage.

  23. No harm being aware Maven. Given we are not living in simpler times where everything is as it seems. Not even the news media is 100% trustworthy.

  24. This is a thoroughly amusing thread.

    You all have discussed a news story Then deconstructed it to non reality
    Exploring the roles of film, diamonds and oil to FBI and CIA on non US soil. Rendering the story something of a fabrication, so the whole post should be taken down
    Did I get that right? Lol

  25. Be advised trusting USA is pure madness. Where are the Iraq weapons of mass destruction that led to invasion of Iraq?
    What motive can Isis gain with an attack in TT?
    Devils advocate asking what if US intelligence wants more access to monitoring mobile traffic or truly scary scenario is would US interests destabilize our government to control our oil reserves?

  26. Hope there are evidence and charges to follow otherwise look out for law suits just like those who were held some years ago

  27. BTW, the FBI do investigations on matters that involve criminals “inside” of the US. The CIA operates when the activities that is a risk to America’s interest takes place “outside” of the US. That said, did law enforcement authorities really receive info from the FBI as the newspapers have said? What other pieces of misinformation are there in the newspapers’ quest to sensationalize this matter?

  28. Yes the Lasana Liburd i hear you but US Troops land that ain’t joke

  29. Burnt before. After the SOE came the plot to assassinate then PM Kamla PB. Then was word that Rajae Ali’s mosque had smuggled in arms. And that the Jamaat was planning something…
    Not a charge stuck for any of that. I’m looking to see if this time would be different.
    If it isn’t, I think Stephen Williams should resign yes.

    • I was sceptical too, simply because we did more recently experience concerns when there was a threat to malls around Christmas time
      But the fact that international advisories have been issued suggests something a bit more serious.
      I can only assume there have been none locally because the govt is underplaying the issue -the same thing they do for crime. (Note deep sarcasm).

    • Nerisha, the international advisories could also be in response to our statements. If the police say they expect trouble at Carnival and the US and UK know their tourists are coming for that, they would issue advisories based on just that.

    • Both countries have assets in T&T that give reports and briefings.
      It is in their interest to monitor especially if local authorities are lacking resources (mental or physical)
      Often these assets merely monitor and only advise if they feel the threat is serious.
      The Embassy’s warnings are as standard as weather reports, tropical storm watch vs warning, hurricane watch vs warning.
      All have very different levels of awareness and can change rapidly in either direction

    • Lasana Liburd
      So have you Not seen the international and local reports that state it was foreign intelligence that discovered this plot?

      That it came from US Embassy PoS sources and they gave it to our local police?

      None of this originated here, which does not absolve Williams of a resign

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