Fixin T&T: Show us the Balgobin report, let’s see what Justice Nelson’s made of

“Fixin’ T&T has taken note of reports that retired Justice Rolston Nelson may be the Dr Keith Rowley-led Government’s nominee to become the next president of our Republic.

“Fixin’ T&T is deeply troubled by the apparent difficulty judges seem to have with being called upon to account for their actions.”

The following is a press statement by Fixin’ T&T:

Photo: Retired Justice Rolston Nelson.
(Copyright Guyana Chronicle)

Recent ‘presidential’ speculation adds to the urgency of Fixin’ T&T’s insistence that the Rolston Nelson Report (redacted) on the sexual harassment allegations levelled against Angostura Chairman Dr Rolph Balgobin be made public. It can–and most likely will–tell us a lot about who the retired judge is and what he stands for.

Fixin’ T&T has taken note of reports that retired Justice Rolston Nelson may be the Dr Keith Rowley-led Government’s nominee to become the next president of our Republic. Fixin’ T&T is deeply troubled by the apparent difficulty Judges seem to have with being called upon to account for their actions.


  • Chief Justice Archie has ignored demands for accountability from the get-go with the Marcia Ayers-Caesar debacle and continues his prolonged silence on the recent matters.
  • Retired Justice Nelson reacted by reportedly stating, “I am no fool” and “God help us” when his report on the Angostura matter was questioned.
  • President Anthony Carmona, when challenged, has referred to perspectives different from his as “rumshop logic” and “donkey cart interpretations.” He has refused to adequately address, among other things:
  •   –taking a $28K per month housing allowance while enjoying the benefit of state accommodation at taxpayers’ expense;
  •   –allegedly employing his mother-in-law at President’s House at significant taxpayers expense.
Photo: FIFA President Gianni Infantino (right) bears gifts for Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona ‘during a courtesy call at President’s House in St Ann’s on 10 April 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Had the matter involving then Justice Carmona and a former magistrate who, incidentally, is now a judge, been thoroughly investigated and publicly ventilated, the country may have been spared the aforementioned and much more. Due diligence matters, is critical and must be effectively undertaken. This must be a collaborative effort.

As asked by Reggie Dumas, “Would it therefore be feasible, instead of yet another adversarial scenario, to have the three components of the electoral college—government, opposition, and independents—consult as many members of the public as possible in the short time remaining, then sit together in advance of the election and agree on a single person?”

History must not be allowed to blindly repeat itself.

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  1. At Fixin T&T rate of resignation demand we will be left with Waithe as the only man of integrity in this island and then we really in trouble.

  2. The American system calls you out, forces you to play, no ” leave alone”, on key issuses e.g Abortion, LBGT rights , Stem Cell research, Race relations. Then they take it further, they look at your judgements/ decisions in the past, re- evaluate the outcomes, facts, impact etc. There is nothing that is hidden, least important ( in the overall context) are your ” degrees, of uttermost importance is your stand on critical issues affecting the american society and various groups of ppl.

  3. The legality of things hardly gives us any idea of what should be done, ethically. For me is pointless in the sense that all it may do is expose holes in our legal system that allow for sexual harassment cases to be almost impossible to be prosecuted successfuly. But, after all, do we need Mr Nelson to tell us that ??? ( the Piarco Airport cases is still running ? Because ??). I am sayn once again, that the conversation must go beyond these ” professional qualifications” . ( Osama was highly qualified, so too were those who came up with slavery and aparthied.) Where do they stand on issues plaguing our country ? How are they going to help ??

    • Actually, imo, the American system is more prone to corruption and lack of process, for the most part, because judges are elected, voted into office, and so there is always pressure on them, politically, financially and ethically. This leads to all kinds of problems that are not present with the adopted ‘British’ system, imperfect though it is.

      A lot of the adopted British values are based upon conventions and traditions of British political life, which are observed in the United Kingdom but because they are conventions which are not legally enforceable, are ignored by the adoptees. Hence Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s ability to stay as head of her party despite losing 7 straight elections. In England, it is the convention of a loser resigning that would have removed her, not the law.

      In the same manner, it is convention that would have seen the CJ or any other high office holder resigning, or at least, stepping aside while an investigation into his/her conduct took place. Archie only needs to ride out the storm and retire with full benefits of his current office. And don’t think he isn’t feathering his nest in Europe as we debate his personal brand of ethics. Surely, you all realised the point of his numerous overseas trips??

    • I disagree, however, the point that was being made was that of process. Whatever the outcomes, the american society, for me, deals with ” the devil that they Do know”, and with great rigidity, i think they can predict how certain decisions go. For me, corruption isnt the issue, neither is it here. The issue is that they are allowed to unmask the candidate, the media is allowed to ask ALL relevant, tough, controversial questions which help us to understand who this person is. In our scenario, we hardly ever know apart from their profession. We are often blinded with a list of academic accomplishments, and acolades. I find that they dont allow you to get into high office n then surprise the nation by your decisions, no ! Their system of scrutiny says exactly what they’re gonnah get. The prime example is the President, whom, whatever the issues are with him, bares NO surprises !! None!! And if u followed him before, he hasnt changed. We are just calling for a different basis for electing a President. Greater participation by the nation as opposed to the political directorate. The nation must be engaged.

  4. If they got the report from a investigation they deemed flawed how will this make things better? Fixin T&T has already made up thier minds exposing the defendant and claimant this will result in a host legal issues. He s right though these judges suck.

  5. The CCJ website could be a good starting point too

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