Look Loy vs Ottley: TTSL presidential candidates announce slates for 9 August elections

Interim president Keith Look Loy and vice-president Ryan Ottley will lock horns on 9 August 2017 when the Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) hosts its inaugural election at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

Look Loy, who is 64, is the FC Santa Rosa head coach, a former CONCACAF technical committee member and TTFA technical advisor and a retired school teacher. The 29-year-old Ottley is a Flying Officer in the Defence Force and manager of the Regiment’s TTSL team.

Photo: (From Left to right) Lt Ryan Ottley (TTSL interim VP), Keith Look Loy (TTSL interim President), Minister Darryl Smith, Camara David (TTSL Secretary), Kester Lendor (TTSL interim Assistant Secretary) and Quincy Jones (interim Board member).
(Courtesy TTSL)

The elections will follow the one club, one vote system while the electorate consists of the 19 active and five inactive TTSL clubs from its two divisions. These are Guaya United, Defence Force FC, UTT, QPCC, FC Santa Rosa, WASA FC, Cunupia FC, Police FC, Siparia Spurs, 1976 Phoenix FC, Club Sando Moruga, Bethel United FC, Central 500 Spartans, Prisons FC, Youth Stars United, Petit Valley/Diego Martin United, Perseverance Ball Runners, Harlem Strikers, Marabella Family Crisis Centre, Matura ReUnited, Real Maracas, Petrotrin Palo Seco, Saddle Hill Hotspur and Barrackpore United.

The TTSL president will serve a four-year term and can be re-elected once.

The current interim TTSL executive comprises of Look Loy and Ottley as president and vice-president respectively along with George Joseph (Bethel United FC) and Quincy Jones (Siparia Spurs) as board members.

At stake on 9 August are six positions, which are: president, two vice-presidents and three ordinary board members.

Look Loy has announced a slate to contest all positions. He is joined by Jameson Rigues (1st Vice-President), Eddison Dean (2nd Vice-President), Joseph (Ordinary Member), Clayton Morris (Ordinary Member) and Colin Murray (Ordinary Member).

Ottley’s slate includes Marvin Wilson (2nd Vice-President), Stephanie Guevara (Ordinary Member) and Michael De Four (Ordinary Member).

Photo: Guaya’s dreadlocked supporter waits to sound his bell to signal another attack by the “Green Army” during National Super League action against Defence Force in January 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
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  1. Not into the name calling thing, but willing to let the democratic process unfold accordingly.

  2. And what colour is your nose again Nicholas Lochan??? just checking… and all counts the man is an arrogant moron… #realitycheck lmao

  3. From national football, to ethics, to coaching jobs, courses, international???, Concacaf appointment….ok then.

  4. Didn’t hear the same aspiring president nor did I hear Joe Public coaches voices when Jack was doing the same thing then but they were benefitting then so that made it acceptable??? All of them who get big coaching jobs, Who were the only ones to be exposed to coaching courses internationally too, who get CONCACAF appointments…but no everybody was quiet then. That’s why I always say “it’s not always what’s being said but rather who is saying it”… They may have valid points about the president but it holds no merit when YOU were happy doing the same thing before all becoz it suited YOU!!! Bunch of HYPOCRITES with blind followers if you ask me… BUNCH AH FRAUDS!!!!

    • I agree! JW spanned more than a two decades and while I was a teen and not following football….I don’t think I recall ANYONE forcefully voicing disapproval. I don’t think you could. Lasana Liburd was the only name and that’s how I knew who he was. Has it changed much in local or international football?

    • My point Nicholas Lochan tho is… these same ppl ALWAYS had voices it just wasn’t convenient to use it then… why??? EVERYBODY was “eating ah food” their mouths were too full so they couldn’t speak…now they mouth empty they suddenly have voices??? Two headed snakes… that’s what they are

    • You don’t recall anyone forcefully voicing disapproval…agree but ask why not??? They’re the same yesterday…today and WILL be the same tomorrow. But they now get ah voice… boi dem so cyah talk to me… it’s either black or white with me… NO SHADES OF GREY over here… you either ah stand for something or you don’t… not only when it doesn’t suit yuh…

    • I’m not saying you are wrong at all! I’m sure many names could be mentioned. My point is that the TTSL clubs just like citizens [politics] need to remain vigilant and continuously stand up and speak up. Participation is a must!

    • If allowed… lol… I wait… it’s just a matter of time before (ehm) pelt a chair behind somebody and walk out lol… one decision not in their favour and IT’S ALL OVER!!! But I’ll buy me a bag of popcorn and watch the drama unfold lol

    • Unless they seek counselling… we can only hope

  5. Let’s hope so Justin DeFreitas it’s the best for football in Trinidad and Tobago

  6. All the best for all involved in the election however I too agree that it may have been more appropriate that the final decision maker wasn’t affiliated to a club. However once elected I am sure they would opt to resign from official club duties.

  7. Justin DeFreitas, Iet conclude one matter at a time. In regards to your concerns about the hiring of Ttfa staffs is another issue.

  8. Akel Baig and W Connection owner is president of ttfa and only hiring w connecyion coaches

  9. Exactly…your issue. But we hear you.

  10. My issue is the president is Coaching a team in the League. Unethical!!

  11. National Football is the business of everyone in the Country. The democracy is not about 23 Clubs being satisfied in directions of the league only.

  12. For those interested in Super League business I can only speak as one of 23 members! As with any organization, there are, will be and should be [to an extent] issues, questions, opinions and disagreements. The TTSL is barely 9 months so I’m glad to see the democratic process being applied for the leadership and vision of the League. Regardless of who wins, the REAL power remains with ALL member Clubs to ensure their voices and opinions shape the League they want.

  13. All the committees so far operate without interference.

  14. There should be an independent body to handle the league matters

  15. I vote Lasana for President !!!

  16. One question Akel Baig: What is the difference when one challenger is a club coach and the other is a club manager? Is Ottley’s situation so different from Look Loy’s?

  17. The Super League of Trinidad and Tobago (Election)will be upon us very soon.

    It is with immense concern that the interim president (Keith Look Lot) of the very said league is the coach of a participating team (Santa Rosa fc) in the League: This is a grave conflict of interest.

    It is amazing that clubs or anyone for that matter, can support this unethical and unbalanced practice. The integrity of the clubs and individuals that support an organization being Shepherd in such a manner should also be questioned.

    Where is the transparency? Why is this matter not being dealt with at the highest level?

    This questionable leadership does not build a successful football fraternity. A mechanism must be put in place to discharge this unprincipled conduct that the interim president is currently setting. Football fans and enthusiasts, in fact Trinidad and Tobago, deserves an independent approach to dealing with football matters.

    Where is the example for the next generation? This disappointing approach to local football also further highlights that there is a pressing need for a new regime of leaders with great integrity and strategic direction to take our football to the next level of imminent success.

  18. Go on D road side and preach d word brother

  19. The idea is to get supporters back to the games , do that slowly the clubs could become self sufficient and depend on a subvention from governments that doesn’t care bout sports

    • Well they probably don’t see themselves as a community team and possible don’t have a community ground to use… I don’t kno I’m just thinking of the possible reasons why

    • It isn’t that easy to get grounds. Arima Borough Council made Arima Velodrome available to North East Stars. (And of course FC Santa Rosa in TTSL). That shows deals can be made.
      Maybe more communities should follow that example. But all communities obviously don’t have such a facility.

  20. Because They have a ground in teteron and heading down to the beach , where all the soldiers would be able to come out. Why doesn’t
    Real Maracas play their home games in aranquez Savannah???

  21. Super league teams used stadiums as their home venues too tho… I’m kinda lost tho as to what’s wrong with Army using the stadium as their home ground???

  22. It’s not that bad Bass Cleff, I for one will say it is better run than the pro league. In the league 2 you know every Sat you playing in the league 1 every Sun . No postponements for all kinda shit . Home and away that’s how a Real league supposed to run not Army playing they home games in HC Stadium.

  23. Keith look loy a st Mary’s player along Luciano woodley and Trevor Leiber in goal has the passion for the job

  24. Will he remain as head coach of santa Rosa fc ?

  25. Not sure how and where folks does get their information from Lasana Liburd, but it’s baffling.

  26. I don’t envy any team having to participate in that league under such governance after that election, if we should even call it that.

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