Morace: My players have smiles on their faces; W/Warriors coach plays down absences

“First of all, here the mood is good because we are in a beautiful hotel and it’s the first time that the players are staying together since we began training,” Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team head coach Carolina Morace told the TTFA Media. “We are doing some team building that helps the players to get to know each other better and they are appreciative of that.”

If there was any fallout from the abrupt departures of former captain Maylee Attin-Johnson, talented winger Ahkeela Mollon and three-time Player of the Year Kennya “Yaya” Cordner, Morace did not hint at it as she painted a rosy picture of her current team camp.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Senior Team coach Carolina Morace talks to the media at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 1 February 2017. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team coach Carolina Morace talks to the media at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 1 February 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

The Women Soca Warriors face Venezuela from 4pm on Sunday at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva for their first international affair under the high profile Italian coach.

The suspensions of Attin-Johnson and Cordner, which followed Mollon’s self-imposed exile, caused some disquiet among local football fans. And there were fingers pointed towards Morace’s sometimes fractious relationship with players during a previous stint as Canada coach.

In response, Morace depicted her team camp as a love fest.

“It’s good to see them all day—and all speaking and laughing together,” said Morace. “That is a very good thing. I am happy about that because a team actually becomes a team when the players to come everyday to the field with a smile and to want to come to us coaches and enjoy the training.

“I was a player before so I know how important it is for the player to have a lot of involvement. They play because they play for each other, they are friends on the field and they want to represent the country in the best way possible.”

The Women Warriors have the benefit of an unprecedented two and a half year programme leading up to the France 2019 World Cup. It is likely to be an easier journey if the coach has Cordner, Mollon and Attin-Johnson on her side.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Ahkeela Mollon, Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kennya Cordner try to close down Costa Rica playmaker and captain Shirley Cruz during the 2014 Women's CONCACAF Championship semifinal. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Ahkeela Mollon, Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kennya Cordner try to close down Costa Rica playmaker and captain Shirley Cruz during the 2014 Women’s CONCACAF Championship semifinal.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

But, for now, Morace is focusing on the players in her camp. And she says they are getting better.

“The players are looking forward to this match just as a verification to see where they are at […] and to see where we are at,” said Morace. “It’s normal that the players training with us everyday will know better about the movement that I want from them but also the players who are now joining us I can see they are very focused also.

“It is important that they understand the need for that.”

The Italian coach suggested that the Warriors have not yet attained the physical levels necessary to implement her preferred style of play. However, she insisted that the players and staff are anxious to gauge their progress against Venezuela.

“We are working on timing, on ball possession and how we must play when we have the ball and, in non-ball possession, we will play zonal,” she said. “Of course the coaches before may have had a different style. We will try to have strong team in defence when we do not have the ball and then be ready to attack when we are in possession of the ball.

“We know that we are not in the best physical condition right now, so we have to decide if we have to attack high or whether it’s better in an intermediate way. Our staff is working hard in the camp every day to have the players ready. We are all curious and all excited to play these two games.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Tasha St Louis (far left) celebrates with teammates after her stunning game winning goal against Guatemala in Houston, Texas on 12 February 2016. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Tasha St Louis (far left) celebrates with teammates after her stunning game winning goal against Guatemala in Houston, Texas on 12 February 2016.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela meet from 4pm on Sunday and then from 7pm on Wednesday 29 March at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

Tickets cost TT$100 (covered) and TT$50 (uncovered) and will be sold at the match venue on game day.

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  1. I look at Carolina coaching sessions at the manny ramjohn and like Dennis she is bringing something . Like I say our ladies have abilities , however ….all else needs work..basic drills are to confusing them .

  2. Just make sure and win cause T&T will want you fired especially seeing that they favourites off the field.

  3. Yuh right is a team…. football go still play

  4. Nobody is bigger than the game, forward we’re going.

  5. Trini culture is that we eh business and we jammin still, like you didn’t listen to the song or what eh Hassan C Araujo. hahahahahaha We really good yes.

  6. Trini culture is just a collection of bad habits most of the time….Mango

  7. They will be ready barring injury.

  8. When she really simmer’s down and really understand our culture and the issues that our players maybe have to go through daily, not eating properly, travelling issues, living in hotspot areas, being treated by a Football Federation who have no regards for our players welfare and continues not to pay them their well deserved monies only then she might be sympathetic and after the first game on Sunday vs Venuezela and she experience the atmosphere with the support of our people especially if the team wins, she might not want to leave our sweet country at all. Them really good yes.

  9. I would have preferred if this situation had not arisen but am glad that it is early days yet. It does not sound like an issue that cannot be resolved so it is up to the powers that be to take the bull by the horns and address it sooner rather than later. A coach with poor “people skills” is nothing new so if this is the case she must accept this shortfall and try to work on it whatever her reasons. I totally agree with the players for demanding their due respect from the coach if this has not been forthcoming and in turn they must give her the due respect that she deserves. A mediator is urgently needed so that everyone can be on the same page. It is difficult to be smiling but grinding and that could never be a healthy option for any player on a team. I am looking forward to a speedy and mutually acceptable resolution to this matter.

  10. heavy vibes in between the lines from Ahkeela and Kennya.
    hope you stay fit and ready for that call back whenever the powers tha be reason out we’re stronger together. #REP868

  11. Folks, this is another side to the story

  12. ttps://;postID=924881944227191836;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

  13. like I said last night always three sides to a story…at the end of the day she wil be judged by results…a coach is also a freat negotiator and chain up man…dont buy the hype all players are.equal (messi ronaldo romario) all get concessions..if she feels the team is better without the trio or there presence is distracting then the results should tell
    remember france won the WC without Ginola and Cantona

    • Ye but I don’t know that ladies team got so much obvious young talent coming tru at this moment that they could win/be better off long term in aim be in 2019 WC without Maylee Johnson Ahkeela Mollon & Kennya Yaya Cordner

      Hence whatever is coach real reason for leaving them out has to be awfully good

      Lasana Liburd Kirwin Weston Roneil K Walcott Ricarda Nelson Arin King Amiel FullyFocus Mutilal Che Abrams Stephon Nicholas

    • well again SHE WILL BE KUDGED BY RESULTS…results gave a strange way of making people eat himble pie

  14. Hoping these players and their coach humble themselves and work towards common ground. It’ll do the players well to understand that the coach is the CEO of the team. The position of CEO comes with a certain amount of authority and ultimate responsibility/control. However, all great leaders lead through their people, especially their most experience people. They can’t accomplish anything by themselves. They also recognize that they can’t use the same strategy or style to manage all employees. A smart employee also understands that sometimes they have to manage their managers. But need to do so in subtle ways. While we don’t want our good TTFA president to dictate to our coaches who they should and shouldn’t select, this is a good opportunity for him to earn his stripes and help these two parties bridge their differences. David – bring these parties together to resolve their differences. And ladies – I’m with Brian. I think you all should say no more on this forum.

  15. Common denominators…..always the same common denominators

  16. I looked at Coach Morach putting the TTWNT through their drills .One could see the philosophy in her sessions planning. Being a part of the game for a long time. She has a battle in her hand. The local based all have faults in their techniques and the more so a greater flaw psychologically. There is no fundamental training, which could be to the fact they probably learn football on the street. Evident by the fact they cannot grasp the drills with ball sense. Mr. John Williams, if you are bringing those high quality coaches, the players must be ready to accept those training. The structure of football in T&T must start from under 15 coaching and game management 15 to 20. There should managers for 17 to Snr team and the various coaches as assistants. DJW, get your technical director working

  17. Wishing the T &T ladies team God speed on Sunday.

  18. Good luck to T&T women footballers against Venezuela

  19. Morace aka the female capelo lol

  20. How does that old song go? Smiling faces, smiling faves sometimes … they don’t tell the truth!

  21. Well everything in the public eyes based on speculation since we don’t know the truth, or don’t have two sides of the story to compare anything.
    Unfortunately, you can’t stop the speculation and accusations because there’s nothing concrete from either side to work with.

    All we can hope for is our coach has made the best choice for the team and country in this moment

  22. Sounds like a lot of love and happiness. Why would anyone dream of turning their backs on such a warm fuzzy environment where you get to play your favourite sport ⚽? My BS meter is off the chart.

  23. The power of perspective. Sometimes this is called CYA

  24. The ultimate PR 101 article aka “crisis communication” Fuentes just doing his job – can’t read anything significant into this one…

  25. Pains me to see such quality players not in the setup but I hope whatever differences can be resolved ASAP.

  26. Well let her don’t humble herself nah and really don’t care to understand our culture and how to really treat our players, the end result will always be the same results like what she had in Canada and that is a big failure steeuuuppss. Them really good yes.

  27. I usually if ever comment on post, but if this is the current state of the camp , then this is truly amazing and happy to see. This is great news and can only serve well for the victory on Sunday. Sometimes others have to sacrifice themselves to help bring about change. To some who are quick to judge about who is bigger than the game, half of u guys wouldn’t had lasted one day. Be very careful how u judge others without ever having to walk a day in their shoes. It’s sad to see some of u guys comment without really knowing the facts. But then again what u expect from folks who once your child is not the ones coming home to tell you what’s going on with them if they were in an uncomfortable situation , those people are the first to point their fingers at other people children. With this kinda articles it means happier days for the women program and that’s all that any player should ever want. To go training, work hard but have a smile on their face. For those who judging , keep judging, is folks like u who contributes to a disfunctional state. Where someone might be unhappy or depression about somethung and the fear speaking up leads them to harming themselves because if they do speak up they might be judged. Just like this, people judge base on their perception of the matter. Ps, sometimes wait until the facts come out. Anyways shaking my head, good luck ladies, God be with the team and all the best. Red, white and black 868

    • Well said I’m just looking at the comments and smile because they would judge us no matter what ?????????

    • A new coach getting to know a new country and players. There are bound to be some hiccups. Kennya, Maylee and Ahkeela are better on the inside than the outside.
      I know you all sacrificed a lot for the country over the years. Keep the door open.

    • Lasana Liburd, very very true I accept that statement, but also know this. Both me and u can’t be looking at a mango tree and u trying to convince me that it’s a apple tree, and lasana u are trying so so hard to tell me look hard it’s a apple tree. No matter how hard you try to convince me to see what u want me to see, I can’t see it, if it’s not the truth. Outcome , lasana sees what he wants to see and ahkeela see what she want to see. Solution let’s find a way to make what u see and what I see works, it’s called communication . Your statement with the hiccups is fine, but it went alittle of course when u said a new coach getting to know country and players. Why couldn’t you tie in also players getting to know new coach and her style and philosophy and in time both coach and players will get it together. You see since the story blew up is the players this, the coach this. How about a cultural balance for both, instead of steering it only one way. Shaking my head. When ever there is a coming together, remember it takes both parties

    • Without access to the inside scoop all we have to go on is what’s in the public domain, and objectively looking on it seems like more a clash of personalities. Without judging anyone, the coach is the one charged with ultimate responsibility for winning or losing. S/he has to implement her mark on the team so as to ensure that succeed or fail, it would be by her methods.

      There needs to be compromise on both sides, players and coach, but ultimately the coach has to be given some leeway to bring change to the structure. No disrespect, but if success was a hallmark of the women’s program prior to now then we wouldn’t even be talking about this coach. So if prior efforts have failed, something new must be given a chance. Hopefully as Lasana said, cooler heads will prevail in the long run and TnT will field a full strength team (with you three ladies) going forward.

    • Ahkeela, it was meant to go both ways. Now the coach is the boss and has the balance of power. But it is also in her interest to want to have the best players and that might call for some compromise at times.
      It is never going to be an equal relationship between boss and employees. But of course we want there to be a good working relationship and for you three to be there smiling just as much as the rest of the team supposedly is. 🙂

    • @lasana Liburd oh ok both ways, well yes u right. Both ways. Bai once the girls are happy now, that’s most important. Remember the journey to France is not just about the players but the country, so once the players are happy it helps them to play better and once they play good it’s makes their countrymen feel proud. So only uphill from here, happiness. 868

    • And keep the door open. I’m sure there will be an opportunity soon to work this out for the benefit of everything. Disagreements happen at the work place.

    • I appreciate Ms Mollon’s courage to speak, and even more so her diplomacy. Also appreciate her selflessness. She certainly is placing country first. My only suggestion to her is that she does what’s necessary to get back into camp. The country is better off with her and her other two colleagues in camp. I still believe (and I don’t know the facts) that she and her colleagues work with the administrative staff and the coach to mend the fences. We need her on the pitch. Mediation and conciliation!! Also, I suggest that she doesn’t say much more or anymore. Just a thought.

    • I appreciate Ahkeela Mollon coming out and saying what she expect in an ideal situation. I’m sure she has valid reasons that would justify her leaving the team but Brian Harry she shows that she is a professional who knows what should be posted on FB and/or other social media.

    • I am professional enough to know what I say openly mr,secondly Brian I left the team 3 weeks ago, quietly peacefully and the show continued. I left, had nothing to do with the coach having to get rid off, or clash with the coach. I LEFT, it was my choice because of different circumstances which I would not say unless within my circle. 18yrs Harry , 18yrs service. Think about this all who judging, u think a player who have given so many years service, work so hard in other countries over the years to put Trinidad and Tobago woman football on the map or help put Trinidad and Tobago on the map, finally after so long having get now a coach who can help make the dream happen , plus they try or put contract in place to make the players comfortable, plus a year fill with friendly games. And to seal it off, you went into camp the #1 fitest player by the coach fitness team standard and one of the fastest. Brain, I don’t know u personally but ask yourself this. Why then would a player like that walk away?. While u come up with your answer let me share mine, money don’t phase me, yes it’s a bonus but when I played my 7yrs in sweden, Iceland , Norway, the years compile together. I played at USC game cocks, four years at that top class div 1 school. Have u heard any thing disciplinary wise about A. Mollon over the years, no u know what u heard good things because that’s what I work hard in -5 degrees weather Sometimes to try and do create good memories. Now let’s take a look at TnT football, why would I remove myself if it wasn’t a solid ground to stand on, and because i choose not to accept that for myself , pit down my foot and say, Mollon channel this hard work somewhere else. For example my academy where I am currently trying to keep kids of the streets. Mr Harry, money, fame don’t phase me, you know what do respect. And I would leave this by saying, before other judge and want to advice so strongly, take a cup of tea, sit back and say, I wonder Y?. Knowledge is key but knowledge without being a good communicator is chaos. Take the knowledge and add a good communicator, stand a better chance of success. Ps, Trinidad and Tobago coach amazing football brain, work on the other aspects you will see TnT in France , with or without players. No one is bigger than the game. I am about the game and every ting that makes it work. Respect is a 2 way street. Bless day Harry

    • I wasn’t judging you! I was commending you for the professional and diplomatic way in which you are handling things. I have said always in my posts that we don’t know the full story. I’m nit judging and much respect and thanks to you

  28. Earl Mango Pierre I feel like you could save a lot of time and words on many of these posts if you ever began by attempting to sound… coherent, professional and less… ‘must be deliberately trying to sound foolish’. Try it!

  29. Earl Mango Pierre yuh talking a lot of balls. Bout coach need to humble herself. Steups

  30. It is the first time ever that our women’s team is getting to sign a contract for as much as $ 8000 monies and some of the players if not all doesn’t have a regular high paying job or even isn’t working at all and the three real professional players, will all of a sudden be indiscipline eh and throw away their chances of making plenty monies and also really qualifying for their first ever World Cup in 2019 with a real professional Italian Coach eh, but the Coach really needs to humble herself and stop abusing our players, while our players still understand that she is a disciplinarian the same like all the other foreign base Coaches that comes to our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  31. Maybe you know something that we don’t Mango, please share.

  32. Again man this has nothing to do with discipline man, this is about abusing our senior players and the madness really has to stop eh, some of you all really have to get the facts right steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  33. So are you supporting ildisciplibe by players because they good do you think what they do at home they will try at their professional clubs away

  34. She feels that she bright eh, so she is talking about happiness in the house, well we will be waiting very patiently for the Sunday game to see what brand of football that the team will be playing without the three real professional players eh. Them really good yes.

  35. No player is bigger than the game disciplined must be maintained room has been made for three new stars to step foward once justified i support the coach if you want international coaching we must have the same standards of behaviour by players no matter who they are

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