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T&T national women’s player murdered: TTFA mourns for 15-year-old Abiela Adams

“It’s heartbreaking [and] you still cannot understand how the mother or family feels right now. What could a young girl like Abiela [Adams] do to deserve what happened to her?

“We really need to deal with what is happening in our society today. All my players right now are in tears, crying because they were all close. I could hear the screams while on the phone with some of the parents this morning…”

The following is a TTFA press statement on the death of 15-year-old Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Youth Team player and Signal Hill Secondary student, Abiela Adams, who was found murdered early this morning in Courland, Tobago. Her throat was slit:

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association today expresses deepest condolences to the family of Abiela Adams who was found murdered in Courland, Tobago.

Abiela was member of the National Under-15 Women’s team and was a bright prospect for the National Women’s your team programme.

She was first selected to the National Under-15 Team last year and journeyed to the CONCACAF Under-15 Women’s Championship at Disney, Orlando where she represented this country’s national team in its matches at that tournament.

TTFA President David John-Williams expressed condolences to the family of Abiela.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of young Abiela’s passing. Our deepest sympathies goes out to her family and we pray that God will grant her family and her closed ones the much needed comfort and peace during this time,” said John-Williams. “The TTFA will make every effort to support the family in this difficult time. Her death comes at a time when women’s football in our country is heading in the right direction.

“We are all shocked at losing a bright prospect like her.”

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams.
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams.

Coach Marlon Charles, who led the T&T Under-15 Team for the 2016 CONCACAF Championship, expressed dismay and shock on hearing of her death.

“When you hear news like this it reflects on home because as someone you have coached, these players become part of you,” said Charles. “You think about it as a father, as a parent, as a coach, you reflect on how she would have encountered everything she had to go through.

“This is really a traumatic situation that has hit us really hard in the football fraternity. She had great potential to go on to play for other national teams and would have been part of the upcoming screening for the National Under-17 Women’s Team.

“She journeyed over from Tobago for the Under-15 screening last year and made the final selection and turned out to be one our better players and I am certain she would have been back for the Under 17s. These are dreams a young lady surely would have had and it has been taken away.”

Women’s National Under-15 Team manager Ricarda Nelson said Abiela’s former teammates were devastated by the news.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Under-15 Team warms down after their 4-0 win over the Dominican Republic on 10 August 2016 in the CONCACAF Championships. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-15 Team warms down after their 4-0 win over the Dominican Republic on 10 August 2016 in the CONCACAF Championships.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

“It’s heartbreaking [and] you still cannot understand how the mother or family feels right now,” said Nelson. “What could a young girl like Abiela do to deserve what happened to her? We really need to deal with what is happening in our society today.

“All my players right now are in tears, crying because they were all close. I could hear the screams while on the phone with some of the parents this morning.

“I am a mother and you have to ask how do you deal with something like this. Her mother was always there at training last year. We even thought that her mother didn’t have a job because she was always there to assist with the team and her daughter, traveling back and forth between Trinidad and Tobago.”

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.

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    • I was wondering why shortage of courtrooms did not make the list. As far as I am aware, I do not know of any new/additional court since I was small. Clearly, the number of crimes has significantly increased. Yes, we need more staff. But taking into consideration a number of cases get adjourned daily, how logical is it to expect matters to be expedited if this is not addressed?

    • Lack of common sense is a real problem. Where can we buy more? ?

  1. So does this move by the AG mean that journalists won’t be able to make up stuff and then say confidential and anonymous sources? Lol

    • That whole issue is going down a slippery slope. As I said, so the real news is not damaging enough? Are we forgetting this is the gov’t that brought emailgate to parliament-which, to date, has not been proven to be true, but which contributed to toppling a gov’t? The argument would be, you are sharing it because you believe it to be true. Or to be disproved. But to be honest, the timing of all the nonsense that has been taking place at gov’t level just proves to me that they are grasping at straws-politics by distraction. I recall statement about charges soon to be laid against members of opposition. Still waiting. It appears as if they cannot lead the country. I am just waiting for someone to take the reins and start leading less talk, more (sensible) action.

  2. Because we have forgotten about etiquette. Good manners goes a long way.

    • Cause, you know, the real news is so much better?

    • I suspect they dont want the outside world to know the truth

    • I don’t understand what he’s talking about, are there people creating fake news online that passes for Express and Guardian?

    • Boy,…you never know he means. Read this piece of satire:



      The public is hereby notified that social media users will be liable to prosecution for making false, alarming and libelous statements if they state that a murder, rape, robbery or any other crime has been committed in Trinidad and Tobago before such time as a court has ruled that that is the case. This process takes 25 years in this country, but patience is a virtue. If the police cannot apprehend the suspect, it may take longer. Wait before rushing to judgment and creating panic.

      To give an example:

      If a woman is found running naked down the highway with blood flowing down her thighs, it is highly irresponsible to state that she has been raped. She may have been practicing a form of yoga that involves the rapid absorption of carbon monoxide via all the pores of the body while menstruating. I have been reliably informed that jiggling the kundalini in a rhythmic fashion opens up not only your chakras, but also your brother’s chakras, mother’s chakras, and all related chakras including those belonging to your great-grandfather who passed away in 1987.

      The woman may say she has been raped, but she may simply not have chosen well the five men who broke into her bedroom. This may be part of the deluge of female negligence that is destroying this nation. The government is currently drawing up legislation against the nefarious activity known as WWW (Walking While being a Woman).

      Further, the posting of photos of unidentified headless, handless, burnt-and-decomposed-beyond-recognition corpses will be prosecuted as an infringement of said corpse’s rights to privacy and the laws against pornography. If the genitals have not also been excised, the tender minds of minors can be injured when they stumble across such pictures while engaged in the innocent pastime of posting pictures of themselves holding submachine guns.

      If, moreover, claims are made that such photos are of murdered people, posters will experience the full fury of the law. That poor, helpless person cannot rise from his shallow grave to protest that his death was due to suicide, not homicide. The police has extensive evidence that such corpses are the result of a form of ritual suicide by which the soon-to-be-corpse lops off his left hand with an axe held in his right, then lops off his right hand with the axe held in his teeth, then finishes the job by lopping off his head with the axe held between his toes. Once a corpse has toes still attached you cannot rule out suicide. That is the law of this country and it must be respected.

      Persons contravening these regulations will also be charged with treason for bringing Trinidad and Tobago into international disrepute by claiming it has a high crime rate when it only has careless women, suicide-prone men and a yoga-loving population that likes to jam its booty on the highways and byways of this paradisiacal, sun/sea/sex-drenched country devoted to rum and roti in equal quantities. Libelous postings regarding the hard-working police, the justice system and my good self will also be summarily dealt with. I do not take kindly to being called incompetent, incoherent, ignorant, inept, insane or involved-in-corrupt-leasing-of-buildings.

      You have been duly informed.

    • Brilliant satire. If people ‘get’ it is another question.

    • Savitri Maharaj lol you not nice! Vernal Damion Cadogan…I can only speculate here but reports have been circulating about alleged organ harvesting, and ppl ‘nearly’ being kidnapped etc. I am not sure if it’s paranoia or truth. But many of these stories are not reported to the police. On the other hand, ppl ask, what am I reporting? But overall, I agree we can be more responsible with our postings, and verify info first. But to pass a law to address the issue? How about a simple education campaign first.

    • This legislation sounds like a Kill The Messenger Bill.

    • So doh ask about whistle blower legislation again eh. We going rhe way of North Korea now

    • Savitri Maharaj…We have no problem with bringing more laws. (Why not also update outraged legislation while we at it?). But is the flawed legislation is the problem. You recall why that bill did not continue?

    • Ok..hope more ppl are aware of it. Let’s focus on Facta. I hope you read the comments under the article in the Wall Street Journal where Kamla wrote Trump. U.S. citizens (expats) are complaining because local banks decided it was too much headache to comply with reporting requirements, so were turning away U.S. account holders. It is not as simple as we are trying to make it out to be.
      And as I said elsewhere, if we are saying the opposition has Cocoa in the sun, are we then admitting our local laws are inadequate or we are incompetent to enforce them? Are we hoping for Uncle Sam to rescue an independent nation from our inadequacy/incompetency? (Keep in mind, we had a proposal to have an IFC here, and certain measures had to be put in place prior.)
      If we are admitting to that, then we might as well admit we cannot deal with crime and ask for help to deal with that too.
      How come we are not hearing about (proposed?) legislation in England to have ppl buying houses over a certain £ to declare the source of income, as there are many ppl with questionable sources of funds buying up real estate there too.

    • This is one govt thats full of hot air..with no clear direction.

  3. Same thing I thought. Young man not responsible enough. Late at night you’re supposed to drop the girl straight at her door and wait until she gets in. Even we hard backed adults do this for our friends.

  4. I still havent read this story because I just can’t …….

    • Tbh, I read the headlines for many of these stories and I feel sick, far less subjecting myself to reading them. And I wonder how their families and friends feel reading all the gruesome details. I think the detailed info is de-sensitizing us to be honest, instead of the opposite. Imagine with some stories a beheading etc and ppl asking to see video and photos of mangled bodies. Are we a humane society?

  5. it is kind of interesting , instructive and bemusing that this thread is still alive the many days after her death, and not to discuss how to get the rolls of victims and bodies down, but on things we have no control over, > things irrelevant at a scene of or before a crime,

  6. My deepest condolences to the club association friends and family.

  7. When I saw this I was so upset

    • Why always willing to condemn and chastise the victims? Trinis always know people business. Admit we have ANIMALS roaming in human form. Why are so much men violent towards women. Are they seeing it home? where are the fathers, Are we as parents bringing up our sons correctly or covering ours sons blemishes. IT IS A SOCIAL ISSUE. Instead women groups protesting the PM office for speaking the truth.My deceased father and brothers have all asked me similar questions. where is the insensistivt in the question. Women GET real

    • I am not condemning The victim I was upset at what happened to her

  8. It’s time parents put their foot down and do the right thing with their children

  9. Why was a 15 year old child with a 19yr old man did not the parents have any problem with that.

  10. I would think her photo IS being posted everywhere. The problem is a large percentage of the posters are trying to discredit her by saying she tried to look cute in her Facebook photos and that somehow set her along the path to be a murder victim.

    • Lasana, I will be honest: She did seem to be trying to seem kind of come-hitherish. I see a number of little girls doing that these days. I don’t like it. I see a number of parents posing toddlers or very young girls like that as well. I loathe that. And NONE of that is relevant in the sense of “she look fuh dat!” And any mentally healthy male seeing a young girl doing that would say Cheups and move on.

    • really? where? are we blasting the people making such statements?

    • Come-hitherish is the point of Facebook. Sometimes we forget that. That is what Facebook was created for.
      As a parent, I hope not to see my daughter flashing her wares. But, honestly, I don’t think it abnormal for kids her age to begin thinking about the opposite sex. And I didn’t think her photos were explicit–even though there were one or two I saw that I would have advised her to take down if knew her.

    • Kwesi, I am seeing quite a few statements implying that. Not usually among my FB friends, so I don’t engage them. I hear such conversations off FB too. Those I do engage if I’m part of the group.

    • ???? My thoughts exactly, LasaLasana Liburd

    • I’m so confused by what I’m reading…she posted a pic of herself that some people find ‘come hitherish’ and so deserved her fate? At what point do actually start blaming murderers for murdering people? She looks like an average teenager in that photo, have a heart nah man.

    • But really? IS that what FB was created for? I came to it late, and most of my friends are there for the lime, the old talk, and sharing information and ideas

    • I don’t even find the pictures that provocative.

      Kenroy is clearly an ass to even raise this point.

    • Yes. Facebook was a hook up site for college students Patricia Worrell. We are the ones who created alternative usage for the children’s playground.
      Bonnie Khan, Pat hasn’t linked her photos to the murder. Although many have.

    • Lasana Liburd Kenroy seriously outta line with that stupidness.

    • Lasana Liburd Yep, just re-read the statement….apologies Patricia!

    • Outta line is putting it mildly Bonnie. It seemed almost stalkerish and that’s appalling for a grown man.
      Kwesi won’t like me saying so. But won’t Kenroy be able to say that he is taking a cue from his prime minister in linking what goes on in the girl’s bedroom to murder?

    • I think that’s reaching Lasana. the analogy would be totally out of context

    • I think we have to accept a couple of things as a society:
      1) we have a high tolerance for violence. We love violence. We are violent in how we talk. In how we drive.

      2) we have a high tolerance for hypocrisy. we love to do so, but like so done to us.

      Once we accept these two aspects of our societal response to – well everything – we can start working towards solutions.

    • I would take “in your bedroom” to be a metaphor for “in your private life”. So like a good P.I.–or maybe Dick would be more appropriate?–Kenroy went looking into the girl’s private life to see if she should somehow bear responsibility for her own murder.
      For me, I think we should understand that criminals have very little fear of being made to pay for their crimes by our justice system, which is the police and courts.

    • I don’t want to go back there…but even if the metaphor is correct, the context of the statement with respect to the question asked would underscore how the analogy doesn’t fit.

      your second point about the criminals’ lack of fear is critical. The criminals and the misogynists aren’t listening to the PM. They listen to pop culture. And as long as we have women endorsing a song which asks you to “open she like a folder”, I don’t think that we serious about treating with the root causes of our misogyny.

    • Who sang that? I’m a bit behind when it comes to ‘pop culture’ and I haven’t gone to a fete yet this year. (Soon to be addressed at Army fete. Lol)

    • that’s from Machel’s “Your Time Now”

      but you can go to last year’s big MM tune, and the year before that, and go back 7 or 8 years…and see what soca has become.

      MM, Shurwayne, the entire lot, have converted “festival” music into “debase the girl as object to get jam” music.

    • One can argue it has always been mostly thus. From Jean and Dinah forward.

    • yes…but now soca has lost the wit, the tongue and cheek humour of it. It’s extremely crass and unimaginative.

      couple that with a functionally illiterate population, we get where we are today

    • Hahaha. I can’t argue with you there!

    • Kwesi Prescod exhibit A
      {Post on photos from Abiela Adams’ Facebook page by Kenroy Ambris}

    • Lasana – You mentioned that you hope not to see your daughter displaying her wares. I go further – no child of mine has any unfettered right to behaviour in any manner they choose. Their activities online are montitored. My children know that I reserve the right to review what their phone at any time. They have been raised to be discerning about the people they associate with and go nowhere unless we know the parents of their companions. What disturbs me as a general fact is that it seems far too many parents have abdicated their roles. A parent is not a friend to enable a child’s behaviour. And everything my children have has been earned and they are always reminded that they must never become ungrateful for their status in life.

      I will wager you have similar views on ensuring that your daughter has a sound base of a value system growing up. Crime is inherently a social issue. If we don’t address the generation of children being raised without a moral centre or the benefit of parents fully engaged in their lives, this problem will continue to grow.

    • Of course. But we have to be honest and admit that, when we were children, our parents didn’t know everything we were up to Kendall.
      For instance, I understand some children have two Facebook accounts. One for their parents to find and then the REAL account.
      We will try our best as parents. But nobody is perfect and we just won’t find out about everything. So I have to give other parents the benefit of the doubt too.

    • Lasana – if your child is behaving like that as a teenager, you lost them long before that. In any event, the fact is that many parents are not trying at all. You only need to talk to teachers and social workers to understand the magnitude of the problem. This has nothing to do with class or status either. Monsters are being raised right across the board.

    • Kendall, I was a teacher for most of my life, and I can tell you – the teenage years are a special kind of test. It’s a time when teenagers are working out who they are as individuals, at the same time as they are bonding with/trying hard to be like their peers. So a good parent can find himself/herself dealing with (formerly ‘well-behaved’) children who seem like strangers. The advantage is that if you have done the ground work it’s easier to guide them back to a path that more closely reflects the values you taught them. I do agree with you, though, that some parents – sometimes with very good intentions – have abdicated their parental responsibility in the hope that they will be seen as their children’s friends.

    • I understand that Patricia. That’s also why I pay attention to who my children are friends with as well. It is very true that teenage years are difficult – I have 2 daughters in that category – and we have worked hard to keep them on the straight and narrow with the lines of communication open. It isn’t easy at times for sure.

      I spent 5 years working with YTEPP and it was an eye opening experience in terms of the challenges of dealing with and raising children right across the country. Without the parental input though, the job is 10,000 times harder.

    • Kendall Tull you need to rethink that perspective. Not only you, society in general, it is a rather stereotypic perspective. I was a teenager who raised a lot of hell, and when I say raised hell, I mean raised HELL, a rebel, now I am a woman, a mother, a mother of a teenage daughter, a criminologist who specialises in juvenile delinquency and social deviance and a criminal psychologist who specialises in the mind of the criminal offender and a rehabilitation specialist who designs diversion and therapeutic jurisprudence programmes for juveniles who are court involved and from all fronts I can tell you that all is never lost. There are some inaccuracies in your diagnosis. All my adult life, I’ve been working with teenagers; mentoring and of course in my practice. By the way, Patricia Worrell was my form six teacher at St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain and her response is on point. That beautiful young woman was simply a teenager and given all I have read and heard she was determined to do something amazing with her life. She was well-behaved, applied herself well in and out of the classroom, had a promising career as a national footballer, she was on her way. She probably fought for her life which probably caused her death. When I look back at some of the chances I took at 15 all I can do is shake my head and laugh and thank God there was no social media in those days. We really need to stop judging and assailing and learn to be more understanding and of course bring more empirical thinking to the things we say. And just an update, all the crazy teen girls I used to hang out with are now some of the most successful women in T&T and many of them are also public figures. Let’s stop being so quick to judge. The issue at hand is why is T&T producing so many psychopathic killers and some of them are teenagers? That’s a discussion that could increase the detection rate.

    • ❤????^^^What ReneRenee Cummingsd!

    • You are quite mistaken in your comments Renee Cummings. Firstly I was never judging the young lady who tragically lost her life. My comment was that parents are not fulfilling their role and that has repercussions for the society. I never said that all was lost in terms of dealing with kids gone astray. What I said was that it’s much harder to do so when the parents are not playing their role. In fact, though I spoke about my daughters, the points were about children needing guidance from their parents so they aren’t lost in the numbers they seem to now if the alarming incidents of juvenile crime are any indication.

      I am not judging the woman. None of my comments were adressed to her. I specifically started by saying that I was addressing a comment by Lasana.

      My point generally is that crime is a social problem that has to also be attacked by looking at how we deal with raising our children. Further, if parents were fully engaged in raising their children, it would go a long way to improving things.

    • Another thing we have to address is the bias a lot of people display because of where a person lives. It’s much harder to get a job when you say you’re from Beetham for example and it is patently unfair and extremely damaging. I have had young people complain that they don’t even get interviews if they put their address on the application. We want people not to lose hope and turn to crime on one hand, and stack the deck against them on the other.

    • Kendall Tull so sorry if I misread you. And just for the record even some of the most well-raised children do things that would shock their parents were they ever to find out. Let me also take this opportunity to commend you on the investment you made in your girls and the nation’s children through your work at YTEPP. Keep up the good work.

    • That’s very true Renee. In a discussion on this issue recently, I was relaying the story a gang operating out a so called prestige school committing armed robberies. Of course when caught, then entire incident was hushed up by school and parents. The problem is not limited to any class or colour and it is dangerous to pretend otherwise.

      While I had my share of indiscretions growing up, criminal acts weren’t ever part of the thinking. You can be delinquent without being a criminal.

    • Yeah. I remember sneaking out to a party at about Abiela’s age. My mom was waiting for me when I got home. But suppose I didn’t get home? It would have been unfair to blame my mom because I planned my escape brilliantly.
      I also remember once a maxi conductor pushed a friend’s girlfriend out of a maxi because she wouldn’t sit on his lap. And our small “gang’s” response to that might have gotten us a court date to be honest.
      Of course I would not have been happy to know my 15 year old daughter was going out at night with a 19 year old boy. But then she might have left home with two 15 year old girls from her class and that would have been a ruse to meet the boy anyway.
      Teenagers can be slick because I sure was. Like you all said, if you raised them properly then they would probably return to the straight and narrow.
      But I think we all engaged in some reckless stuff around that age.

    • Lasana Liburd we were all slick lol

    • Lasana Liburd : wow. on two accounts
      I read these comments and i am at a personal loss. growing up Renee, one of the lessons was “dont try to be slick/ i been there , done that, know more than you” is it perhaps that is being lost? and are parents teaching what was okay to get away with before can get you killed now? but i read that ‘slick’ talk in this culture as part of kwesi’s list above. the third or first thing, we have a culture built and thriving on dishonesty, at all levels, in all spheres, so there is that slick bit

      it is all too much. i sometimes pine that i am still waiting to have children but really think i might be lucky not to have any, in this environment i find myself.

      the things you all did, i could and would never put god out of my thoughts and do: sneak out of a house.? perhaps because it was impossible to do that in a brownstone, but then again, i had a father, and i was in a stranglehold until i turned eighteen…

      I think all of this is about parenting to be honest, what you were exposed to, what you could or couldnt do and so we have the children as a result of that, i gather

    • I won’t want children to do what I did. But it is reasonable to assume that they will try things too. I hope that I catch on when I have to and they are safe in the end. But it takes a bit of luck.

    • Even when you do your absolute best, you can still have tragedy. But to believe that means that nobody is really safe.
      So some prefer to think that you can behave in such a way to avoid anything going wrong.
      I believe that is the untruth that the PM is trying to sell because it suits him.

    • Maven Huggins I also had a father and one of the best ever and a mother one of the greatest ever. What I did was called growing up. My daughter is a wonderful child and every day I delight in the fact that I have her in my life and she delights in the fact that she has me. I continue to mentor many teenagers and adults, I continue to speak to children at so many schools in T&T and youth programmes and I continue to train many of our educators and psychologists and other mental health workers and helping professionals. My effectiveness as a trainer and motivatinal speaker comes from diverse life experiences and my honesty and my ability to combine them with best practices in youth development and juvenile delinquency prevention.

    • Lasana Liburd :

      “But to believe that means that nobody is really safe.”

      Yesterday i read two news stories. Bot of women who entered taxis and were gang raped. one beaten and … one in debe, the other in maloney.

      do you know that I left yesterday with the thought, and was going to write it in a post. the idea that “Males are not Safe”
      And if you start from that premise, you have increased your chances of any encounter.

      add to that experience observation of the woman who sat next to a man on a maxi going sando, on a sandwiched back seat. playing with himself on the line of passengers.

      folk need to walk around with silencers.

      Now, i realized how crazy that was to think, but i asked myself, what is the alternative. I thought how different it is to travel in town city center to the outer areas…

      you know yesterday someone posted some fb joke questionaire and ad for a boyfriend and i realized a uber boyfriend (c) (r) (huggins 2017mh) would make a great business idea.

      For all the unemployed and underemployed men. and if you trained them. how they are to dress, appear, comport themselves. so women who have to travel, you are paying these men to escort you. with uber, they have been screened, photographed, trained.
      and imagine, the system would be training men on the finer behaviors and comportment, elevating and making a shift… where they are being guided in the mindset to protect the vulnerable, making gentlemen, ,.

      think it is a good idea.
      it is one of a few ideas i have on how to stop victim rolls of women and children bullied.

      And yes. the difference in what seems like an incongruity is that the males you have not seized and conscripted are all risks and dangerous. but after enlisting them to service, you teach them how to be shields and protectors. no conflict in ideas there. and is that not what this whole thing is about anyway

      you know yesterday someone posted some fb joke questionnaire and ad for a boyfriend and i realized a uber boyfriend (c) (r) (huggins 2017mh) would make a great business idea.

    • Maven, re the upbringing issue – again: what Renee said. Many, many years before her I grew up in a home with a loving father, who paid a lot of attention to me, and a strict mother with very traditional values. Went to primary school where my dad taught and all the teachers knew me and kept an eye on me. Went to SJC – when the nuns were still fully in charge. And YET! At SJC decided to form a club just to break the rules. When I was brought up before the principal (a nun) , I cheerfully told her, “Sister, rules were made to be broken!” Then went to Canada after 6th Form, and spent a couple months of my first year in search of the perfect marijuana high. Why? I just felt I had to try stuff! And in due course decided – because I grew up – that that wasn’t for me. And what I learned by that was a) the ‘goodchild’ is probably often a bit of a myth, no matter the upbringing; but also, 2) The solution, if you have had the proper values and a caring relationship with your caregivers (using generic term; includes non-biological guardians), is usually a bit of patience; clarity about their (not hypocritical!!) values and expectations; and the coming of maturity, when you begin to understand who you really are. But those things can only come if you have adults who have done the ground work, and who are willing to be patient, and give both tender AND tough love while you find your way!

    • And I think an uber boyfriend won’t work and might be a faulty premise. Might! I’m no expert in this field at all. Lemme stress that. Lol.
      But my feeling is many of these boyfriends couldn’t possibly be starting off as murderers or abusers. So there must be some other trigger.
      Is it that the high possibility that they can commit crime and not pay any penalty for it whatsoever is turning even “uber boyfriends” into murderers when the mood is right?
      I know that is a sketchy theory too. But maybe this is partly a crime of opportunity.
      Like an open door. Honest people will walk past it. But some people who wouldn’t break into your house would not pass up the opportunity to take your goodies if the door is open.
      Maybe our inefficient policing creates an open door for criminals for a variety of criminal endeavors.

    • cool.
      i am trying to find ways, ideas and solutions, that might be effective in slowing, stopping and reversing the rolls of victims, bodies and crime, in the immediate>

      even if I havent the means to implement them

      Lasana Liburd

      is it that you do not realize that uberboyfriend is a service a business. an accompaniment instead of women traveling alone????

    • Lasana, this is partly where I’m searching for answers now – what sends the boys-becoming-men along this route?

    • I thought you meant a boyfriend who was vetted in the same way uber vets drivers Maven. So maybe I misread that.

    • Yes Patricia. I don’t believe those boys were trained that way.

    • and that you dont know how uber works? full tracking, full records. you send links to people of where you and andyour eta

    • Because I also truly believe in the potential of young men to be decent loving people. I’ve known many who were/are. So what isn’t happening?

    • guess i need to remove that word, boyfriend. thanks

    • Not problem Maven. See my last comment.
      Full tracking is a fairytale anyway. Anything can be taken offline.

    • Lasana Liburd are you really saying that gps systems can be taken off line? that the tracking system of a registry can be disabled by one of the registrants? like me or you and erase our files from fb, in california?

      that is what you are saying : “anything can be taken offline”

      I sat here all these five minutes wondering whether to respond or not.

      i just hope no one takes the idea from above, as in theft, without writing me first.

    • Anything that can be taken off line. In terms of gps, you take the chip out of the vehicle. Nothing is fool proof.

    • anything can be taken off line just as lives can be cut, slit and shot down.

      yes. i see you now. clear. got it.
      so lets just …wait to see how the days and turns play out.
      nothing to be done here.
      so yeah, lets talk about her social media photos

  11. They would still need evidence that the person committed a crime.
    To start with: why was she dropped CLOSE to her home and not AT her home?
    Police can start there.

  12. The incompetent ones are the Parents that never thought them Respect, Love, Trust, Value and NO! From small everything is thought at home, stop looking for babysitters! And find A Real

  13. um….where’s the moral outrage everywhere? Why is her picture not posted everywhere? Where are the “I am Abiela” posts?


    • Ask the politicaland gender groups , who have voices for inconsequential things,. Over 45 women killed last year, and our young women targeted this year. Where is the outrage from theses women. Why not pushing to get the Gender Policy Law, Tired of the games and politicking by these so call NGOs e.g Womantra, PLott and the old heads for over a decadewho still sitting collecting monies.and are only heard intermittently. Get fresh bolld to take up the mantle. Let go. You all are playing games with women lives. Reactionary for two days then they disappear and when someone else died they return calling for resignation. if people cant sit in a seat to do their work , What result do you all expect? , This is not strike a wand and the problems will disappear. STOP the GAMES and GET real people. Indeed we have animals on two legs out there. Education is needed on parenting, Social issues are the underlying problems and they have to be dealt with,since it is the origins of all the problems. There is no manual on child rearing we learn along the way , but we can learn from others, something today’s’ parents don’t’ want to acknowledge. we got to address this issue head on

    • Sounds like you should be a Womantra supporter. They actually are the fresh blood, getting real, and not accepting monies.

    • “They actually are the fresh blood, getting real, and not accepting monies.”

      okay….so what are their objectives? what is the end that they are pursuing?

      Marches and protest can’t be an end or objective of itself

    • Maybe go check out their page

    • Kwesi Prescod Yeh… they know that, hence why they aren’t marching every weekend. They are a group of volunteers with no power, they need people like you to get anywhere.

  14. Let us see “Tobago Police” in action…

  15. Nice sweet young lady inno hmm

  16. This shit has now reached my sweet sister Isle. There seems to be no end in sight with a bunch of incompetents running the show. Another one gone too soon in two killing fields of TnT. RIP my dear. You didn’t deserve this like the others..

  17. And di girl young and nice inno they take she life jus so off of wickness R.I.P??????

  18. But the parents must know who the person is that said he dropped her close to their home around 8PM. If she wasn’t found close to her home that person may know something. Unless she ventured away subsequently. Phone records must have clues about who he is. Was this a normal/usual call from her 19 yr old bf? This can’t be hard to solve!

  19. So sad we must take back our country

  20. While we allllllllllll can relate to her socialising wit a 19yr old boy with parental consent as definitely a bit much…..whether she is big in size or mature….19 is a bit much for a 15yr old girl..in my opinion…..
    Obviously the young lady already has particular thought and behaviourial patterns….was this young lady murdered on her first venture out with this 19yr old boy…or is it something she is accustomed doing….
    In the eyes of the law..
    While this young lady was alive…her friendship with this 19yr old boy is already cause for concern…..
    Immediately upon the news of her murder…this 19yr old becomes a suspect….
    Remember we are speaking from the eyes of the law…
    If going to meet this boy was the norm…then the parents or guardian hav some questions to answer….
    All be it a horrific act…which might actually hav absolutely nothing to do with this 19yr old boy….the question now remains…
    How could a 15yr old girl leave the house at night to go meet a 19yr old boy…with her parents consent….
    (Does anybody find this to be a bit strange)…
    Parental instinct alone will make you not want your 15yr old son going nowhere in d night by himself…much less your daughter…
    Moving away from the eyes of the law and looking at it from the humane side….nobody’s daughter deserves this…my Old Police instincts tellin me that…her Moms had her in her teens and is still pretty young…maybe early thirties….i could b wrong…but an old school parent wasnt letting their daughter walk out no house at night by herself….
    My Police instincts are also saying….someone could hav seen her going to this boy b4 and decided to wait for her…..jus my Police instincts…
    Nevertheless…she didnt deserve to die..
    May her soul Rest In Peace

  21. It’s time that we give young Trinidadians a chance to change t&t in a good way because these old heads r to imbeded in their ways it’s new types of crimes and criminals so we need new ways of crime fighting and governance.

  22. We as people have to stop wait on governments to fix our problems. 1. What is the police good at and this is in general as there are many hard working, good, level minded thinking officers but on hold its a business, they only look 4 ways to tax the poor man, e.g tickets, breathalyzer, wreckers, speed guns…. these are things they do with precision. Now murders, big drug busts with conviction of the big heads not some small fish who can’t afford to ship a barrel much less a container, guns… yet no body looses their jobs


  24. I think it requires the expertise of foreign advisors and the will to accept and implement their suggestions.

  25. I think we can deal with it. We need the will to do so. I don’t think foreign intervention will help unless there is the will for improvement.

  26. That evil carnival spirit loose geez ppl ej realise that yet

  27. Condolences to the family and friends of Abiela Adams.May she Rest In Peace.

  28. Get the NYPD to set up an office here in Trinidad NOW…

  29. WHO is the suspect in custody? What is his NAME!!!

  30. My 15 Year old no man your books and school is ur most important so sad but bad parenting

  31. Vernal Damion Cadogan…I could post some of the initiatives brought forward from the last administration and enquire what is the status. Moreover, our police service is comprised of public servants. When administrations change, policies may change, but shouldn’t there be some level of continuity? If equipment is here, what happens to it? If shortcomings have been identified, when are they going to be addressed? Both major political parties have learned the value of good PR-just like many candidates who go for an interview and ‘oversell’ themselves, only to get the job and then can’t perform. And the nation, as their supervisors, don’t seem to know what standards to hold them to, or how to begin the grievance procedure.

  32. Lasana you know what I find curious?
    We all know that the murder rate has been increasing steadily for at least the past 6 years while the murder detection rate has been steadily decreasing, yet not only have no measures been adopted to enhance homicide division’s detection capabilities, but on occasions when foreign police departments with better murder detection capabilities offer their assistance it is refused and those murders go on to remain unsolved.

    What is one to make of that?

    • Trinidad and Tobago is too small and nosey for us to not do better if we really wanted to.
      Now maybe Abiela’s murder would be solved. Hopefully. But I’m guessing these kids used taxi.
      Between her date and taxi drivers on the various routes, the police can piece together a timeline for their movements in less than half a day.
      I’m sure someone in that area she was killed noticed something too. Somebody came in to use a shop. A car parked up that isn’t from the street. Two young people walking…
      I still feel it is just a matter of if they can be arsed in many cases. In others, there might be an incentive to not be arsed.

    • I don’t believe they’re going to solve it.

  33. (Source Trinidad Express)

    RUBY Adams-Johnson, the grandmother of Tobago’s fourth murder victim, 15-year-old Abiela Adams, yesterday called for hangings to resume in Trinidad and Tobago.

    This after Adams, a Form Three pupil of Signal Hill Secondary School, was found with her throat slit near a pile of rubble at Solenn Lane, Fidelis Heights North in Courland.

    Three men, including a 19-year-old, were in police custody yesterday assisting with investigations into the teen’s murder.

    Adams was said to have had a promising future in football and cricket and was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Under 15 Women’s national football team.

    She was found by relatives yesterday in Courland with her throat slashed.

    Police said she left home at 7.30 p.m. on Friday.

    Her 19-year-old friend of Plymouth phoned her mother to say she went home after they met.

    But this was not the case.

    Her mother filed a missing person’s report and Adams’ body was found yesterday.

    She was semi-clothed in football shorts.

    Grandmother Adams-Johnson broke down in tears when the Sunday Express spoke to her about the teen’s murder.

    “Tell them let them do the right thing, start to hang them, that is what they supposed to do, tell them let them do that,” she cried.

    She said: “Well, when I hear the news I could have dropped. I could not believe it knowing the child she was. I could not believe what I had heard. I only know she was not rude, she was not disrespectful to people, she was loving, she was nice and when I got the news I start to bawl. She was striving, striving to reach the goal she want. Why her life had to go like this? Innocent ones getting killed and the government very well know what to do.”

    Sport Minister Darryl Smith and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association yesterday expressed condolences to the family of Adams. See Page 70

    Under 15 national team manager Ricarda Nelson said the players from that team have been left devastated by the news.

    “It’s heartbreaking. You still cannot underhand how the mother or family feels right now. What could a young girl like Abiela do to deserve what happened to her. We really need to deal with what is happening in our society today,” Nelson said.

    “All my players right now are in tears, crying because they were all close. I could hear the screams while on the phone with some of the parents this morning. I am a mother and you have to ask how do you deal with something like this. Her mother was always there at training last year. We even thought that her mother didn’t have a job because she was always there to assist with the team and her daughter, traveling back and forth between Trinidad and Tobago,” Nelson said.

    There were four murders in Tobago all of last year.

    Chief Secretary to meet with police on crime

    Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles will meet with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Tobago executive tomorrow morning to discuss the way forward with security on the island.

    In a release yesterday Charles said the THA was committed to working with the TTPS and relevant civil society agencies to find solutions to the challenges of crime on the island.

    “I wish to assure the public that security of citizens is a top priority and that the THA is prepared to do what it has to, in order to protect Tobagonians. With this in mind, the THA has been strategising and developing initiatives to deal with the challenges, and the public will be informed,” Charles said.

    He said the recent murders on the island, as well as crime in general, demand the attention and cooperation of all members of the public, leaders and protectors.

    He expressed condolences to loved ones of those who have lost someone to violence, including Adams.

    “All loss of any life is painful to society and loved ones. We all have a role to play in resolving this growing problem,” he said.

    The public is being urged to come forward and report to the police any information related to crime, the statement said.

  34. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends. While I’m at it, I’m hoping that the fact that the victim is Tobagonian, may cause the PM to think deeper on this issue for once.

  35. Why she didnt go to school like she supposed too??

  36. Smhh rip beautiful young lady smh why them men doing that boy that not cool @ all

  37. Any law not backed up by the ability to enforce is in reality no law. The criminals have discovered that.

  38. government not doing anything. ttps not doing anything and we will talk at this for 2 days till the next and move on. time to stand for something

  39. I guess Rowley was not in her bed.

  40. I am not sure that it follows that people are blaming a victim when they make comments about who she was associating with etc. No one deserves to be murdered but questions can be asked about the victim’s lifestyle before it occurred.

  41. I’ve reached out to Mr. Alleyne voicing my opinion that as his show brings the latest update on what’s currently happening in Trinidad and Tobago he should speak out on reinstate the flying squad to the highest levels of the ministry of national security and the police commissioner on what’s happening on both islands the crime and murders are spiraling out of control and there seems to be no form of respect for the laws governing the land

    • A properly constituted flying squad. But what about the SSA etc? If they had issue with them being disbanded, and said they contributed to the fight against crime through Intel gathering, what is being done to address that shortcoming-seeming lack of Intel gathering?

  42. I don’t know you personally however my sincere condolences to the entire family and friends..!!

  43. My heart goes out to the family at this time. May the Lord God Jehovah grant you all that enduring strength to take you through the harrowing pain and grief.

    I also pray that the murderer be quickly brought to justice.

    I also agree with Bernadette Mc Leod that THE RHETORIC IS CRAP! Government , Faith Based Organizations, NGOs and the like MUST ACT NOW : 1) counteract THE CULTURE OF MALE/GENDER BASED VIOLENCE and 2) cultivate PROPER MENTORING OF THE YOUTHS IN LIFE CHOICES.

  44. So very sad, at my first thoughts this could be a crime of passion since such is the severity and brutality of the “murder” and given the stats a good place to start is her personal life however not exclusive could be a fan, crazed person, or a simple burglar gone wrong whoever it was deserves the fullest weight of the law behind them for sniffing out the dreams of a young person and her mother God RIP

  45. Under wah vibes with them and killiing women now ???
    Trinidad eh boy weyysss

  46. This is so sad , my country is falling apart, so much terrible things happening. No matter what happened, how could someone look at another person and slit there throat? and if this person is 19 years and killing at that age it tells you we’re really lost

  47. Let me start here now…. Condolences to the family this is sad but…..
    Bad parenting, what a 15 year old child doing going out with a man inde night knowing the wicked CKOWNS out there waiting?

  48. My condolences…. but on de other youths today wheather be it male or female dey are dying at such a young age… Why dey refuse to listen to there elders or guardians…. dey refuse to go to school…. dey refuse to do work around de yard or look for something to do to occupy their time wisely… and social media has a control on them “cause dey see it they wanna act it or be it….

  49. I just read the comments…. Doesn’t anyone have a problem with a 15 YEAR OLD with a boyfriend??

  50. Ooh Lord my God when am in awesome wonder !, considered all the works thy hands hav made!, i see the stars, i heard the rolling thunder , thy power through out the universe display…. My condolences to the bereavement family. May their faith comfort them thruout this difficult time. Am a Jamaican , but it doesn’t matter who r where, my heart is bleeding…..

  51. Hmm

    Is d govt sitting on its balls?

  52. They need more than an apology, they need protection. In fact the entire country does.

  53. “Yes we have to protect ourselves but you all need to encourage the men in society to have respect for us”

  54. It’s a shame, a sad state of affairs.

  55. Womantra is only interested in scoring political points when it comes to the murder of women.

  56. Another sad day in our country. My condolences to her family. RIP.



  58. Do we have a serial or serial killers on the loose?

  59. These ruthless killers must be caught, charged and CONVICTED…
    Straight to the GALLOWS…

  60. May the good Lord make peace with her soul and may she rise in glory on that great resurrection mrng, too

  61. I’m I missing something here??
    I thought I got a post this morning that the culprit was apprehend alive and well.
    Of course with all the attendant descriptives but in great health.
    So let’s move to the next one.

  62. The phrasing of this headline is so fucked up.
    What could she have done to deserve this? Fucking nothing. She’s a damn child. Nothing is the answer and we all know that so why is this even being presented as a damn question hypothetical or not?? Why aren’t we asking what depraved person could do this to a damn child?

  63. As a primary school student a teacher once asked our class “Trinidadians have a tendency to make a joke of mostly anything … is it a good trait or not”? .. each can answer … but suffice to say when we make light of unseen ingrained corrupt practices and injustucez we leave the heavy injustucez to be seen … food for thought … we pray!

  64. Sincerezt Condolencez to her family …

  65. We’re too small an island for all this mess. Some have forgotten God and don’t seem to fear Him. We’ve lost our value system, our love for others. The little ones disrespect their parents and in turn those in authority.We’re a lost society filled with corrupt politicians, businessmen and government officials, including in the list are members of national security. How do we clean up T&T? Where do we start?

    • First, by admitting there is a problem! One collective message! And in case ppl have not realised, unless anybody can provide the data, these unnatural deaths are not limited to one race or political party. So it affects us all! We need to demand those with the power and authority to do so, take action. We need ppl to live by if you see something, say something. Keep in mind, the way things are going, your number may call soon.

    • Powers in authority seem to be concerned with the economy and not our socitety woes.

      Where can we be heard? Yuh know we Trinis tend to get hot and cold on topics.

  66. Are we still in denial that we have a crisis in our twin island republic that requires serious national attention. This is madness

  67. All we hear are mothers crying…. where are the ones in charge of National Security? where are the Womantra and other such groups? Where are the elected MPs, Govt and Opposition? Unless they can score political points, silence. I pray for the family of this bright star that has be put out, and for all those that are crying for lost ones.

  68. My take is , some of these little ? innocent girls dose be running down the wrong set of male friends and this dose happen in the end

  69. The nation is crying out for justice now but I hope when the time comes to deliver that a different sound is not heard

  70. The pm say choose your man wisely. Or else. Hhhhhhmmm

  71. Too much F?@king crime
    Bring back
    The Flying Squad
    Mother F@#kers

  72. Another innocent life taken away by some evil SOB. Another family in pain. T & T in criminality crisis. Again I ask. Where’s the Minister of National Security Where’s the Police Commissioner? What happen cat bite all yuh tongue? Who’s speaking up for citizens giving them some type of consolation letting know yu all feeling their pain yu all hearing their cries. Ssstteeeuuupppsss.

    • I pray to God the powers that be don’t come out and call this a “domestic issue” too. But some people are already doing so on social media.

    • I don’t understand why everytime a woman is being kidnapped murdered or raped people ready to get on social media and criticize. Nobody searching their soul to think and then to say this is wrong this should not happen. I just saw a comment about a 19yr old person. She’s 15 can’t she hve a 19yr old friend? And friend don’t always mean going to bed with each other. A young woman in her 20s was killed up here in New York by two good friends of hers friends she knows from small. They held the guys but can’t find the young woman’s body up to now because they told authorities they dump her body in the sea. This girl mom died couple months ago from cancer she’s an only child her Father is now left in pain. Is this young woman wrong to hve these guys as child hood friends that she trusted from small? Stop the judgement.

    • Exactly. But they are following the cue from the PM. And that is that the murder and abuse of women somehow is a different lesser category of crime or unpreventable or partly their own faults.

    • I can see wht PM Rowley is speaking about and a lot of people taking his words out of context I used those same words several times. And why? Because I see women get involve with men who was either in jail for murder already or robbery or drugs the women shack up with the man then yu will hear the woman got murdered by the individual then yu will hear the guy hve a rap sheet from here to hell. For instance a young woman was murdered here couple months ago she was a corrections officer. When it happened ppl trying to find out who can do this to her she just left up stairs at her mom she was on her way to work and was sitting in her car speaking to her mom on her phone before she drive off. This person just stop his car pump bullets in her and drive off. After a few days of wondering who could do this to her. Guess wht a Trinidadian guy who was her ex boyfriend he was in and out of jail. Up untill two days ago a friend and I wondering. Why was she involve with someone like that knowing his record.

    • In Trinidad is time for women to come out and form a group and protest against violence on women. Call for meetings hve a forum with the Commissioner of police and Minister of National Security. Don’t only talk the talk on social media. Walk the talk. Something have to be done it’s time

    • The exception doesn’t prove the rule. Because some women made bad choices isn’t a reason to speak like that to all women. And it isn’t a reason to blame the woman for her own death either.
      To me, violence is a matter for both sexes. But I have no problem with any group that tries to help.

    • Lasana Liburd. I agree with yu. I even feel sorry for ppl in corrupt relationships and don’t use their courage to run as far away as they can. Yu see even children being taken advantage of by poor choices of their Mothers. This is sad and it’s time fr the people in charge to get out and show citizens that they are hearing their cries and working on a solution.


  73. Vernal is 15 too young for victim blaming? Nope!

    • Hmm…posted that comment above and now see this. Sorry but…wtf? Even if she was with a blasted 60 year old man, let’s say he was the killer, that give him a right to end her life? If her death had nothing to do with who she going out with, is her death her punishment? Is there some vigilante going about killing women who are ‘irresponsible’ or something? Because that seems the common thread?

    • Lasana Liburd…the problem we have is we know everybody business…except who take them/what car they get in/who kill them. We specialise in gossip…not information.

    • Lasana, while there is still so much speculation as to what transpired (from start to sad finish), is it really victim blaming when ppl ask why a young girl is allowed to go out at night with a 19 year old? Or can it be seen as concern at the rules of engagement and parenting guidelines in the home? The comments imo in no way discounts the murderous intentions and responsibility of whoever the killer is (19 or 60 year old). But there certainly seems to be a hard line being adopted that one must focus solely on the killers (males), so if and when others comment on other factors it is seen as blaming the victim or following the line of the PM. FYI many ppl have been expressing similar views (rightly or wrongly) of the PM long years before they were openly stated…so it is not necessarily a question of ppl being sheeple.

    • Yes Lasana i know that a young lady was murdered. However, I was not responding solely to one poster who’s first concern was as you identified. I am pointing out something else: that the concern of others on various platforms ) was not “if the victim was younger than the person she went out with” but the possible vulnerability of an adolescent heading out after dark with an older man. That said, the general query …..in no way, in my view, discounts the responsibility of the heinous criminal who took her life, or necessarily discredits the victim or assigns blame for her death to the victim. We (or at least I) have no idea of the facts behind this case, relying solely on the media…. but as a parent I do have concerns about the role and guidance of her parents/guardians for an AGYW. Sorry you didn’t get my point which was far more general than reference to one poster.

    • Well, your response came under one poster Dawn. That’s who I thought you were referencing. Of course people can discuss when is a right time for a teenage girl to go out and what sort of supervision there should be and so on.
      Some will say one thing and some will say something else.
      Is that really so relevant at the time of her murder though? She didn’t go out with an older man. She went out with a 19-year-old kid.
      You think the age of the boy is related to the killing? Are 19 year olds more likely to murder than 16 year olds?
      I’m not sure what the point about the boy’s age is exactly.

    • What is relevant at the time of any murder? Emotions – Sadness, anger, rage, powerlessness etc. Questions: why? Where? How? No one saw? I’m that context her age arises as a AGYW and her companion for the reasons I already mentioned. We know that age is not necessarily a predictor of murder. But we do know that a 19 year old is considered an adult in the eyes of the law.

    • For me what she had on her Facebook wall, for instance, is just about as relevant as whether she was a good student in school or not. By which I mean not at all. Yet people are sharing her photos and trying to shame her and her parents.
      The only relevant questions to me are: who could have done it, how were they able to do it, how can we catch killer and how can we lessen the likelihood of future murders like this.
      Having girls/women not go out “for their own safety” is not a crime plan and cannot be a serious response in any civilised nation. We should be trying to ensure that they are safe when they are out.

    • Certainly not in support of victim blaming, because it really shouldn’t matter…I feel though that ‘normal, well-adjusted’ folk could find themselves walking that path of blame – in fear, as a defence, as a means of aiding their human minds in the rationalising of inhumane acts….if there is some ‘reason’ for the perpetration of such a horrid act, then perhaps ‘I or my daughter might be spared if we choose a different MO, perhaps I need not be so terrified and perpetually anxious. Irrational yes, but not limited to poorly adjusted minds. It is the same premise on which we take some odd form of comfort in the statement ‘oh, well he was in a gang’ when someone is gunned down…because that way of thinking, lets us sleep. That said, I totally agree that the questions in a case like this should never be ‘who the young girl was dating or how old the person may or may not have been’ because she was a child of Ours and could never have deserved that.

    • Good point Teneile. I guess people are looking for a reason why something like this supposedly could not happen to them or their loved ones.
      Burying our heads in the sand won’t help though.

    • ahh, won’t it work? The way we seem to have made a fine art of headburying, who would know it…

    • I think it might just be ppl’s way of coping. Rationalizing. And I expect mental health to soon be on the decline, ppl cannot continue to live on heightened fight or flight instinct, anticipating trouble at any second. But even if we use that to try to make sense of crimes perpetrated, logic should cause us to ask, what did the elderly couple who was robbed do, or the elderly woman who was killed? We can take all the precaution in the world, and still be victims of crime. Cars come equipped with abs, air bags, seatbelts and ppl still die despite all of that, but manufacturers try to provide as much safety features as they can given the price range.

    • Dawn, a young lady was murdered. He said his “first concern” was that she went out with a 19 year old.
      Now why would a normal well adjusted person’s first concern on hearing about a murder be whether the victim was younger than the person she went out with?
      Is that really the first thing he wanted to know about this case?
      When the first thing you do in any case of abuse is try to discredit the victim then, yes, that is victim blaming Dawn.

  74. …`who chose yuh man for you`….the carnage continues….

  75. Where is womantra? Why are they silent once again?Seems like only when its political they have a voice ,my condolences to the family of this child sad indeed

  76. The lecoto junbie prowling the land, he said he went there…. And gotten rid of a former PM… So is blood it want now for favors granted… As long as he’s there there will be no end….. Be warned, hope you’re not the next victim.

  77. Boy according to dem jamcian them jungle justice for them bloodclat them raper boy who wanna kill off d likkle gal picme them slow painful fucking death for allyuh


  79. Demonds are walking on the earth in the Form of human

  80. Not AGAIN!
    There are savages amongst us!

  81. Lasana you need to stop posting things that will cause panic in the population. Wha else ah go say..

  82. Anyone noticed that the nation’s response to murder has been funerals?

  83. This thing out of control ….May Allah help us….and have no mercy on these beasts who are doing this….

  84. My deepest condolences to her family – is anyone being held for any of these crimes thus far? Come on man!!!

  85. Sad, but without the details, all we can do is guess and assume.

  86. These criminals killing the country future. Start doing the same to them. Shot in sight cops. Hang them if the cop miss. Vigilante justice now. Daz the only way eye for an eye. I blasted fed up.

  87. Why does it have to be a “he” ?

  88. Our mothers are creating monsters our sons are possessed they are killing our daughters what is going in with the boys and men in this world 90% of the kiling is done by men …GOD help our daughters…

    • not our mothers. US. Women. from my grandmother’s generation to my mother’s to me. to the hens i see after me.

      And I say us and women and I have yet to make child number one yet. But the truth needs to be spoken

      Cause after they are born, whether man is there or not. it is the teat, the breatst, the woman’s lap, her kitchen and the home she resides. and sorry. I am holding us responsible. IS we make them ALL> Male and Female. If they fail to become Righteous Men and Women it is OUR fault to bear or deny.

    • What do daddies do? I’m a father myself. Clearly everything is mammy’s fault though. I have an easy job it seems.
      I don’t mean to knock you eh Roseann. But I just notice that people always act like the child has one parent. Did men really earn that invisibility?

    • oh gosh. why all yuh fragile so. How many daddies like you you know Liburd?? seriously. You not smart enough to see that you are in rare camp. If you know a hundred how many is that in comparison of the thousands of no fathers, multiple men running in and out, no males, no men, and least of all, no fathers and daddies. come on

      Lasana. I cant believe you asked that last question> Really
      I clearly think you are more aware than you are. seriously

      “Did men really earn that invisibility?”

    • Lol. Nah. I’m not fragile. All I will say is women really have it hard yes.

    • Every time God did something prophetic in the bible, a woman was present, either to bring it forth, convey the message or witness as proof.

      check it

      We stopped in our role. of prophesy and bringing forth.. now we let the thing become itself. and now we have beasts of no burden

      (something so)

      and it became hard for us because in stead of witnesses bearing our standing, we have been dismissed, removed and destroyed. so now we all reap the whirlwind

      Something like that

      the mind of man is from the seed of a woman
      just like the mind of a woman is as the star of the cosmos

      i am making this up as I go along ahahahaa

      sorry. this is not a funny thread or story. apologies.
      shifting consciousness. wow.

    • deep question by the way that goes beyond itself:

      “”Did men really earn that invisibility?””

      Did males really become such effortless cold blooded murderers and destroyers (of what they did not bring: Life and Womb)

  89. this one time beautiful society is so violent,there is no answers to why? there should be a curfew for all teenagers, id cards should be a must or be detained,i’ve posted dillon, trinidad and tobago need the drones surveillance system.

  90. In the absence of by whom in the article, do we have a serial killer on the loose? This type of murder seems to require special skill and training. There were two murders like this, gang related it was said, in east port of spain in late 2015 early 2016 I believe. Two victims were young men.

  91. what clyde paul said on the link is very critical. I thought that when I heard the news this morning.

    “follow fashion”

    and call me wrong, but i so felt the shit the crime minister said was such a carte blanche check to the sick males in this society. that was super dread. but i kept my peace on mentioning it.

  92. Too many young people are being ruthlessly preyed upon and murdered. When will it end? I weep and pray for her parents, family and friends as they deal with this nightmare. This young girl’s life taken by a sick, hateful person. I hope he is shown no mercy. RIP Abeila.

  93. I feel there is a serial killer around targeting our teen girls. This has reached crisis proportions!

  94. I am so fed up of our little girls lives being taken by these evil men,you won’t believe.

  95. My God…please shine some light upon our people of the Caribbean region..its bad all over!!!!condolences to her family friend’s and football ferternity so sad!!

  96. To think of the horror she mist have went through having a blade run across her throat, then lying there knowing her life was draining away.

    • Vernal – my brother our country gone thru. A set a weak men in the place taking advantage of women at every level. This thing brought tears to my eyes – this hurts plenty

    • Honestly the citizenry needs to shut down this country for a week with one massive peaceful nationwide protest.
      Otherwise the authorities will continue to ignore the problem.

    • What is the problem? Maybe, even at 15, she chose the wrong person,? I keep waiting for national outrage for one of these deaths. But we continue in our complacency. This is a 15 year old child whose life was gruesome ended. My blood ran cold and I felt sick to my stomach when I went MovieTowne recently. Exactly as you said, imagining that other horrific death. Do we have many human beings here? Why are we not admitting defeat, we can’t deal with the problem. Bring in help. ASAP. Any more deaths without action, bring in RLM to bring a case against the gov’t for negligence.

  97. I am still trying to wrap my mind around this , she took part in our beach soccer tournament last November we are still in shock

  98. I am going to read the article. but the first thing that strikes me as I read the caption is how we are stewed and steeped in twisted thinking.

    : ““What could a young girl like Abiela [Adams] do to deserve what happened to her?”

    Do you see that??
    It indicates the person saying that believes that people deserve what happens to them. That there must be that reason if to just ferret it out. Madness.

    Not, what mad monstrous creatures we have roaming and living and breathing among us? (Sorry. my conscience would not let me be PC… no metaphors, no descriptives. — What mad mentally sick males and men of this population; and why so many of them====) but what did she do…

    Cause that is the fact. we have a male gender problem in this country. up to bottom of the strata. the powerful ladies getting beat and slapped by their men, the poor and or young at the bottom are getting slashed and murdered

    part of our crisis is we are destined to stay in it until we change that reality. It also indicates we are all ready to meter out punishment, what ever and how extreme it may be when ‘deserved”

    and i hold myself in that frame cause I do have a list of folk to care for


    That said, I have a solution, I think , an idea to stem these murders, incidences, and bodies piling up,

    Either we as citizens pay for it and distribute, let those who can pay do so. or we beg the govt, the ministry of national security to purchase and we distribute

    Is anyone willing to help make either or happen.
    It does require some bank.

  99. Well let us simply blame the victim. Easy.

  100. There has been for a very long time in TT a violent under current. There has been for a very long time a tendency toward brutality toward women . I remember growing up and hearing the elders telling tales of Mano Benjamin and Boysie Singh – two very brutal and evil fellas. But as a society we never addressed it. It became a part of the lore and today we are no better at addressing it. Two women – throat slit in the space of ten days. Another 15 yr old raped in a classroom. I’m shocked but again the fish rots from the head.

    • This is so scary. For me, more so, since this took place in Tobago. In my naivete, I have not associated Tobago with such a gruesome death. Of a child. We truly need a day.of prayer for this country (yes, we need action too) but too much blood running unnaturally too. Sometimes I feel death here is like the lotto, you can be a random ‘winner’ because there seems no sense or logic to explain the scourge of violence we are facing.

    • But other people were killed violently enough in Tobago. I’m not sure that any of those murders were even solved ?

  101. And this government say we don’t have a problem

  102. Anyhow eh …. case closed.
    Leh we eh fool we self!

  103. What a 15yo doing allegedly going out with ah 19yo is my first concern …

  104. “Her mother was always there”…..and yet. And still……

  105. Follow fashion crime. That evil foolish person killed an innocent child. Ignorance and stupidity rules.

  106. And no one in authority has even attempted to offer a solution …. beyond “choose better man”.

    • Truth is crime is not a government problem..it’s an ‘US’ problem. The government should be putting measures in place to curb crime but that’s just part of the problem. Our culture is unfortunately our blessing and our curse. It takes all hands on deck to effectively deal with crime. We talk too much and do too little!

    • We still need to know what d hell they’re doing to curb it! What hell are we paying them for… there should be measures to cause people to think twice…. steups regardless what party people vote for we must be honest about situations

    • Cherisse Moe, we gave the police special powers to carry firearms and search our homes and so on for a reason though. That’s their job.

    • Ofc. Lasana Liburd and we all know that the police service fill up with corrupt officers which is another serious problem. How they gonna deal with crime when they in bed with the criminals? But I was making the point that crime is not only a government problem..Yes they were elected to serve and protect our citizens but we also need to do our part.

    • Yes. But what though Cherisse? People aren’t harbouring criminals. Killers are striking with impunity. We can’t be forming vigilante squads. Even that would be a sign that the police have lost control.

    • Ahhh but some are tho! You know how many among us know their friends/sons/daughters/husbands etc in crime? And i dont mean selling a lil weed eh..i mean Crime. But they turn a blind eye because they enjoy the life too. They don’t report anything to the police and thus become enablers..while it may seem trivial it is a big part of the problem. We do harbour criminals. I’m not saying the government shouldn’t shoulder blame..bcus as far as I’m concerned Rowley and his clan MIA. I don’t knw if they skipped the country or what? But we need to pressure the government. We need to weed out corrupt officers and officials. Both political parties have failed us..Now what? We need to speak up when we see something wrong. Our society rants and raves for about 5-7 days and then nothing..

    • Well, I guess those murderers have to be somewhere. And like Martin Daly wrote, some of them will be jumping up next to us for Carnival.
      But our police service isn’t inspiring any confidence. How can they pretend that it’s all good?

    • Indeed. Mr Daly was spot on..They will be jumping up normal normal!!! Smh

  107. And some remain in denial. If this isn’t a crisis, then I don’t know what is.

  108. Lasana, I am so fed of this place, everyday you wake up is another child gone, and not naturally.

  109. I am so sick, tired and embarrassed by these murders Trinidad has become synonymous with that I cannot adequately articulate it.

  110. Is it a crisis yet? Because it feels like it. I really feel for her friends and family…

  111. WTF I reading here?…people sick in this place

  112. Wtf??? What is wrong with these people? Smh