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TTFA set to appoint obscure Belgian; ex-Bangladesh coach asked to take T&T to World Cup

The coach entrusted with taking Trinidad and Tobago to the Russia 2018 World Cup is not coming from South America. His last job was in Bangladesh!

In a bizarre turn of events, Wired868 understands that Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams is set to name 43-year-old Belgian Tom Saintfiet as head coach of the Soca Warriors at a 9am press conference tomorrow at the Marriot Hotel in Port of Spain.

Photo: Former Bangladesh football coach Tom Saintfiet. (Copyright BBC)
Photo: Former Bangladesh football coach Tom Saintfiet.
(Copyright BBC)

So, effectively, the local football body’s idea of an upgrade on outgoing coach Stephen Hart appears to be an obscure Belgian who has never coached professionally in Europe, was kicked out of Zimbabwe and Nigeria due to concerns about his quality, lasted six months in Yemen, only two matches in Tanzania and just left a team ranked 183 in the world by FIFA—which is 105 spots lower than Trinidad and Tobago, who are 78th.

Saintfiet’s best spell arguably came at youth level when he led Qatar to the 2005 FIFA Under-17 World Cup, which was that nation’s fifth appearance at that age group competition.

His record as a senior coach is much less impressive.

At Namibia, he enjoyed his longest appointment of nearly two years. The unheralded African nation was ranked 126 in the world when the Belgian landed and he took them to a high of 101, although they plummeted all the way to 128 by the time of his controversial departure in 2010.

Saintfiet stunned his Namibia FA employers when he was officially unveiled as head coach of Zimbabwe while in the midst of a four-year contract with the former nation.

Saintfiet was reportedly wooed by Zimbabwe’s offer of US$7,000 per month, which is less than half of Hart’s pay package and roughly one tenth of the market value for a top level coach in CONCACAF—recently departed Jamaica coach Winfried Schafer was supposedly paid in excess of US$50,000 per month.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other's company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other’s company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016.
(Courtesy Wired868)

The Belgian quickly regretted his move. The Zimbabwe government twice refused its FA’s applications for his work permit—amidst a public outcry that he was no better than the local, Norman Mapeza, he replaced—and Saintfiet was forced to leave the country and beg for his old job back.

“[The Zimbabwe FA] promised me that they will talk to the NFA and it was supposed to happen sooner than it did,” Saintfiet was quoted in the Namibia Sun. “The situation forced me to lie and for that I have to say sorry to the Namibian football-loving people, the NFA and the players as well…

“We signed a contract […] and because I terminated it I have to pay them and I’m doing everything I can so that can be done. What happened was so wrong and I would love to come back and coach Namibia again.”

The Namibia FA did not take him up on the offer.

From then on, Saintfiet lasted six games in Ethiopia and barely four months as Nigeria technical director—allegedly because the Nigeria Ministry of Sport felt the country had many more competent locals and refused to support the move.

Next, he spent two months at Malawi and less than a year at Togo along with some largely anonymous stints at the odd African football club—he lasted just two games at Tanzanian club, Young Africans FC, where he was accused of failing to enforce discipline.

Photo: Former Bangladesh coach Tom Saintfiet. (Copyright Ethiosports)
Photo: Former Bangladesh coach Tom Saintfiet.
(Copyright Ethiosports)

In April 2016, Saintfiet pleaded for a second chance as Ethiopia National Senior Team coach.

“I don’t care about the money or a contract,” Saintfiet told Eithosports. “I would just like to help change fortunes and start to build things up on a solid foundation. I’m ready to start immediately!”

Ethiopia did not bite and he ended up in a three-month contract from Bangladesh instead.

So, while Hart was preparing the Warriors—who were unbeaten at the time—to seal their place in the CONCACAF Hex against Guatemala, Saintfiet was attempting to take the “Bengal Tigers” past Bhutan and into the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup.

Bangladesh drew goalless at home to Bhutan before falling 3-1 away.  The only other outing of Saintfiet’s tenure as Bangladesh coach was a 5-0 friendly defeat away to the Maldives.

Bhutan and the Maldives are ranked 154 and 176 in the world respectively.

Saintfiet’s record in Europe is even less illustrious. The only fully professional team on his home continent to ever hire the Belgian was Finnish club RoPS, who once employed Trinidad and Tobago players Ataulla Guerra and Jamal Gay.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Ataullah Guerra (left) in action for Finland Premier League team RoPS in 2013. (Courtesy RoPS)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Ataullah Guerra (left) in action for Finland Premier League team RoPS in 2013.
(Courtesy RoPS)

RoPS sacked Saintfiet during their pre-season in April 2008.

Somehow, the obscure Belgian’s CV ended up on the desk of the TTFA’s technical committee as a possible replacement for Hart, who was twice listed on a CONCACAF Coach for Year shortlist in the last years, is the only coach to take Trinidad and Tobago to two Gold Cup quarterfinal berths and led Canada to the 2008 Gold Cup semifinal.

On Monday night, the TTFA’s board of directors selected him as their next head coach, as he beat out competition that included Colombian Luis Fernando Suarez, who took Ecuador to the second round of the Germany 2006 World Cup and steered Honduras to the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Former Trinidad and Tobago captain David Nakhid was the only local believed to have applied for the vacant job while Englishmen Terry Fenwick and Ricky Hill, Serbian Zoran Vranes and Colombian Francisco Maturana were said to be among the applicants.

The board, according to a source, was informed that Saintfiet was bright, innovative and extremely affordable. It is uncertain exactly how much information was given on the three coaches before the decision. But, in the end, the board voted for Saintfiet.

Photo: Former Ecuador and Honduras coach Luis Fernando Suarez. (Copyright Alchetron)
Photo: Former Ecuador and Honduras coach Luis Fernando Suarez.
(Copyright Alchetron)

The current TTFA board of directors comprises: John-Williams (president), Joanne Salazar, Ewing Davis and Allan Warner (vice-presidents), Samuel Saunders (Central FA), Sherwyn Dyer (Eastern Counties Football Union), Karanjabari Williams (Northern FA), Richard Quan Chan (Southern FA), Anthony Moore (Tobago FA), Joseph Taylor (Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association), Sharon O’Brien (Women’s League Football), Wayne Cunningham (Eastern FA) and Dexter Skeene (TT Pro League).

The TTFA technical committee consists of: Skeene (chairman), Dr Alvin Henderson (vice-chairman), Bertille St Clair (former World Youth Cup coach), Errol Lovell (former national goalkeeper), Jinelle James (ex-national player and current administrator) and Muhammad Isa (technical director).

It is uncertain how many members attended yesterday board’s meeting.

The TTFA board is believed to have made a second coaching appointment last night for the Women’s National Senior Team. In this case, they voted for the well qualified former Italy and Canada national women’s coach, Carolina Morace, who has already visited Trinidad.

Saintfiet must now prepare the Warriors for 2017 Gold Cup play off action against Suriname and Haiti on 4 and 8 January 2017 respectively as well as World Cup qualifying action against Panama and Mexico on 24 and 28 March respectively.

It will be the first time the Belgian has ever coached a team ranked in the top 100 FIFA nations in the world.

Photo: Former Bangladesh football coach Tim Saintfiet is reportedly set to be named Trinidad and Tobago head coach.
Photo: Former Bangladesh football coach Tim Saintfiet is reportedly set to be named Trinidad and Tobago head coach.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. In my opinion, Saintfiet was hired with the expectation that he is going to fail. I believe that even more so now given the comments in the press conference. If DJW is true to his word and our boys do not get good results in the next two games and Saintfiet gets fired, who will be our next coach? I am sure that we will hear phrases like “time is now of the essence” and “we need someone familiar with our players who can make a change now” – cue the introduction of Stuart Fevrier Charles or another of DJW’s personal appointments.

  2. Far too many people are not understanding the meaning of support your manger.. I Reiterate, he didn’t hire himself. I think the TTFA as an administrative body are poor. It’s poorly run, with no tangible plan
    The committee is what I think is the biggest scandal. Some of those on that committee are beyond a joke. This entire situation has confirmed the terrible state our football is in. What’s scary is that they came to this decision and are probably doing their “best”. It’s obvious that all these people are out of their depth.. all anger must be directed at the leadership and not the new manager. I’ve said on a different post that the guy didn’t hire himself. Unless there is a mass boycott and protest to demand the resignation of everyone, you have to support your manger. That the man at the helm now so he needs support. Trinidad and Tobago has had some Mickey Mouse mangers. Guys who came to our shores and did nothing for our players. They just collected their wages.. this guy may turn out to be a Mickey Mouse or who knows he may turn out to be a breath of fresh air. But any anger and displeasure must be directed at the federation and its inept leadership. We are stuck with these people for a few years at least; sad.

  3. The idea that you will hire a coach and fire him if he does not win his first two games especially when he does not know the players and will not have them together for any lengthy period is farcical. No wonder the coach laughed when the president made the statement.

    • To clarify I believe the firing statement was in reference to the two WC qualifiers (Panama and Mexico), not the first two games. His first two games will be the Gold Cup qualification matches in early January.

    • Carlos, you’re correct, and it still is and unprofessional thing to say at that moment..

    • Carlos Lee I understand but it doesn’t change what I said.

    • Agree fully Brian. Also didn’t like the comment about him “not being our first choice”. You want to instill some public confidence in our new coach and those comments surely did not.

    • Gerard – actually it’s not a bad idea having some key milestones in his contract, especially during his probationary period. By the end of March he would be in charge of 4 matches. That’s a reasonable period for his first review. What I don’t agree with, however, is the manner and forum in which DJW made those comments.

    • You hire a journeyman coach without a proven track record of success and threaten to fire him after four games is farcical, dotish, idiotic, and borders on buffoonery especially when you owe Hart, you will owe Sainfiet, and then what? Who will coach the team? That statement is meant to divert attention away from the foolishness of the process used to hire the coach which from all indications was manipulated by the president. In fact, if I were to agree with your statement about “key milestones” for the coach how about if the technical committee had shown some stones themselves and stood up to the president. What are the key milestones for the administrators of football?

    • Hopefully the administrators abide by the same milestones as those of the coach. His failure should be a direct reflection of their failure. So if he is fired for not meeting those set milestones they should all do the right thing and resign. I fully support the comments made by Gally Cummings in today’s Guardian. If the coach fails, the entire Technical Committee must resign.

    • Carlos Lee And the president has set his own self up unwittingly with the threat because as you say if the coach fails it is a failure also of the president who seemed very instrumental in the hiring of this guy.

  4. This drama got me thinking a lot and its obvious there is two strong schools of thought and ideology (unc v PNM – democratic v republican) that has informed the TTFA view to sack Hart and hire Mr TS vs the opposition view to keep Hart

    DJW statement/ultimatum that bad results vs Panama & Mexico could cost him the Job means him, TTFA & maybe a good portion of fans feel T&T HAVE to be in Russia as a minimum requirement at this point in nations history

    It’s not a view I agree with but I see the logic behind it which then satisfies why Hart was sacked as those holding this POV could feel change was needed to b4 it’s too late

    The opposite POV which I suspect is the majority opinion is that coming from where team was Hart took over – getting to Russia was the “Maximum” prize – considering the realities of the teams in HEX and hardcore fact that even if players get back to their “best” I.e the 4-4 mexico

    That was never guaranteeing team a WC spot – the feeling of getting additional players was something Hart was trying to do hence his public and private pursuit of British duo
    Bostock & defender Ryan Innis and noted MLS based trio S Williams, De Leon and Bostock

  5. I was hopeful before and now am just watchful.

  6. hahahaha just look up the meaning of “Dictator” nah. Them really good yes.

  7. Was it just me or was DJW talking like a badjohn? All he was missing was de cowboy hat and guns

  8. So David Muhammad isn’t a part of the TTFA anymore and if so when did that happen Joey Richardson?

  9. We need Jack Warner running football again. When you have money personally invested in a project like he did for the 2006 you are sure that he is going to get the best staff.

  10. We need manager David Muhammad on board did we have these problems when he was in charge last one had expired passport we need a patriot to instill some pride in our players remember what the Australians public did to Shane Warne when he was not training getting fat they came down on him in public maybe we need to be like that

    • Just remember after the Olympics when the public said that they wanted better results, everyone knocked them and said they weren’t patriotic when all they were saying is let’s do better as a country

  11. This better work out for all our sakes.Frankly I wish him all the best.If he could inspire our guys to be goal hungry with the killer instinct of winning,that would be a great turn around for d warriors.Else as one critic said T&Tmay as well “Google Russia”..*+

  12. Let’s hope he does better than Hart!

  13. I agree he was impressive in his speech i hope he can live up to all he said it will hurt to now see the so called love the players had for Hart but did not respect him and brake camp they will now abide by the rules of a foreigner who is willing to place guards on them too for the boat ride posse they look for that drown in honey Hart was to soft on them and how he was repaid with no performance from them

    • After the first incident, Hart should’ve clamped down on them, something I said in the beginning

    • What job in the world allows the boss to lock you in at night so you don’t go out? He coaching fowls? Lol.
      Nonsense. He did his research and said what he felt people wanted to hear.
      The aim is make the players WANT to abide by the rules. Anything else is doomed to fail.

    • I have no fowl in this dance nah, just being objective here and think we should see how he brings the local players together and how they react to his rules now

    • Savitri, foul or not. I’m saying it is nonsense to suggest guards outside the hotel doors of big men.
      What would the guards do? Jump on them and drag them back into their rooms from the parking lot?
      I’m all for good ideas when I hear them.

    • Lolol…ok Lasana, maybe that is what some of our players need cause they have no sense of responsibility at all

    • You can’t force them. You either convince them or you replace them.

    • Seems Hart didn’t do such a good job at convincing them (Molino), considering they were fined the first time

    • No Hart didn’t. Although you obviously can’t reach everybody. Now this coach is starting off with the players knowing he can be gone in two matches anyway.
      His best asset is his psychology degree. That’s the most interesting thing I see about him.

    • Lasana – another asset he has is the fact that he’s the new head coach. The players all know they have to perform for him to justify a spot in his starting 11 and in the squad. Players who previously didn’t get a chance under coach Hart will be even more motivated to impress. A fresh start for all, even our captain who was surely going to be on the bench in the next match.

    • Carlos, given our dearth of matches, I doh think it have many players who deserved a chance, but didn’t get one under Hart.

    • Carlos Lee, you’re talking about a coach who was publicly told he has two games? Cordell Cato has more job security than him. Lol.
      Let me not rain on the optimism yes. Like I said, his degree looks good.
      Otherwise he is Peter Miller with coaching badges to me.

    • Lasana Liburd see that’s another example of horrible management skills . So if you tell him that he has two games, how will he structure his game ? Ultra defensive right? So we may win but greater chances that we won’t lose . So he saves his ass. Management 101 – you get what you measure!

    • Gosh Lasana – you know DJW was only on jokes when he said that. Isn’t the new coach on a 2-yr contract? You think the TTFA could afford to fire St. Tom after 3 months and hire and pay another new coach? Remember we still paying Hart’s salary.

    • Carlos, the TTFA president confirmed that he has a clause inserted that allows them to sack coach after three months.

    • Having a probationary period is smart. I imagine the firing threshold would be sufficiently high. For example lose all 4 matches during this time and we have the option to part with you. I think that’s fair and reasonable.

    • Saintfiet accustom tuh dat kinda timeframe. He has had at least six national team appointments that have lasted 9 months or less.

  14. i cud see the national team training on his forehead and gaining that magical skill!!! slick passing!!! lol

  15. The guy is so vindictive and petty.

  16. Fenwick never had a chance with DJW.

  17. While his CV is as uninspiring as one could image – I get the mild impression listening to this man interview that maybe he is one of those people in the super competitive world or football management – who could be very bright in football management but never got a big break and that he saw Trinidad situation (difficult but not impossible one to overcome ) as the avenue to prove his case

    However this mild optimism could be all wrong & he eventually flops

    So we will see but this is a massive presidency defining selection by DJW

  18. Bwdmc is this Mylz Barrington

  19. As i predicted we get a showpiece armchair coach who was well coached by JW he said all the right things today and is willing to work with JW national coach as his assistants stooges who help undermine Hart we a wait their names and Jw has already promised friendly game for new coach which Hart did not get before his first two games with all this im still hoping for the best to see Moses outside the promised land

    • Joey Richardson y do u and others continue to peddle lies coach Hart refused friendlies under Djw that was a major reason their relationship soured and Lasana Liburd should at least correct u about this!!

    • Is that so but i remember that he and Hart ha d issues when he had organised games without consulting Hart the Asian tour im not aware that Hart turned down games if so what was his reason for doing so if he gave any so are you saying that he offered games before the two Hex games and hart refused them

    • Hart turned down a fourth game because even the three games were against FIFA medical rules in terms of the air miles and the number of games they were being asked to play in between.

  20. It’s cause we are f**king broke

  21. So dey Fire a Hart and Hire a Fart!?????

  22. Two for one special… coaching football and cricket ( for when we lose out on the World Cup)

  23. One good thing he mentioned is that this is a job and when you come here to play is to play football and not visit this one and go and lime make it known early

  24. Maybe just maybe the man could be very successful but trini take in front as usual and condemned the man to failure without him raising a finger or should I say ball. There are two scenarios here, either the man is going to be a success or a failure. I am rooting for the man to be a success because if he succeed we football and footballers can gain from that success.

    • Speaking for myself, the only issue I had was the fact that he seemed to be willing to work for free and that a report mentioned that he failed to enforce discipline.

      ‘Bangladesh’ was in the headline of the article as the country where he last coached, but he also coached in Nigeria and Togo – countries with a much higher footballing pedigree than Trinidad and Tobago.

    • Christian, he never coached Nigeria–he was TD for four months I think and was derided there by fans, coach and the govt–and Togo was ranked 96th in the world when he coached there. Briefly. And unsuccessfully.
      I just don’t think any of those points you raise qualify him as a success. Although, of course, he might very well be our Pep like Anselm suggested. Anything is possible. But you don’t get that impression looking at his CV.

    • Why look at that when all we gullible Trinis know to do is swallow bad reports on ppl before giving them a fair chance? What is killing me is the Jack Warner stooges can ONLY NOW COME OUT AND CRITICIZE THE TTFA! When these so-called coaches were hungry and only “eating a food” under Jack their asses with which they now speak was properly WELL SHUT!!!

    • Bass Cleff, why do you think you should have the right to declare anybody’s opinion on football void?
      Just as how I’m sure you would like your thoughts to be treated with respect, don’t you think other people deserve that as well?

    • I never declared their opinions void…I’m saying they had a chance to talk in the past too but refused to because they were all enjoying the spoils…where did I declare anybody’s opinion void?

    • Well you seemed to be suggesting that their opinions now are invalid Bass. If I misread you then I am sorry.
      But I just believe in listening to someone and studying the merit of their argument.
      Not what their wok was last year or 10 or 20 years ago and who their family and friends might be. That’s all.

    • I’m saying just how they are boisterous now…they could have condoned the dictatorship and poor preparation and poor coaching choices then too…that’s all I’m saying

    • Ok so everybody suddenly get integrity and have the authority to condemn wrong? Oh my bad! They’ve now acquired the testicular fortitude to do so…NP…

    • When they were enjoying it…the same nonesense to which you self fell victim to Lasana….they said NOTHING

    • Lasana Liburd….OK, he never “coached” Nigeria – he was TD – a “technicality” in my humble view. As for Togo being ranked lower than TT, that too I will treat as a “technicality” – Togo is higher on the radar of international football than TT is.

      And no, my points were never meant or intended to describe Saintiflett as a “success” – they were only meant to suggest that he has previous experience in two countries that have a higher footballing pedigree than TT, and I’m not going to waste time arguing what “footballing pedigree” means. Take it or leave it.

    • Isa is the technical director in Trinidad and Tobago, Christian Hume. Does that give him the same clout as a coach? Like say Stephen Hart or Maturana or Beenhakker?

    • I won’t describe that as a technicality. But I won’t belabour the point as you said.

    • The man is a shithong…….. Talk done

    • I for one has always been critical of Djw and his decision making…. Lasana Liburd can attest to that…. I am his biggest hater Bass Cleff….the only reason I supported his presidency was because Tim-Kee Vs DWJ was similar to Manning Vs KAMLA in 2010…….

  25. One thing thou, he spoke with plenty confidence, and he seems to know a whole lot about our sweet country when I heard him say “Together we aspire and together we achieve, and about working with the local Coaches and players, so with respect to his speech it seems that he really knows what he is about and only time will tell.

  26. I have to be dreaming……… sigh….. real jokes here…..

  27. Gerard Johnson a person who wants to take us to the World Cup eh and I couldn’t believe what I just heard my dictator president told the man that if he doesn’t win the two games in March eh he will get his throat buss. hahahaha Them really good yes.

    • ….no problem with that at all, this mission is very specific….this is not about development or long term stuff….this is about getting to the World Cup, no results in March, out. That’s fair enough.

    • thinking it over Earl Mango Pierre….I hope that the press conference wasn’t the first time that TIm was hearing that he’ll be gone if he doesn’t get results in March. I think that is the understood and implied arrangement, given that Hart only got two games at the start. Tim would therefore have gone in with that understanding, even if they didn’t have that discussion, but I hope they did….that would make it much easier to brush off, as pressurizing as the comment may be.

      If the press conference was the first time that particular sentiment was aired, my oh my….as you would say, “them really good yes”.

    • Well I think that my dictator president didn’t even have to mention that on the video but it should be understood by any Coach who is coaching any sport team that if he doesn’t get the results that is needed he will be fired, and also I know that he will be monitored to see if he really knows what he is doing and how the players are reacting to him.

  28. hahahahahahah And did I hear him say that he is only 43 yrs of age eh, and he is looking like about 60 yrs old eh and what country is he speaking about when he said football country eh. Him really good yes

  29. DJW may be disrespectful but what do you call a person who sits there and takes the disrespect.

  30. His highest ranking as a coach was 927 as of 5/11/2015. Out of a five-star ranking he has zero stars. A full moon night has more stars than this guy.

  31. hahahahaha So when he doesn’t qualify for the Gold Cup in January eh, which means that it will be another Coach will be hired to take us to the World Cup eh, which means that Terry will still get his chance then ent. Them really good yes.

  32. ..I was just informed that DJW told Saintfiet in the media conference that he would be removed if he doesn’y qualify the team for the Gold Cup in January! Gaddam! That is disrespectful – evem to this guy – and tells us how much confidence TTFA have in this appointment. Shite piling on shite…

  33. Dem bring d old man from back to the future to coach d team yes

  34. But wait Bangladesh have a football team . TTFA doing real shit. Bring back heart . I Don’t thing the guys will put out their best for this new coach. Russia bye bye. I don’t the team will get much support either . But all the best T&T.

  35. he dont have an impressive record …so we gone from heart to fart

  36. Lasana Liburd this man hadda be a commedian

  37. Now that is a good question Bass Cleff. But I think you are looking in the wrong place.
    Unless you’re saying that you found something marvellous on Wikipedia…

  38. My reason for doing my own research Lasana Liburd is because I personally cannot fathom an entire committee sitting there Lasana Liburd and agreeing to a coach that you described with such credentials. Unlike some people who just want to jump on the band wagon because they now have no say, i like to check myself. Some ppl if it were still a Jack Warner administration, they would have no voice. That’s all

  39. You ever heard anyone point people to their Wikipedia page though Bass Cleff? That should tip you off. Because his Wikipedia page is wrong.
    How can he be the youngest manager in Belgian football history when he never coached a professional team in Belgium?

  40. Lasana I’m simply saying there’s also a lot of other information on the individual as well… Not to discredit you or your information but there’s a lot more about the man

  41. I just wanna encourage everyone at the same time to do your own research on coach Tom Saintfiet… Google him…see what Wikipedia says about him. Let’s not just sit back and take everything being fed to us so that before we speak we can make “informed” decisions and assessments…