Fixin’ T&T: Rowley did right thing; but procurement legislation and stronger DPP needed

Civic watch group, Fixin’ T&T, has congratulated Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for doing “the right thing” in dismissing Housing and Urban Development Minister Marlene McDonald.

However, the group also urged Rowley to prioritise meaningful legislation on procurement, campaign financing, party financing and whistle blowing and create a more financially independent Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Photo: Former Housing and Urban Development Minister Marlene McDonald. (Courtesy PNM)
Photo: Former Housing and Urban Development Minister Marlene McDonald.
(Courtesy PNM)

The following is the full press release from Fixin’ T&T:

Albeit belatedly, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley did the right thing in removing Ms Marlene McDonald from her Cabinet and Ministerial posts and for that he is to be commended; as are the media and many persons behind the scenes who did research and came forward with information on the issues raised over the past few weeks.

We have formally requested information on the staff, salaries and positions of persons employed at the other forty constituency offices.

Know that FIXIN’ T&T never takes any pleasure in calling for the removal of any person(s) from office and does so only when we deem there to have been a breach(s) of the trust vested in said individualsl(s).

Wrong doing, perceived or real, never serves the public good. We believe corruption to be the ultimate evil.  Corruption kills. Corruption destroys families, communities, economies and countries.

Corruption is the reason we do not feel safe in the beautiful twin that we live.  It is why, in a country that is among the wealthiest in the world, we can go to a hospital and not get a bed; and the list goes on and on.

Photo: Bribery has long plagued Trinidad and Tobago's public sector. (Copyright Canadian Business)
Photo: Bribery has long plagued Trinidad and Tobago’s public sector.
(Copyright Canadian Business)

We remain committed to aggressively working to stamp out corruption in our Trinidad and Tobago.

Our legislators must, with immediate effect, begin in earnest to enact laws that will empower and strengthen our institutions; not with words but by action. To this end we insist that all Parliamentarians make as their top priority the effective implementation of meaningful legislation to govern Procurement, Campaign Financing, Party Financing and Whistle Blowing.

Further, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions must be provide a budget over which it has independent control and is accountable for.

Protecting our Patrimony, vigorously guarding our Treasury and thus Securing our Future, is job one!

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About Fixin TT

Fixin TT
Fixin T&T's mission is the realization of good governance to achieve healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyles for all citizens through the study, promotion, and furtherance of strong democratic institutions; sound infrastructure; integrity in public and corporate affairs; and a culture of respect by all for the laws and regulations of the country to create a safe, secure, efficient and productive Trinidad & Tobago.

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  2. He still not getting back those car rental contracts!

  3. They make good points but could skip the sanctimony and hyperbole. Although the puritanical never do.

  4. We know they do. I remember CLICO had a man in each camp!

  5. Additionally, corruption will be minimized or the magnitude of corruption will be realized when PNM and UNC should be so honest and brave to share the list of their financial backers with T&T citizens. Don’t be surprised when many of the major financial backers do not discriminate and support both parties.

  6. Unimpressed with the flurry of promised activity from Fixin’ T&T, despite their vain attempts to play down their excitement at this victory…if they showed the same level of enthusiasm for continuing to hound the past regime (in addition to seeking transparency in the present) instead of seeming to be joining the past regime in persecuting only the people who are part of the present one, it would be a little less suspicious and concerning.

  7. I do however find it strange that Marlene was the test case and ONLY after he got news of her results, he is NOW proceeding to request info on the other 40. (From what he said in his interview yesterday morning on Power 102)
    Wham? He hand did break?
    And will those FOI results be disseminated to the public in the same record time that this was?

  8. I’m with you there Vernal. Although we are getting nowhere fast without some sort of reform at the courts.

    • Yes that backlog in the court system is the last hope and greatest blessing to organized criminals.
      When all else fails you can at least be reassured that you can live out your entire life in peaceful freedom while waiting on your court date.

  9. I agree with everything stated in the post, particularly the part sbout creating a more financially independent office of Director of Public Prosecutions. If you ask me there should be officers under the direction of the DPP assigned to each county and each having at their disposal their own teams of investigators.

  10. I also believe all government suppliers and person doing business with government over a half million dollars and multiple government and state agencies be published. Along with the addresses and tax report. As well as audit accounts and must published by the BIR office. Along with the top management. All insurance must be paid up including workmen compensation. Also the result of their last CEC and OSH inspection. They should also have certificate number

  11. While i agree Fixin” TnT should keep them on their toes i think a couple of their requests are an invasion of privacy.

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