Sabga treats eBay rivals to Trini tendering; wins ORTT medal with lowest bid

Riddle me this: Five strangers bid various amounts for an exotic medal on eBay. The smallest bid was US$25,000 and the highest was US$60,000. So who wins?

The one named ‘Sabga’. Duh!

Photo: Excellent work, Sir! (Copyright The Simpsons)
Photo: Excellent work, Sir!
(Copyright The Simpsons)

Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT—or, as his associates fondly refer to him, Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT—showed that his influence is not restricted to Trinidad and Tobago’s maritime borders, as he outbid all rivals to secure an 18-karat gold Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (ORTT) medal, without actually outbidding them.

Sabga’s bid US$25,000 and not a penny more. But he got the prize anyway.

“Despite the incidence of higher bids on the eBay site, ANSA McAL secured the agreement of the store, Crawford Coin Stamp Militaria in Vancouver, British Colombia, to pull down the auction and recognise our initial bid,” said Sabga, in an ANSA McAL release. “This move has ensured that the historic piece will be duly returned to our nation in preservation of its bestowed honour and dignity.”

What exactly was the offer that the Crawford Coin Stamp Militaria could not refuse?

“We came to an agreement with the owner of the store,” stated the McAL release, “that given the historic significance of the medal, and in consideration of ANSA McAL’s noble intention to reclaim the award on behalf of Trinidad and Tobago, all other bids would be closed.”

Photo: I believe you have something that belongs to us!
Photo: I believe you have something that belongs to us!

Did Tony recite the national anthem? Or sing “Trini to the Bone?”

For God’s sake, how did you do it?!

In an Olympic year, Trinidad and Tobago beat Canada on the final bend to take gold.

Just 9 more gold medals to go by 2024 then, right TTOC president Brian Lewis?

If only artistic tendering was a competitive sport eh?

“I am filled with pride and joy that we were able to ensure that this cherished national award will soon be on its way back to Trinidad and Tobago,” said Sabga. “There are many moments in my life when I have felt we have done something really worthwhile.

“But nothing can outmatch this by the sheer significance of its national patrimonial value and meaning.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago's Keshorn Walcott (centre) shows off his gold medal at the London 2010 Olympics. Anthony N Sabga has joined the country's elite gold medal club for his deft finish in the artistic tendering event. (Copyright AFP 2016/Johannes Eisele)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Keshorn Walcott (centre) shows off his gold medal at the London 2010 Olympics.
Anthony N Sabga has joined the country’s elite gold medal club for his deft finish in the artistic tendering event.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Johannes Eisele)

Nothing can outmatch scooping up a medal that nobody had missed anyway, with the recipient long deceased and his kin living in Canada? But then it is not unlike star athletes to consider their meets to be something like life and death.

For Brian Lara, it was hitting a cricket ball. For Tony, it is using Jedi mind tricks on auctioneers to beat a seemingly transparent tendering process.

A successful trade unionist would sweat blood and tears to secure a prestigious accolade posthumously. A clever capitalist can regain it with US$25,000 and a phone call.

Right now, four eBay bidders are probably trying to figure out what the hell just happened. You got served, suckers.

Now, just do like the Trinidad and Tobago electorate and drown your sorrows with two doubles and a Kola Champagne.

By the way, Tony, would you mind terribly calling the Middle East and having a chat about the whole low oil prices thing? Cheers.

Photo: Hand it over!
Photo: Hand it over!

Editor’s Note: Reports suggest that Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT, was the only bidder to fulfil all the terms of the auction by contacting the auctioneer. If so, one point for the Trinidad and Tobago education system!

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    Congratulation to you and your family Dr.Browne from Wendy LeePack-Gibbs blessings always

  2. H ah ha ha ha!! Remember when Sabga wanted the Heineken Franchise!! He bought out all of Stag to get it, its elememtary man!!

  3. Melville, it’s a pretty bauble, even Idi Amin had one

  4. What’s the use of having a Victoria Cross when you never even got into a fight in primary school ?

  5. Seller of ORTT: $25,000.00 US dollars of patriotism…hmnn let me seeeee.

    (weighs options with hands like scale)

    Seller: that’s it, I choose $25,000.00, see you suckers.

    Sabga: Wife! Ah man selling the chain I have…you know…the one I wear on our date nights. Bring meh wallet dey.

  6. Its not that easy to cancel out of a bid on Ebay, just saying.

    • they cancel because they are fake accounts……its hard when you care about being banned …..I used to sell motorbikes on ebay and after while I banned anyone with a history of less than ten as they were either scammers or time wasters

  7. the other bids were false and were intended to push the price up….it was easy enough to see. With limited ebay history and very few items bought it was clear these other bidders were jokers. He would have told the seller …sell to me …or sell to one of these jokers who will then cancel……simple enough

  8. Let’s just create an impression, hell, even the British bought things and people with trinkets and they continue to this day. Your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside. Honors and awards are nice things, but only to the extent that they regard the real respect from your peers.

  9. This is an exceedingly magnanimous gesture and eschews a deep sense of pride and patriotism.Well done to preserve our treasure and integrity.

  10. Congratulations Sir well deserved.

  11. actually that was a basic move to secure it- at the end of the day it is up to the owner to say if he will accept the terms of the bids etc. I am sure they allowed this as the previous owner must be feeling guilty over doing the sale.

  12. I didn’t see any specification on bid that bidders must contact medal owner.
    Also one of the bidders’ profile said he successfully won 15 previous auctions while Sabga’s profile suggested he had never bid for anything before.
    So I think it highly doubtful that Sabga knew the bid procedure better than his rivals.
    Plus the Ansa mcal release didn’t back up the TV6 version either.

  13. Hmmmmmm the man can negotiate

  14. Lol. So what do you think happened? The report says they were the only bidder who contacted the seller and this was a requirement of the seller. I’m thinking that must be some real Jedi mind trick yes. Hypnotize them like the Count on Sesame Street ?

  15. He can afford it, and I wont say more.

  16. A pan of Crix biscuit would be better.With shop cheese.

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