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Change or stability? TTFA presidential candidates share mission statements

The following are the manifestos from Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) presidential nominees, David John-Williams and Ramesh Ramdhan, which details their plans for revitalising the local game, as well as televised interviews with John-Williams, Clynt Taylor, Raymond Tim Kee and Selby Browne:

Click HERE to read David John-Williams’ Imperatives for Change.

Photo: DIRECTV W Connection president and CEO David John-Williams.
Photo: DIRECTV W Connection president and CEO David John-Williams.

Click HERE to listen to David John-Williams on the TV6 Morning Edition with Fazeer Mohammed.

Photo: Former FIFA World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan.
Photo: Former FIFA World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan.

Click HERE to read Ramesh Ramdhan’s election manifesto.

Ramesh Ramdhan on his candidacy:

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“I am committed to country. I offered myself for national development at the constituency level and now I plan to do so through football…

“With the right governance and support T&T football can stand on its own… putting monies into the coffers of Trinidad and Tobago, not taking out…

“Rebuilding the brand is a key aspect of generating investment. The TTFA brand must be redefined through high levels of technical competency and consistency in how the game is played.

“Unless we do this, any gains achieved will be short-lived, because no business wants to associate with any organisation that may bring their brand into disrepute. We have to fix the plane while it’s flying, so we will immediately re-engineer and reposition the new TTFA as an organisation that is rooted in honesty, integrity and transparency and one through which a comprehensive world-class training programme is deployed .”

Photo: Former FIFA World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan.
Photo: Former FIFA World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan.

“What’s more, I am available full-time to give the presidency and the resuscitation of football in T&T my all.

“Unlike other candidates, I don’t have a vested interest in football. I have no existing conflicts associated with ownership of a club and I’m not distracted by other responsibilities to local office that can compromise my delivery…

“It’s time to make a clean break with the past – new leadership, fresh faces, fresh philosophy.”

And, below, we have clips of interviews with presidential candidates Clynt Taylor, Selby Browne and Raymond Tim Kee on Field of Dreams:

Editor’s note: The five president candidates are David John-Williams, Clynt Taylor, Ramesh Ramdhan, Selby Browne and incumbent Raymond Tim Kee. All candidates are encouraged to share their manifestos or mission statements with Wired868’s readers.

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  1. WATCH: The 2015 TTFA Presidential Race – Meet Ramesh Ramdhan

  2. WATCH: The 2015 TTFA Presidential Race – Meet Clynt Taylor

  3. It is great to read the comments, I wish to again state that the primary and urgent need for the financially strapped TTFA is direct meaningful financial investment, which would NOT come from Corporate T&T, but from international investors in the business of football, who would expect a positive return on investment through TV Rights as is proven throughout the world.

    This is not about candidates who nobody knows in the business of FIFA TV Rights as I am known since 1986 World Cup, which our own Jack Warner discovered.

    It is that financing that would provide for the following:
    1. Proper funding for the preparation for World Cup 2018.
    2. Funding for all national teams.
    3. Proper remuneration for a restructured Administration.
    4. Providing infrastructural support for Zonal Associations and clubs.
    5. Implementing the overhaul, redirection, refocus and restructure and empowerment of the TTFA, Zonal and other Associations to have proper remuneration for football.

    I would invite one off the contributors to examine the Status of the African National Teams and footballers today, the CAF Headquarters in Cairo and the link established between UEFA and CAF all due to the initiatives of Isa Hayatou.

    Whether he likes it or not, the fact is today Isa Hayatou is President Acting of FIFA and the Snr. Vice President.

    Fortunately he has not been obscenely referred to as Blatter was, being called: Jesus, Mandela, Martin Luther King and Father, by certain Caribbean Football Presidents at the CONCACAF Congress in the Bahamas during the second quarter earlier this year, much to the distaste and disgust of FIFA President Candidate Luis Figo who withdrew his candidacy.

  4. WATCH: The 2015 TTFA Presidential Race – Raymond Tim Kee’s Story

  5. ..Credit to RTK for whatever he did to reduce the debt but he still has not articulated a vision for the future. A mobile store to sell jerseys ain”t doing it for me. But he will get some votes..

  6. Ramdhan just wasn’t clear enough whereas DJW was straight to the point. No confusion at all, same with Taylor. Tim Kee just seems a bit lost at times in football, not sure he gets it really. What I like about DJW and Taylor is the ability to mix football and business into one product , I feel Tim Kee is stronger at business than football and we really need someone at the helm who can mix both equally to really correct the administrative issues.

    Anyway I wish all candidates luck and whoever gets it I hope they do their best but I think to do their best they have to change a few faces who have been there in the TTFA for countless years and have become almost poisonous and are not willing to accept change. The administration cannot change with some of them still holding roles going forward

  7. I haven’t seen the TV debate yet Cheyenne Hector, so I can’t gauge Ramesh at all. He was the only no show on i95.5.
    But I was also impressed with DJW and Clynt Taylor.
    People said after the fact that Raymond Tim Kee scored points merely by showing up and being “presidential” in that he didn’t say anything really silly.
    I will admit that it was brave of him to face the fire. But I didn’t feel that he answered several of my questions particularly well.

  8. I recorded the debate last night and just got around to it. Must admit impressed with DJW , very clear on his vision, experienced and good responses. Also impressed with Clint Taylor, also very clear and I think clarity and the ability to get to the point quickly is important for international relations and as a representative of the country… I thought Ramesh Ramdhan was a bit scattered and nervous in his responses , he didn’t paint a clear picture. Tim Kee is always all over the place, goes on and on without arriving to the point…. I heard Selby Browne on the radio and was not impressed at all, outdated and not the man to take us forward.

    Just my two cents but I really hope it’s one of DJW or Taylor, both of them left me with a good vybe that they will put a proper system in place and at least try to better football in T&T

  9. Got to love those Isports ads haha

  10. Lol. My name was taboo yes. Unspeakable!

  11. Clint Taylor to me is the best candidate so far, I like his ideas in general, but at this point he presents ideas without a plan. As much as I think he’s the best candidate, his candidacy is a long shot.

    Selby Browne is clueless… and empty vessel. The very fact that he would mention one of Blatter’s sidekicks, a man in Issa Hayatou, who himself was suspended for allegedly accepting bribes (and that’s just the ones we know of), that says a lot. But he’s an international campaigner against corruption. FOH.

    Ramesh Ramdhan is another one… he allegedly has longstanding ties to Jack… well that part isn’t alleged, but there’s allegedly a “Ramesh Ramdhan” who is an ILP member and sometimes politcian. That is what he needs to be clarifying, not talking pure fart about changing “structure and governance.” You can’t change the Constitution at this moment. Cannot happen.

    DJW and all talking about that… he should know better… or have people smarter than him telling him to not bring up that nonsense talk. He has a pretty comprehensive vision so far though, that much must be said. However his decision-making is already brought into question by his intransigence over his ownership of W Connection. He absolutely needs to step down, even if to ally the mere appearance of impropriety.

  12. Lasana Liburd ur new name is Mr. Gentleman eh ??

  13. money owed to people when it will be paid it seem like am only focusing on money but lets face it without it we will be homeless… So back to this situation Kenwyn Jones is owed (EDITED) from David Williams , from his transfer from Southhampton to Sunderland.

    • Lasana Liburd

      I am trying to facilitate you but I cannot have potentially libellous stuff on the site. Kenwyne Jones moved to Sunderland eight years ago. EIGHT. Where is the proof that he is owed by John-Williams? When was this lawsuit filed? Or complaint lodged?
      Why would he even be owed money for a matter involving two clubs? He had left W Connection long, long before this move.
      And Kenwyne has his own PR person and website, so why hasn’t he ever said anything? This is coming across as slander.
      I am happy to accept opinions. But you must give some sort of proof for accusations of this nature.

    • well its only a matter of hours till the new TTFA president is known. I hope the best candidate wins and not give us false hope tell us what we wanna hear now and later is another story. Mr Williams no false hope pay people there money come on.

  14. I’m on a panel today with Andre Baptiste at i95.5 fm from 6.30 pm that will have an open forum with the TTFA presidential candidates.

  15. Who is not participating in the debate?

  16. Earl Jean , Clearly I hit a nerve or two boy!! If I running a smear campaign like you is John Williams puppet. You come all the way from St Lucia to still be an assistant, that ruff.

    It’s a fact Sam Phillips and Shabazz is doing presentations for Williams. FACT! Shabazz did one last night. In this time of ISIS, you making an ex Muslimeen part of your campaign. Have you ever thought of the impact of that. CONCAFAF / USA. SO the T&T team would be able to travel but Shabazz wouldn’t…FACT… he is more of a liability than anyone
    The same way Williams ponging Ramdhan about being associated with Jack. Sam Phillips is an extension of Jack. He runs Joe Public! So Williams is basically putting the same ole in the same places… This is about changes not recycling…
    I really cant read yuh whole posts it was painful to say the least…., cause it was just pro Williams, rambling. So you definitely cannot be impartial….

    • Lasana Liburd

      Randy, your allegation regarding W Connection’s debts cannot be put on the site as they are false. You are free to give your opinion and I am not restricting that. But I can’t allow anything libellous on the website.

  17. You can’t beat Raymond Tim Kee’s opening: My achievements are there for the whole world to see!
    Must be nice to live on Planet Tim Kee.

  18. Hannibal Najjar

    For now, I am inclined to postpone the T&TFA Elections until the MNT either qualifies or not for the Hex. I would prefer no disruption for the Stephen Hart/Kenwynne Jones led team. I am “frightened” that any change would mean a start-over for Hart and the men – we need Warriors and not, worriers if we are to get the job done. It appears that together the Officers of the T&TFA and Hart and the team, are producing the desired outcomes, this even with their go-between “sins”. They have marinated together and any new leadership is likely to engage a style, policies and procedures, and set of demands which in turn would most likely, create unnecessary and unwanted distractions. This is my candid thought.