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TTFA ExCo declares no confidence in “incompetent” president, Tim Kee

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee’s re-election campaign was dealt another humiliating blow last night as six Executive Committee members, including all three vice-presidents Lennox Watson, Rudolph Thomas and Krishna Kuairsingh, declared, via a press release, that they had “unanimously lost confidence in the president, Mr Raymond Tim Kee.”

Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the global football body's Zurich headquarters.
Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the global football body’s Zurich headquarters.

Wired868 was reliably informed that the TTFA Executive Committee will not follow up their declaration with a motion to remove Tim Kee through an extraordinary general meeting.

This is because there is a 30 day deadline before an extraordinary general meeting can be called, under the new constitution, which falls after the November 29 TTFA elections.

So, it is TTFA’s stakeholders who will decide Tim Kee’s fate with the ballot. Tim Kee is being challenged for his post by Veteran Footballers Association vice-president Selby Browne, W Connection president David John-Williams, ex-FIFA World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan and local Referees Association vice-president Clynt Taylor.

In the interim, Tim Kee, who is also the Port of Spain Mayor and PNM Treasurer, may find little comfort in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over Guatemala last night or the Senior Women Team’s 6-0 Olympic qualifying rout of St Lucia, as his competence and perceived lack of transparency again become subjects of open debate.

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Among the TTFA ExCo’s grievances with the football president are his alleged decision to pay his son, Kareem Tim Kee, US$15,000 to build the TTFA’s website as revealed in the Sunshine Newspaper, his supposedly unconstitutional sacking of former general secretary Sheldon Phillips, his failure to ensure the functioning of several committees including the Finance and Marketing Committee and his inability to provide financial statements throughout his tenure and communicate with stakeholders with regards to the body’s pressing debts.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) and former general secretary Sheldon Phillips. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) and former general secretary Sheldon Phillips.
(Courtesy Wired868)

The following is the full press statement from the TTFA Executive Committee:

Football administration in Trinidad and Tobago has reached its lowest through three years of presidential incompetence and lack of consultation with Executive Committee members and/or the Emergency Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association on critical issues.

As a result of this critical and dire state of the administration of football in Trinidad and Tobago, we—members of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association—have unanimously lost confidence in the president, Mr Raymond Tim Kee.

Among our major concerns are the following:

  1. Alleged payment to the President’s son for providing a TTFA website without consultation and agreement of the Executive Committee and/or the Emergency Committee;
  2. Illegal and unconstitutional dismissal of the General Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association;
  3. The taking of unilateral decisions with regards to matters pertinent to the TTFA and in such circumstances, failure of the President to convene one single meeting of the Emergency Committee, of which he is the chairman, to address such matter;
  4. Failure of the President to convene one single meeting of the Finance and Marketing Committee and/or the Fundraising Committee of the TTFA;
  5. Failure of the President to ensure audited financial statements for the last three years taking into consideration possible strategies to do so, as advised by Mr Robert Reis of KPMG;
  6. Failure of the President to ensure a strategic plan for the development of football in Trinidad and Tobago over a 10 year period is produced;
  7. Not providing relevant, timely and appropriate financial statements over the last three years leading to uncertainty surrounding the indebtedness of the association, to the extent that the association may be bankrupt;
  8. Under president Tim Kee, the Standing Committees system has failed to function;
  9. Not addressing in a timely manner, the threat by FIFA to institute disciplinary charges against the TTFA for failure to adhere to FIFA mandate to pay former National Women’s coach Even Pellerud.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. I haven’t heard that at all and I doubt it very much.

  2. If the son of the President tendered for a job, the proper procedure would be for the President to call an executive meeting, recuse himself from the discussion and decision making process, and ensure that all of this is recorded in the minutes of the meeting, which minutes should be ratified at another meeting of the Executive prior to his hiring. This of course assumes that he is chosen for the job as being the best option in the judgement of the executive.
    The reporting lines of the consultant would then have to be clearly defined to ensure that the President is two arms lengths away from any initiatives arising from the work of the consultant.
    This is not rocket science. It happens in T&T all the time since we are a small community and conflicts will often arise.
    The character of people is tested in these circumstances and sadly RTK has come up short.

    • Scotty Ranking

      That is indeed proper procedure! Removes bias and nepotism from the equation and shows that care was shown to keep matters on the up-and-up.

      Sadly, most Trinbagonians don’t follow this, despite knowing it is the best way to go!

  3. I wanted to read the article itself as I’d heard it referenced as Truth/Fact, now its up to RTK to either refute or defend it if it did occur.

  4. PS anybody using the firing of Sheldon Phillip as a tool in the TTFA elections do not have TT football at heart and should not get a single vote out of the 49 up for grabs!! The results of this election will show if ppl in TT football serious and well serious consequences for the country b warned!! A word to the wise
    is enough!!

  5. Lasana Liburd i tell u to warn me before u post these crap!!! I have to remember Bruce Aanensen good advice!! Let the sunshine (jack warner) tell us who they back in the TTFA race and why!! Call a name i will whistle bc they use to carry whistle!! Sheldon Phillop is the BIGGEST mistake Tim Kee make from the Akeem Adams mess to the girls in the US with 500 and alot in between!! The called himself the fireman but he really was an arsonist!!!

  6. Brian Springer
    Tim Kee’s dilemma: Son or TTFA?
    Sunshine Newspapers Reports.

  7. Tim Kee had to go after the T-shirt fiasco in my book…

  8. Selby Browne is the best candidate for President

  9. Great news!!!About time this shit stops.!!!!

  10. Lasana that was ah one-time thing and with the exception of Mr. Watson, who has always been out spoken….but the rest a bunch a sorry jokers….they had nothing to say or offer that would make the sporting public take notice…..as I said they kept very, very quiet……but suddenly they got brave enough to sign a letter to show their disappointment…..JOKERS!

  11. I know Rudy Thomas has already stepped aside from SFA and said he will quit altogether after AGM.

  12. That’s actually not true Keith Clement. They have consistently spoken out against Tim Kee.
    Lennox Watson contradicted Tim Kee with regards to his claims about the player settlement. And that was just a few months into his term.

  13. No he shouldn’t Keith Clement.

  14. The same Ex-officers who said nothing for the last 3 years finally got the will to speak out against their President after they supported all that the TTFA did. Those Ex are a bunch of disgrace individuals who realise that they no longer have a future as football administrators and want to make sure Tim Kee fall on the wayside like them……to put it bluntly…they are worse than him for not saying anything for the last 3 years…..

  15. Well David John-Williams and Selby Browne are the two favourites but Debbie that’s the major concern will they change for the worse if the get power

  16. If Tim Kee pulls off that win still, I will have to start calling him Houdini. Lol.

  17. .. Not me. The proverbial cockroach must stay out of fowl business..lol..

  18. Scotty Ranking

    “Woe betide the leaders now perched on their dizzy pinnacles of triumph if they cast away at the conference table what the soldiers had won on a hundred bloodsoaked battlefields.” – Winston Churchill

    The line about “… may find little comfort in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over Guatemala last night or the Senior Women Team’s 6-0 Olympic qualifying rout of St Lucia, as his competence and perceived lack of transparency again become subjects of open debate.” reminds me stoutly of the quote above. Tim KeeKeeKee has presided over – but not contributed meaningfully in any way to – several national football triumphs to which he can lay little claim.

  19. Does this signal what the behavior will be like at the meeting??? What hostility and absolute ignorance. Even if you have a point, could you not make it without such limited vocabulary??
    As far as I am concerned if I were the President of anything, no member of my family would be allowed to bid for a job. Why is it that our politicians and sports administrators cannot understand the concept of conflict of interest??? Lord help.

    • You all hide under the guise of civility and commit some of the most hidious crimes in history with big word and false hopes building empires on others sweat blood and tears!!! I for one will not stand by and watch football and the lives of the thousand of youths who hopes depend on it b trained away for thirty pieces of silver!!! Queens english!!! Always missing the big picture!!

    • Gordon, I hide behind nothing. My life is an open book. I can only suggest that you try a different approach as this one will get you no where. A passionate yet measured approach with respect for the opinions of others is the only effective way to implement change.

    • ur measured response have caused me to apologise but i lose it when these jokers start but ur point is well noted and appreciated!!!

    • Gordon, I will share something with you that my mentor in RBTT told me. Never write and send anything when annoyed. Write if it makes you feel good at the time, then wait until tomorrow and you will not lose the real content of what you want to say, but you will say it in a much more balanced tone.

  20. Lasana liburd warn me before u post this shit!!!! The same Ex co that sat under oliver camps and uncle jack!!! The fininancial that jack managed and they sat under?? Do not f**k me up!!! Call me ulgy not f**king stupid!!! 14 days to election tell them hush they A**

    • Haha. So a man can see the light or what? You’re the same fellah you were 10 years ago?

    • Hahaha!!! Good one!! I was now looking to come out to shoot in this war but these bunch of jokers want me to start on them Watson and them should b making jail time for what they do to TT football!! I just was waiting to snipe and go away bc this war only need 25 out of 48 to win not best out of 1.3 million but for these no shame heartless dogs i will burn d city to the ground!

  21. I was looking at the TTFA site and was appalled. Just last night I was talking about it with Brian Springer.

  22. Pot calling kettle black lol very interesting? Question is what have those complaining (vice presidents) done besides what they are doing now in the “million” years they have been in the position! There list of grievances is joke!

  23. You might have a legitimate shot …. Sancho was Minister of Sport, who rumour has it was allegedly involved in financial inconsistencies and a possible romantic and rendezvous with a few members of a “known soccer team” …you have more than a legitimate shot lol

  24. Lasana – How does one get nominated to run for the TTFA presidency? The list of opposing candidates did little to inspire me, so think I might run myself! Lol

  25. But are any of the contenders any better than Tim Kee? And i hold no brief for Tim Kee. Just wondering.

  26. ..Don’t be sure of that. TTFA corrupted politics could still produce a win for him. And understand well that Tim Kee’s slate is not the only old guard presence in the race..

  27. Tuesday’s game is a big farewell match for him…lets hope that those who vote do the right thing.