CAISO: Investigate “Pitbull” and “Gladiator” for sexual offences against minors

CAISO and the LGBTI advocacy groups are calling for an investigation and the laying of appropriate charges, if necessary, against radio announcers Andy “The Pitbull” Williams and Ricardo “Gladiator” Welsh, in light of allegations regarding sexual offences against “young boys.”

The following is the full press release:

Photo: Radio announcer Ricardo "Gladiator" Welch.
Photo: Radio announcer Ricardo “Gladiator” Welch.

CAISO, the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) advocacy and services group, is calling on Children’s Authority’s Chair Stephanie Daly, Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams and Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard Prosecutions to investigate and lay any appropriate charges against radio announcers Andy “The Pitbull” Williams and Ricardo “Gladiator” Welch for sexual offences against minors.

A story by Rickie Ramdass in the November 3rd Trinidad Express newspaper reports that Williams’ lawyer Michael Rooplal alleged in Justice Mira Dean Armorer’s courtroom Monday that Williams on several occasions procured “young boys” to have sexual contact with Welch. He asserted Williams was aware of Welch’s predilection for a number of years.

The statements were made during the hearing of a lawsuit brought by Welch, who says Williams and other media personalities defamed him by joking that he was a homosexual.

“This is not a joke. Or homosexuality. It is abuse of children,” said CAISO executive director Colin Robinson. “It seems the wrong case is on trial.”

Other advocates linked the courtroom disclosure to the nation’s failures to protect young people from abuse, and the need for state vigilance and leadership on gender and children’s issues.

Photo: Radio announcer Andy "Pitbull" Williams.
Photo: Radio announcer Andy “Pitbull” Williams.

“While abusers need to be investigated, children who come forward must be given access to non-homophobic services and counseling they may need in coping with the aftermath of abuse,” said Kate McEwan, a board member of I Am One, the newest local LGBTI NGO.

Luke Sinnette, a social worker and leader at its 19-year-old counterpart, Friends for Life, agreed. He said: “Same-sex sexual violations can cause deep shame and guilt. A strong message must be sent that the abuse was wrong, and those responsible will be held to account.”

“Silence about sexual abuse haunts our communities across the region,” added Dr. Angelique V. Nixon, who lectures in the Institute for Gender & Development Studies, UWI St. Augustine (IGDS). “Perpetrators, and trauma, must be dealt with and made visible. We need healing and justice.”

In 2008, IGDS launched Break the Silence, a multisectoral project against child sexual abuse.


Editor’s Note: Wired868 sent a written request for comment on the CAISO press release to Ricardo Welch and Andy Williams. Thus far, neither have responded.

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About CAISO Trinidad and Tobago

CAISO is the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, which includes both GLBT people and allies. Our aims are: to foster a forward-thinking, visionary and humane approach to sexual orientation and gender identity; to secure full inclusion in all aspects of national life, social policy and citizenship regardless to sexuality and gender; to develop capacity, leadership and self-pride in our own communities, and to mobilise an advocacy movement for social justice in partnership with others.

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  1. Well look thing now……Gladiator like he opened a can of worms by attempting this law suit of defamation. If he lives in a glass house why he’s throwing stones. I totally agree with CAISCO. … sexual abuse of thr young and vulnerable is not homosexuality. …its time these perverted pedophiles are exposed and brought to justice.

  2. So many adults are free with their favours, why abuse children?!?!
    Disgusting nasty people.
    Tie them in Woodford Sq, let the public deal with “Pitbull” and “Gladiator”!!!!

  3. Who are these so called “CAISO and the LGBTI advocacy groups “??
    CAISO is a group of a man and few lesbians…about 6 in total. Who are these other advocacy groups? THEY EXIST??
    The fact is that you are a MINORITY of a MINORITY, trying to spread an agenda that’s counter to Trinidad and Tobago’s development.
    Homosexuals in this country are NOT discriminated against! Everyone will tell you that. But it does not comfort you to know this. It’s actually irrelevant to you because you have a political agenda to FORCE your lifestyle onto the people.

    • LOL@ Gregory. Who are the six lesbians, man? There are six legally registered NGOs in T&T who serve or advocate for LGBTI people. Spreading a political agenda of justice and equality regardless to who you love or what gender you are seems like it’s a good agenda, not so? Agendas are what political openness is a society is about. CAISO’s is transparent. Yours seems to be inequality and injustice for some people you single out. Not only is there discrimination against gay people, of the kind the Gladiator case illustrates (including discrimination against young gay people who no one protects), but what’s worse, gay/lesbian people are explicitly excluded from the protection of the anti-discrimination laws. If that’s not discrimination, what is? If our idea of democracy is that minorities can’t “force their lifestyle” then we need to ban “the practices of the body” of the Shouter Baptists again, they’re a minority, and that was the language used to ban them. Repeal the Eid holiday and remove Hosay from the streets: Muslims are a minority too. There are fewer Chinese people than LGBTI people, btw. And people with disabilities: why accommodate them with sign language interpreters or put cuts in the pavement? Let them suffer. Fact is we live in a nation of minorities, and we all have to share it. No one needs YOU to have gay sex in order to do that. But I’d like to.

  4. Lasana Liburd..what does any institution in the banana do?…police?.inland revenue?..child authority?…Cott? ..tatt?… EMA?…Anyone ever make ah jail?…steups

  5. Now we will see who is the real Bareback leader

  6. So the man who call our PM at rapist and perv gained financial return for “his hard work” and now getting emotional when his lifestyle is questioned ? why we should not throw stones

  7. Lawd put ah hand hope Kamla and dem help him lol

  8. But if found innocent those who lied should pay damages and be charged

  9. Stephen, Akiel’s killer is behind bars in the US for attempted murder of his grandfather.

  10. I want to believe the Children’s Authority is going to be all over this case now!
    (What does the Children’s Authority do anyway, Sheila Rampersad?)

  11. Our society has poor track record with these issues. Akiel’s abuser and killer is still walking happily somewhere. And Akiel is just one of many that we know of.

  12. Minors aweee
    Those poor little boys…….

  13. I have to fortify my constitution before reading this one.

  14. He shouldn’t mind going to jail , he will be in a buffet line. Bamsee a la carte

  15. When this can of worms is opened,watch how all these perverts will make tracks and see how many pillars of law,society and entertainment will be exposed.

  16. I would hope that Justice Armorer referred the allegations to the police for investigation.

  17. Remember the point here. And that is that minors were involved. And that is illegal.

  18. When living in glass house you know the saying

  19. This country is an HBO series now.

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