Stink mouth Moonilal vs Bull-it proof Impsbert: Live Wire checks scorecard

If Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and Minister in the Office of Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Stuart Young, are right, the People’s Partnership Government spent more on legal fees in five years than Julian Assange, OJ Simpson and the late Michael Jackson could spend in three lifetimes.

And, to be clear, nobody in the former administration ever scored a touchdown, produced “Thriller” or protected whistleblowers.

Potentially more than a billion spent and ex-AG Anand Ramlogan couldn’t even get Calder Hart or Lawrence Duprey to spend a day in court?

Photo: I only spent bout this amount...
Photo: I only spent bout this amount…

It is like pushing the boat out for a date with Destra Garcia and having Education Minister Anthony Garcia ring your doorbell instead.

And speaking of paging Paul and getting Paula, there was an inevitable flap in Parliament when Sport Minister Darryl Smith and somebody resembling Finance Minister Colm Imbert turned into childish teenagers at the back of the class, during the maiden contribution of Opposition MP and Ken-doll look alike, Barry Padarath. Smith, the Diego Martin Central MP, appeared to refer to Barry as “Princess” twice before recognising him as the Princes Town MP.

It would go down as one of the most queer examples of sweet talk in Parliamentary history. Apparently dogs aren’t the only ones that chase cars they don’t intend to drive.

Meanwhile, the Diego Martin North/East MP’s Facebook account was busy. Somebody resembling Imbert—let’s call him ‘Impsbert’ to avoid confusion—declared that he suddenly felt a pain after hearing Barry use the word “bull” in his contribution.

Tonia Nableon seemed to share Smith’s gender confusion as she offered advice to Imbert: “His eyes are on you stay far from her.”

Photo: Princes Town MP Barry Padarath. (Courtesy Kamla2015.TT)
Photo: Princes Town MP Barry Padarath.
(Courtesy Kamla2015.TT)

Impsbert responded within seconds: “Yes. I have ordered a bull-it proof vest.”

Mr Live Wire knew straight away that Imbert had been hacked. Such a snide putdown was totally out of sync with the kindhearted and generous spirit that is the Finance Minister.

And to think that Barry, if he were so inclined, would bypass Faris and Keithos and lustfully lower his gaze in Imbert’s direction?

Well, that would suggest an arrogance which surely no one would ever associate with the Diego Martin North/East MP.

Imbert is a sweetheart who would never be party to such childish, distasteful bullying. Impsbert, on the other hand, is a silly little coward and Live Wire will keep an eye out for him.

Not for the first time, Live Wire was right.

Imbert duly reported that a mysterious hacker had breached his Facebook account for the solitary purpose of a making a childish, homophobic jab at an opposition MP.

Photo: Finance Minister Colm Imbert.
Photo: Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

In Imbert’s closing remarks before he closed his account, the Finance Minister thanked his supporters for their helpful advice on protecting his account but said he was deactivating his page until he is “satisfied that appropriate security protocols are in place.”

Wait, not even an apology to Barry? And a flippant condescending remark tossed at Mark Zuckerberg for good measure?

Did Impsbert retain control of Colm’s account until the very end?

But, just as neutral observers were wrapping their heads around “Hack-gate”, along came Opposition Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal with the sort of crass, brazen and deplorable behaviour that, for many, characterised the PP’s term in office.

“Hush yuh stink mouth!” Moonilal shouted, while Al-Rawi was on his feet.

It was indeed breath-taking behaviour of the lowest kind.

Does Moonilal kiss his children with that mouth?

In life, people do not undergo miraculous metamorphosis for our benefit. You can put lipstick on a pig, as US President Barack Obama once pointed out, and it will still be a pig.

Photo: An unidentified MP gets ready for Parliament.
Photo: An unidentified MP gets ready for Parliament.

And so, the electorate continues to see hints of the arrogance and outdated thinking that was the bane of past PNM governments.

And the PP? Like night workers in Woodbrook, they are often beyond the reach of etiquette, off-putting with make-up and scarier without it, and, almost certainly, not the kind of people you would let run your household.

Spare a thought for the discerning voter. Forever stuck with the choice of a party you don’t want and another party you really don’t want.

Photo: Impsbert's Diaries...
Photo: Impsbert’s Diaries…
Photo: Ah gone...
Photo: Ah gone…
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  1. Thank God my children are grown and have sense to understand and not even listen to these shameless parliamtarians. And I surely not letting my grandchildren look at them .

  2. What are you talking bout wayne Leacock ???

  3. Our politicians, can we say anything on this thread that we haven’t said, screamed, cussed already!!!

  4. If you playing woman you shouldn’t be ashamed to be called one, GOD make man and woman nothing in between.

  5. This will continue because one side has openly declared its war in parliament . They not supporting nothing after they tried to make this country ungovernable with their wanton wastage of the people’s purse.

  6. I am happy to have seen the dignity of politicians whose ideologies I may not have agreed with but their integrity and intellect are worthy of study…like Mandela, Cheddi Jagan, Kenyatta, Nkrumah, Lumumba,Castro,,,,,,,,Gandhi….Thatcher….Men and women whose academic and political stature were matched by their social behavior and language….not like the University educated trash we now witness……

  7. Is it that Parental Guidance is now advised when our Nation’s children are to watch our Parliament channel?

  8. Please people get moving with the country business and stop getting on as children.

  9. They all need to get their act together and start acting like the Honourable Ministers they’re supposed to be. Distasteful on all fronts. We had enough of that crap for the past five years. Better than that is expected from this new government and” you did it before” is no excuse. Shameful all of them. And this is who our youths are supposed to emulate? Dr Rowley get a handle on your Ministers, FAST.

  10. “It is like pushing the boat out for a date with Destra Garcia and having Education Minister Anthony Garcia ring your doorbell instead.” Oh Gorm..classic number three lol

  11. they all parasites on the society

  12. I think the Parliamentarians need to remember who they are representing as they go about their business. They are not liming in a pub.

  13. And we expect better from the younger ones.. by who’s standards?? Not the parliamentarians.. It’s time to get on with the running of the country..People grow up..!

  14. It’s a great show for the masses, playing to an audience but when is the talking going to stop and the action begin? Each administration highlights corruption, mismanagement but I await someone being held responsible for it, steps taken to recover stolen assets. Action, until something is done, I’m not listening because all it becomes is retraumatizing. I live in a parallel universe, it mirrors what happens here but it is the opposite of what passes for normal here.

  15. A classless bunch on both sides. The devolution will progress as the weeks pass. Nothing new: it’s ‘Exchange’ not ‘change’ we get or the best we can hope for.

  16. Surely as a nation we can consider more than one issue at a time? This is the same bigotry that so many of us condemned barely a month ago. is it that we only care when it affects us partially?

  17. Ken dolls always freaked me out …..

  18. U HAD to use the name “Paula” ??

  19. And those who calling people ‘stinkmouth’ their mouths kicking more than Alexis Sanchez.

  20. i was waiting for Mr Livewire’s commentary on this and he did not disappoint… LOVE!

  21. Homophobia is a serious issue that keeps being sidelined.

    • Maybe because in our “religious” society it’s acceptable to a homophobe #justthinkingoutloud ?

      • Especially when the thrust is becoming more and more “anti-religious”. You see, religion implies (note my word, implies) a certain morality, albeit hypocritically. Having effectively abandoned many morals (chastity, fidelity, honesty to name a few), there is still the need to preserve the illusion that we are an upright society. So we will frown on the “unholy” alliance between those of the same gender. So lie and horn but be “noble”

  22. I really do not have the stomach to listen to the debate. Can’t tell which side is annoying me more!!

  23. Meanwhile serious issues affecting the nation’s future are being sidelined for this rubbish ….wonder if everyone will still be chuckling when the IMF rolls in to start a restructuring agreement….:/

  24. Stueps why all these distractions and little focus on the mis-management of State affairs.

    • Thank you Corey. Lets find a way to make the Government recover the stolen money. I am sure the Royal One of the Royal place have some for us too. But then, most trinis prefer distraction to facing the very grim reality that is our economic situation. So lets chatter about tata and hope reality will go away.

  25. All very crass and crude. So we can now say, that ‘looking classy’, and ‘being classy’ are two completely different things. As the Brits say, You can;t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  26. Still not as bad as British parliament

  27. Well there’s debate worth having. Lol

  28. Homophobia is wrong. Nonetheless calling a person a name (which is what “princess” amounts to) is not directly homophobic, though it (name-calling) is not something the PNM govt should take any part of, not after the horrendous “rape-gate” scandal of Toppin….unless they are trying to find some way to outdo the lowness of this….never mind the fact that some parliamentarians/ministers never seem to know how to behave…but this Toppin crossed a line that seemed unthinkable…
    The rudeness of “stink mouth” is just as bad as the snide “princess” remark, none is greater in their capacity for insult…(although one might say that interrupting anyone who is speaking is a greater insult) and neither of these unruly expressions belong in parliament…but….if the Brits are worse…thank goodness for small mercies…I guess….but at the same time…can we please rise above…?

  29. Again, Lasana. Brilliant but depressing. I have a love/hate relationship with your satire lol.

  30. ‘Spare a thought for the discerning voter – forever stuck with a party you don’t want and a party you really don’t want!”

  31. Behaviour in parliament on both sides needs major improvement but I find the “princess” remark significantly more offensive than the “stink mouth” remark.

    • I disagree. That “princess” could sleep on a pile of coconuts (no pun intended) and not feel a thing. It was “jaw droppingly” inappropriate but not offensive. After all, the inference had to be made. If people did not think that the flamboyant Princes Town MP displayed effeminate behavior, the “princess” comment would have been irrelevant. So don’t bash MP Smith for voicing what most persons in Trinidad and Tobago are feeling. We are tolerant, but still mainly homophobic.

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