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Sense from nonsense: Live Wire rules on Warner’s racketeering defence

On Friday May 29, Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner stood up in Trinidad and Tobago’s Parliament and told the Speaker of the House: “I was not here on Wednesday last because I was in prison.”

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that the Speaker replied: “Ahhh, yes. The most powerful country in the ‘free world’ has vowed to move heaven on earth to bring you to justice for fraud and racketeering… Okay, MP for Chaguanas West. Carry on.”

Photo: Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner heads for Parliament. Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether the inscription on the prison van, "Justice On Time", was meant to be ironic.
Photo: Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner heads for Parliament.
Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether the inscription on the prison van, “Justice On Time”, was meant to be ironic.

Which, of course, makes an absurdity of Parliament. But then, if you really think about it, this makes sense.

This is the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament, after all.

It is a place where Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal successfully expelled Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for ‘lying’, despite the fact that he only asked for an investigation into emails that still have not been proved false by the police. And then the same Moonilal lauded MP Vernetta Alleyne-Toppin’s ‘bravery’ in falsely calling Rowley a rapist and son of a rapist.

Naturally, Moonilal had no problem with sharing Warner’s company in Parliament.

“If an MP was accused of wrong doing, whether locally or abroad, he’s still free to come to Parliament and represent,” said Moonilal.

Moonilal didn’t point out the fact that the United States Department of Justice charged Warner and issued an arrest warrant for him. Unlike Rowley, for instance.

Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People's Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People’s Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

Which, you might think, makes no sense. But then it kind of does.

Logic does not live here anymore. Nor integrity.

If Warner was a cleaner at KFC, chances are the shift supervisor would have ordered him to put down his mop and head to City Gate before security threw him out.

But politics, as former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday once noted, has a morality of its own.

Attorney General Garvin Nicholas explained that he took great lengths so as “not to cause undue humiliation” on the former FIFA vice president who has caused undue humiliation to Trinidad and Tobago for the last decade or two—depending on whether you are embarrassed by private scandals or public ones.

Makes sense, I guess.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar took great pains to stress that she never received money from Warner, a former party financier, during or before the 2010 General Elections.

Photo: Go ahead, voters... You know you want this!
Photo: Go ahead, voters… You know you want this!

“I received no financing from Mr Warner, he may have financed Mr Warner’s own campaign in 2010 but as leader of the Partnership and leader of the UNC,” said Persad-Bissessar, “I received no financing whatsoever from Mr Warner, either prior to the internal elections in 2010, my party’s internal elections and thereafter into the general election.”

She did not say whether Warner’s allegedly ill-gotten gains were collected by someone else within her party to bankroll the People’s Partnership election campaign though. And she did not directly say that the controversial politician was not a financier of the party rather than her specifically.

Makes sense? Maybe not. But when you really think about it…

And what did Warner have to say?

First of all, he noted that his sons, Daryan and Daryll, were 46 and 39, and their guilty plea had no impact on him.

Despite the fact that both sons helped run all their father’s companies, Daryll worked as a FIFA Development Officer out of Warner’s Centre of Excellence, Daryan ran his dad’s Joe Public Football Club and allegedly sold his blackmarket World Cup tickets.

Photo: The world's worst father-son karaoke effort. Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (right) and his son Daryan politely respond to a question from then Trinidad Express reporter Lasana Liburd on the Simpaul Travel 2006 World Cup ticket scandal.
Photo: The world’s worst father-son karaoke effort.
Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (right) and his son Daryan politely respond to a question from then Trinidad Express reporter Lasana Liburd on the Simpaul Travel 2006 World Cup ticket scandal.

And there is a fair chance that Warner might have had a bit to do with the money they tried to bank in the United States with all the sophistication of a two-year-old child trying to eat spaghetti.

And what about the 14 charges laid by the US Department of Justice against Warner?

The Chaguanas West MP explained that the US law officials only wants to take him down because: the US loves football and wants to host the World Cup, the US hates football and wants to destabilise FIFA, the US wants Sepp Blatter to lose his job as football president…

The US wants to hold Warner as ransom so Blatter changes his mind about the World Cup, the US thinks Sepp and Jack still date in secret, the US refers to football as ‘soccer’…

The US hates people from the Third World, the US—who arrested at least two Americans—is a Third World country and doesn’t know what it is doing, the US does not like people from small islands like Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Argentina and the US…

The US wants the People’s Partnership to win the 2015 General Elections, the US thinks proving the PP hired an alleged international conman as acting Prime Minister and National Security Minister will reflect well on Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s leadership qualities, the US is picking on the ILP because it is a green party…

Photo: United States Attorney General Loretta E Lynch seems decidedly unlikely to fall for Jack Warner's charms.
Photo: United States Attorney General Loretta E Lynch seems unsusceptible to Jack Warner’s charms so far.

The US wants to arrest Warner because he is ‘black’, the US does not realise its Attorney General Loretta E Lynch and President Barack Obama are both ‘black’, the US thinks super-sized ex-CONCACAF general secretary Chuck Blazer is black, the US is still mad that local soca star Anselm Douglas sued over “Who let the dogs out.”

And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Until you find out otherwise of course. Like the fact that Warner’s sons were arrested in the United States for over two years, he actually did own the Centre of Excellence and he oversold tickets for the “Strike Squad’s” unforgettable 19 November 1989 clash with the “Yankees” and he promised half of all World Cup-related income to the 2006 “Soca Warriors.”

Which makes sense.

And, Warner explained, even if he were guilty, Trinidad and Tobago had a duty to protect him from imprisonment as a citizen of this country. Because everyone knows that rich smart men like Ish Galbaransingh, Steve Ferguson, Lawrence Duprey, Anil Roberts, Adolphus Daniell, Calder Hart and Carlos John never go to jail here.

Photo: King in his castle. ILP political leader Jack Warner gets "rock star" treatment at a cottage meeting after his release on bail.
Photo: King in his castle.
ILP political leader Jack Warner gets “rock star” treatment at a cottage meeting after his release on bail.

It is a ridiculous defence. Not least when coming from a man whose notions of loyalty did not prevent him from leaving his alleged co-consirators and own sons, Daryan and Daryll, to face the brunt of the US law enforcement on their own.

But—say it after Mr Live Wire—it makes perfect sense.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. I could not stop laughing….it’s because he ‘ black’ no mr Warner it is because you are a corrupt, dishonest thief, who is unable to see and take responsibility in how you arrived at this point!

  2. Sad day for T&T when everyone has a stone each and throwing it at the neighbors’ houses to justify that their glass is only a mirage.

  3. Kendall, you are absolutely correct…like it or not, no matter what the charge … innocent until PROVEN guilty and i dare say until the courts say so.

    We either want to live in a civilized society or not. This is not about politics.

    Satire is not meant to colour one’s reputation without evidence … that is a dengerous path to travel.

    Journalists need to understand that it takes a person a lifetime to build a reputation and “one article” to send it up in smoke.

    Whether you are a journalist or Rowley … take care before you release words that can cause damage….God Bless!

  4. Want to bet…nothing will come of it!Playing the trump card that the US doing all this because they lost the bid yo host the world cup!Despite everything he is a very intelligent man,two stupid sons but he can hold his corner well.Even if he goes down,he taking a few with him…..

  5. You comparing jack warner to martin Luther King

  6. Bill Thomas u f***ing lost . educate yr self thief is thief

  7. “Logic does not live here anymore. Nor integrity.” Sad, so very very sad…but true.
    And parliament…a properly functioning parliament would have gotten rid of Jack (and never evicted Rowley)…but this parliament is a joke and a laugh at the expense of us the people they are supposed to serve…and it matters not whether Jack was voted in…what matters more is the UNC gave him legitimacy when they put him on their platform in the first place and proclaimed him to be squeaky clean….(or was it “clean enough for them?”) when he was, even back then, clearly not. Let’s hope come September 2015 for PP it will be …”Party done!”

  8. Mr Warner is suffering the same fate as Bill Cosby.. There is no place in the system for an Uppity NEGRO. history is repeating it self Marcus Garvey was jailed for fraud in the USA, because of his intention. Martin Luther King was killed because of his Intention.Mike Tyson was frame because of his Intention. Gadaffi was assinated for his Intention.. Mr Warner ambition was too big for a man of color, he should have been a womaniser, smoking cigars and Gambling..The internet is making it easy for Black mind to emancipate themselves from Mental Slavery.

    • Seriously? Bill Cosby? What money did Bill Cosby misappropriate? Has Bill ever been convicted? Sure, MLK was arrested…but it was because he was protesting peacefully against laws that violated the rights of African Americans not because he stole millions or did anything remotely close to what Warner did for his own personal gain.

  9. Jack isn’t a cooperative witness. And Sepp’s sacking of Jack is unrelated to this.

  10. Lasana Liburd I’m trying to figure out if:
    A. Sepp threw Jack to the wolfs for working against him two elections ago
    B. Jack is a cooperating witness since his two sons had already made plea bargains… He must have known. And all the fighting extradition is part of his game?

    Somethings are just not adding up. Your thoughts?

  11. I need to know if plans are afoot still to have an International Financial Centre in trinidad. With the airport scandal and this jw fiasco and the fact tbat we have a body to deal with suspicious transactions but nobody in tnt ever get charged as far as I know, are we serious about putting checks and balances in place?

  12. Hmm, well for a lot of SC lawyers, note that JW did not finance the unc’s campaign, but they didn’t say if any of his companies did!

  13. Isn’t his wife a director of his companies too? If so, will charges be laid against her?

  14. Buh what de arse. Jack feel he’s a Mandela or a Gandhi. Talk about self importance. Lol.

  15. They were not thrown out. They chose to resign. As I said previously in this thread, Warner does not appear to have a moral centre so to expect him to resign is unrealistic. What happened to Rowley should not have and should never happen again and that includes now with Jack. The process will run and we need to let it run its course.

    I am not trying to defend Warner. I am saying that until he is convicted, he cannot be thrown out of Parliament. That he shouldn’t have been elected in the first place I will readily agree.

    I can’t explain any more clearly than I have so yeah – agree to disagree.

  16. Jack was asked to resign just like Williams and Khan. What is the difference pray tell? Neither of those two were convicted but like Warner charges were laid against them so they were thrown out and then proven innocent. What charges do Rowley have except some trumped up self vindication on email gate by the PP MP’s. I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one Kendall as my puny brain just don’t comprehend.

  17. Thinking some more on this, why is it we haven’t questioned the actions of those who actually voted for Warner? His baggage was public knowledge. Yet thousands of citizens put him in Parliament. We cannot continue to vote the way we do as a people and expect a different outcome. That is the very definition of insanity.

    Jack didn’t force his way into Parliament. We put him there despite his issues. We very much deserve the shame we are experiencing now and expecting the Parliament to fix the problem we created is a cop out.

  18. There is no precedent for the removal of a sitting member of Parliament based on allegations or charges that I am aware of in any jurisdiction. Khan and Williams resigned. I don’t want anyone bringing more disrepute to the Parliament by committing ultra vires acts. We have had enough of that already. I am quite happy to see the process follow due course.

    You all are acting as though he will be convicted and jailed and that isn’t a fait accompli.

  19. What happen to the Speaker? What role does he have to play in this beside get rid of Rowley at all costs. Like i said before a travesty.

  20. Weren’t all of those examples Senators and thus serving at yhe pleasure of their respective political leaders? King certainly was and as such, it is a different scenario.

    I would place the blame for this squarely on the people who elected him in the first place. Our fellow citizens put him there so they have to take some responsibility for this.

  21. Have to agree with Lasana’s points re Rowley not being allowed in Parliament and JW still is Kendall. I distinctly remember when allegations were made against Franklyn Khan and Eric Williams. They were both dismissed from Parliament and thein both were cleared of any wrong doing years later. Imagine Mary King got thrown out for a lil $100,000 contract given to her Son and Jack Warner has been indicted on serious charges, arrested in a Court of law and still allowed to perform duties in Parliament. What a travesty.

  22. In truth, we started before that Debbie. Recent events have just accelerated the process.

  23. Losing our way Kendall Tull?? I thought we did that since Vernella.

  24. So which person do you see as a leader joe small? Just asking

  25. What happened to Rowley is a travesty that should NEVER have happened and should not be allowed to recur.

    The debasing of our Parliament just in this year alone is shameful to me. We are really losing our way as a nation.

    As we discussed Lasana, I really worry about how we live together as a cohesive society after all the divisive vitriol that passes for political strategy in this silly season.

  26. Hahahaahhaaaa… it makes perfect sense!

  27. Gaiven Clairmont

    two thumbs up, on point as usual bro.

  28. I’d ask readers not to take satire too literally though. The intention really is to raise ideas and talking points.
    It should be judged in the same way that a straight news story would as it uses (or tries to) exaggeration for hilarious emphasis.

  29. And the point is not whether Jack would resign or wouldn’t. One point made in the story is the irony that Jack is welcomed when Rowley isn’t and the fact that there are many occupations that would not allow him to waltz into work.
    I stand by that. You disagree. We both fleshed out our points. So we can agree to disagree now.

  30. But Rowley was banned though right?

  31. “She did not say whether Warner’s allegedly ill-gotten gains were collected by someone else within her party to bankroll the People’s Partnership election campaign though. And she did not directly say that the controversial politician was not a financier of the party rather than her specifically.”

    On the button! And btw, I just love that purple dress and your quote “Go ahead voters, ….You know you want this!” Wicked! But doh hut yuh head!

  32. You can be fired from cabinet but that doesn’t apply to JW. Anil chose to resign as an MP for whatever were his reasons and I very much doubt it was a moral issue. Jack will not resign ever because he has no apparent moral centre. As such, he stays.

  33. Sometimes Kendall, the reputation of the company takes priority. This is fact not opinion.
    Hence it would not be about the presumption of innocence in such cases. It would be about whether the reputation of the person in question is considered toxic enough to damage the company he keeps.

  34. Regardless as to how we may feel and the evidence that may exist, the rule of law prevails. Your comments about it not being an allegation but a charge gave me pause as did the statement that it has nothing to do with the presumption of innocence.

  35. One man might say Jack deserves to be in Parliament because he was voted in. Another might say that he shouldn’t be for moral reasons.
    What was Anil Roberts convicted of for instance? He wasn’t even charged.
    Like I said, my pieces are to create talking points. So no problem.

  36. I understand the difference between convicted and charged Kendall Tull. So read over my comments bearing that in mind.
    Whether Jack should legally be there is one question. Whether he should morally be there is another.
    I try to raise points to consider. But I’m happy for people to see it different ways. In fact, I prefer it that way.
    That makes for a good discussion.

  37. You forgot his most famous defense…I will reveal all….BUT….not tonight….A classic !!!

  38. Surely you understand the difference between being charged and being convicted Lasana. You are presumed innocent until convicted, not charged.

  39. A charge is not a conviction Lasana. And the bank scenario is not a typical one. And Warner is not in government so that doesn’t apply either.

    Not defending him – merely explaining the circumstances. He is not barred from being an MP because he was charged and as an MP, he has access to Parliament unless the government wants to pull another suspension which we all agree would be an abuse of power.

  40. Get used to the Bs… This happens in America everyday bro. chip up….

  41. Or would you say someone charged with financial crimes and released on bail would be allowed back at the till in Republic Bank the next day?

  42. It has nothing to do with presumption of innocence. This is not an allegation but a charge. And there have been many occasions where even an allegation is enough according to what your occupation might be.
    I’m sure you must have heard of some examples.

  43. Lol. I didn’t say KFC would have fired the employee Kendall Tull. But if you were working in the media, you would been suspended with pay.
    Something called a fit and proper test. And it is not novel. I remember Govt’s in the past had persons step down until they cleared their names.

  44. Only in Trinidad the Police needs time to investigate whether the contents from a false document (email) is true. Sense from nonsense.

  45. Lasana – if KFC did what you stated in the article, that would have landed them in Industrial Court for wrongful dismissal.

  46. In any country, being brought up on charges is not the same thing as being convicted. In the interim, the presumption of innocence still prevails.

  47. Are we sure this/he is what we want for our country as leadership and a leader? I say not. Having read all of the articles on Wierd868, I am flabbergasted. by some of the responses of our PM hopeful for T&T 2015. It is nothing short of being funny, comical, a big joke (comedy), as happens at most of his political meetings. More for his supporters to laugh at. When will it end?

  48. I loved that part where his two sons ‘tried banking money with the sophistication of a two year old eating spaghetti.’ That’s priceless. And look at the banks they tried doing business with…………..the 4 horsemen of US banking . They need a history lesson, but alas, it’s too late.

  49. Right on the button Lasana. Trying to figure out the scale of this crap or trying to pick sense from nonsense will only send you crazy. So just sit back,relax and enjoy the circus that this Country has become. I’m surely not losing any sleep over the fact that this bunch of morons have made us a laughing stock internationally once again and NOBODY going to make ah jail as is the norm. When Madame PM decide to pull the election date out of her bra then you can have your say.

  50. Fifa crisis: Defiant Jack Warner says ‘Mandela and Gandhi made jail too’

  51. Mr Live Wire in ripping form these days..lol

  52. Well it really does make sense. In a nonsensical kinda way. I guess when you go dancing on your party’s platform celebrating its losing a by-election it makes sense.When the Speaker don’t know the difference between a letter from the High Court and Howai’s attorneys it does. When Resmi attained a high govt post with an associate degree it does. When CEPEP workers gather at Parliament to mindlessly support a debate they know absolutely nothing about it really, really does make sense. I guess when you really thing about it Trinis have garnered the art of making sense from nonsense

  53. “a really accomplished liar can deceive another person by merely reciting a litany of absolutely true things—while deliberately and cleverly leaving out one or two crucial elements that would change the entire character of what they’re trying to make you believe” – I see where you were going with your previous post.

  54. Serious paranormal activity. Best call Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the XFiles to figure it out because if we they we’ll going mad.

  55. Ha ha…Mr Live Wire at his best !

  56. Thinking about this will give you vertigo!

  57. It makes no sense. But it kinda does, right Vernal?

  58. You know you’re right.
    The Emailgate investigation is ongoing, but the government expelled the Opposition Leader for making up Emailgate, but Warner who’s investigation is complete and an arrest warrant issued for is free to attend Parliament without fear of being suspended by the government.

    That is the height of absurdity!

  59. Ah yes….a a country where someone is brought on charges for corruption of all things and is allowed back in parliment, the governing body of said country….nice.

  60. Who was it who said that it’s time we nominate Mr Live Wire for a Pulitzer Prize ? I wholeheartedly agree; this is priceless stuff.

  61. And Chad, it is worth reminding ourselves that their father is a former History teacher. It is well known – ask any of his students at Poly – that he wasn’t at school often enough to do much teaching but we seem to be discovering that he didn’t do too much at home either.