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Sport Ministry: Have your say on the Women’s Professional League

The Ministry of Sport is asking women’s football fans and stakeholders to share their opinions in an an interactive chat on the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League (WPL), which is due to kick off in late May 2015.

The WPL, according to the Ministry of Sport, is “a joint initiative” between the Ministry of Sport, the SPORTT Company, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s League Football (WOLF).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The WPL will “run for a couple of weeks” and should involve players from throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. It aims to mirror the structure of the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) and regional cricket’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with franchises, salary caps and a draft system.

Fixtures are proposed to play on community grounds around the country.

So, the question is: What do you think about the value and chances of success for the proposed Women’s Professional League?


Editor’s Note: A representative from the Ministry of Sport has advised that they will not respond to comments posted on Wired868 about the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League.

Wired868 regrets their failure to do so as promised but will try to get further information on the competition as soon as possible.

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  1. Yeah but his life is way better than back in 2011 now he has his own house a new ford ranger a wife a son and maling money all cause he listened 2 me and stood up 2 the Man

  2. …Ohhhhhhh…yes…I had him as a guest on the Radio Program I hosted…right right…yes I now know who you speak about…a very good defender Dion Sosa…very good just injuries keeping him back

  3. Mark, dais d notes uncle J give him to keep

  4. Kurtwyn Baird you know when I always tell folks that when my brother Jesus was in the synagogue eh, turning down the gambling tables eh, I was right there with him yes and telling him.’Jesus” leh meh just lock up all of them nah, hence the reason I returned to our sweet country and joined our Police service was because I wanted to lock up everybody who was doing wrong and messing up our sweet country especially those corrupted folks in the government and high society and especially our corrupted police officers so I will never ever get rich and switch eh, nobody cannot put no millions in my pockets and for them to have me in their pockets so they can say well you took the millions to like what the corrupted Jack Warner did to Oliver Camps and the rest of his cronies in that corrupted TTFA they should all be in jail and then be exiled from our sweet country for destroying our football and is still doing so today. Them really good yes.

  5. …And that is the way it should be Kurtwyn Baird…any other way and you are a politician…Trust Me

  6. Earl Mango Pierre what I learned from you over the years is that you talk it as you see it,no love lost

  7. …I wouldn’t want my Children to remember me as someone who had the chance to Help Produce Change and I Didn’t…Even If I Fail…I Have to Try…We have to Try…Earl Mango Pierre….Savitri Maharaj…Debbie Espinal…Kurtwyn Baird….Gordon Pierre…Lasana Liburd…ect ect ect

  8. And this is the only thing that will stop all the football madness in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  9. …Buss Files…Just Buss Files…We in T&T are way too casual when it comes to exposing wrongdoing…it only leads to those who do it…to continue…somebody or some group Must Buck-The-Trend…we Must show we are Does as well as Talkers

  10. …Uncle Earl Mango Pierre sometimes you have to dispense with timing and do just what NIKE says…

  11. Mark Anthony Scott look ah getting tired waiting on my nephew Gordon Pierre to buss the mark and expose everything eh, ah wonder if I should do that now steeuppss, then again as he said that I am a military man and everything is about the right timing eh. Them really good yes.

  12. …Uncle Earl Mango Pierre…I try to choose some nice words here

  13. Savitri Maharaj Yeah but the SPORTT still have plenty billions of monies eh so why yuh think that meh friend Brent Sancho decided to become the new sports minister eh, and pull in his right hand friend as advisor knowing very well that he will be lying down in the same bed with that corrupted government and won”t have much time to do anything eh because the elections is around the corner and that will be it for them eh, maybe that is the reason why the Womem professional league got started so quickly knowing very well it really needed lots more time to plan but it is always all about the millions of monies ent. Them really good yes.

  14. …And you are correct as usual Savitri Maharaj…it’s the TTFA we talking about…clubs are different..clubs could give the coach a Wife And All…but the Governing Body…they are the Benchmark and so far…dey ent doin good at all…which is probably the statement of the year…so I say….Time To Fix the Arrogance (TTFA)

  15. ….Well done Debbie Espinal…well done

  16. Oh ho Debbie, thanks i was thinking bout the teacher

  17. Jabloteh is not the TTFA eh. If they had spent the money right dey coulda afford u. But SPORTT give away 36M jes so, so deal done.

  18. Savitri Maharaj why not and when Terence William Fenwick was the Coach of Jabolteh he got his BMW and everything else that he asked for eh, to be very successful so yes I want meh Range Rover and meh house and what is the name of that other place where they built the forensic center again?

  19. Now doh tell me u want Range Rover and house in Goddwood too?

  20. Uncle Earl will 2000 US dead presidents currency help…lol

  21. …..Uncle Earl Mango Pierre you not easy lol

  22. Kurtwyn Baird hahahahaha Actually I was told that I was needed very badly to be the Manager eh but I told him that I am not coming and work for no $2000 T Tdollars a month eh no way I want to get paid in my US dead presidents currency and especially as I will be coming as a foreign base Manager. Them really good yes.

  23. Earl Earl Mango Pierre take care he eh call your name as manager

  24. I know that a pants has 4 pockets but like we sports minister does his pants and them with plenty pockets ent Gordon Pierre and Dion Sosa Them really good yes.hahahahahaha

  25. Who are the folks who will run the league? Have they been named??

  26. Hahahhahahaha well I am not saying why idea nah but everything will unfold in a timely fashion

  27. It simple mango Eat Ah Food

  28. Uncle strange i aint hearing or seeing ur captain with all this action!! And do not ask me i not saying y!! Lol

  29. The men pro league fighting to stay alive eh, and in 3 months they are putting a women’s professional league together eh, alyuh see politricks in the making as usual eh, but as the saying goes only in our sweet country yes, and who have eyes let them see it is always about the millions of monies from the Sport Company and sponsors that they are really interested about to take to the bank smiling . Them really good yes

  30. Still not convinced rushing to start a women’s league so quickly helps anyone except some service industry peeps. Let’s see how the uniform, transportation and concession contracts (among others) are divied up..

  31. Yeah he has a daughter that is a “Trini” so he is good to go and it is only our African brothers and sisters that are being deported back to Africa, JA, and Guyana who also have “Trini” kids and families in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  32. Does adviser have work permit?

  33. So how do they plan 2 get players when the women”s WC is in june and the pan am games in july and the US women”s league going on

  34. Last year when they coming on tread and talking smack about me I was very busy but I now check myself recently how could I have a outsider calling me out does anyone know if he is legal 2 live here is he paying any taxes and how much money a adviser does get isn’t it our money paying them fools we as honest tax paying citizens have a right 2 know

  35. Hahaha uncle u is a military man u know timing is everything!! the art of war, make sure the enemy is committed to their action!! If i bust it now they could abandon ship need and dust their pants need to make sure they pass the point of no return!!

  36. Gordon Pierre expose nah, expose, expose once you is a member of wired 868 yuh have to expose just the same like Mr. Live Wire eh.

  37. Gordon your wasting your breath these are the same people who send players 2 belgium 2 a team in with administration problems and who let a 16 year old sign a contract without his parents so we dealing with very smart individuals thank god this govt have only a few weeks left

  38. Do not tempt me to expose the real reason for this women proleague!! A pic tells a thousand words especially if it have motion and sound!!

  39. Kevin u aint read the thread! Ppl said three months is not enough to set up a serious sustainable professional league anywhere in the world!! Serious leagues are set up with surveys, data, objectives, development structures ets.. any serious sport business man will laugh u out the room if u tell him u created a proleague in three months any where in the world!! And i know u know better!!

  40. Yeah the stakeholders are Eat ah food Inc and Tarstones Inc

  41. Just wanted to share this with you as I’m aware that some people may think this idea was formulated this week. There has been a lot of planning, meetings with stakeholders and corporate T&T to make this a reality. http://wired868.com/2015/03/02/sport-ministry-vows-to-launch-womens-pro-league-by-may-2015/

  42. Yeah without agents a lot of these players would get exploited and taken advantage cause they don’t understand the business side of the football its a shame they don’t so that they can make sure that no 1 can trick them

  43. Ok wirians!!! If u watch d sports news u will c all the info was correct!! If u want d info first check wire!! Lol any more info u need only ask lol

  44. Yeah but yuh know that is a form of slavery eh, selling players yuh know how long folks use to be telling me why I don’t become a football agent eh, but I always tell them nah that is slavery I just want to defend the Players Association for life and represent our players and take folks to court when they try to fool and exploit them eh but I understand it is about proper representation the agents so that the players won’t be cheated by their employers.

  45. The idea is half-baked. They canceled the ‘interactive discussion’ because it’s a non-starter which they clearly haven’t thought thru. The TTFA rightly wants no part of it because paying college athletes to play would jeopardize their amateur status. Any fool with blinders could see that, so small wonder then that Sancho and Harrison struggling to understand that. Sancho too focused on trying to build a legacy for himself to care.

  46. Nah mango I am not following I am working with him as a equal partner ha ha ha ha ha

  47. Dion Sosa Yeah man yuh following one person and that is your football agent abroad who you does get our players for ent. ha ha ha ha

  48. ….So Dion Sosa you telling me that no one wants to be the Standard-Bearer…or the Man or Woman that Bucks-The-Trend???….I am Sorry…but I am Not concerned about Losing Friends….you can’t stand by and watch Nonsense happen all the time

  49. Yes mark anthony scott that’s why a lot of people have a problem with me cause I am no Uncle Tom no Yes man I fear no 1 but God and I follow no man now or ever

  50. We should open our own fan club the name of the fan club can be who wants 2 stop being stupid and join a real fan club with people who help build leaders

  51. …Dion Sosa…everybody is afraid…For What…God Alone Knows…it happens All Over T&T in every sphere of Society…if that was the case I don’t think that the current TTFA hierarchy would be in power…you are so correct…we are a nation of followers…while the Leaders are Fed-up and just Don’t Want To Get Involved Anymore

  52. well like as I always tell you some folks in the football are like some of the pastors and them who are building big big churches and fooling our people into giving them their hard earn monies but they cannot fool meh father God because sooner or later they all will be exposed with respect to their motives and wrong doings ent.

  53. We living in a society of followers no leaders only a set of idiots who looking for someone 2 be the next saviour rather than taking the initiative and doing things to bring about positive but instead they lazy and easy to influence and chain up with promises

  54. Yeah mango is the Jim Jones syndrome all over again they go take them idiots into the bush in couva and give them Agua ha ha ha ha ha ha

  55. Dion Sosa hahahahaha so ah guess you calling me an idiot to ent well as soon as meh son Marvin Oliver retires I done with that eh. I will be retiring from the football thing to I am coming to join a new political party that will make a real great difference in and for our sweet country.

  56. Gordon Pierre hahahaha ah glad that you speaking about the replacements eh, because everybody talking about getting a change ent, so it was the same thing that happened when meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner did when he visited meh uncle Tim Kee when he was on the Cepep board of directors eh, and the next thing he became the President of the corrupted TTFA because they didn’t want the fella who was a cricketer eh, hence the reason why meh uncle Tim Kee cannot go after the corrupted Jack Warner for the millions of monies that belongs to the corrupted TTFA and our footballers eh. Them really good yes.

  57. Well mango I have 2 creative I don’t want 2 spark another campaign on a certain fan page run by a bunch of idiots and supported by more idiots ha ha ha ha ha

  58. Dion Sosa like yuh disguising dem words now ent. hhahahaha

  59. Mark stop beating up!! I tell u it have things coming that will cause a big shake! It will show who eat,where they eat, how they eat, if they enjoy the food and if their belly full!! And careful the names u calling as replacements!!

  60. Hahaha. Like you’re always feeling snackish Sosa!

  61. Eat ah food another scheme 2 rob tax payers of their hard earn money to pay a bunch of foreigners who taking we money and going back to beijing and uSa with it brilliant plan by the devon biscuit minister and his sidekick chez whitney

  62. And that is the same thing that I said on another tread with respect to Santa Rosa F.C. eh, about getting a new coach to raise their standard of football and is the same thing that is going on with our school teams the Super League and Pro League the same Coaches have been coaching the teams from the inception of the leagues eh or for a very very long time hence the reason why the standards are not raising along with other factors eh, so they will continue to spin top in the mud until they really want to do the right things. Them really good yes.

  63. …Currently there are people raking-in Thousands of $$$ in the TTFA and we don’t have a clue as to what they do…And Worse…we are not seeing any Progress where All Our National Teams are concerned

  64. …What is Needed an Overhaul of the TTFA…A Complete one this time…because clearly there are folks there still stuck in 1989…But We Have Moved On…And They Need To As Well…While the object of Football remains the same…which is to beat the other team and win trophies…a lot has changed…Players…Coaching Styles and Administration…I Would like to see the likes of Kelvin Jack and some other former players get involved in the running of the TTFA…let some fresh ideas and people with a proper knowledge of how football needs to be run

  65. Mark Anthony Scott my brother as Mr. Selby Browne said in the video he blames himself, Gally, Steve David and the others from their era not fixing all this madness long time ago and I had said the same thing in one of my stories that I had wrote for the Guardian newspapers moons ago when my writer Gregory Trujillo was alive may he rest in peace , the Local Coaches brought all that on themselves because when my good friend Basil “Barny” Smith and others had formed the Coaches Association to put things in the right perspective and organized themselves with respect to sending the coaches to courses etc, etc, and the recommendations would have come from them as to the best candinates to Coach our nationals teams eh three of the Coaches jumped ship and sold out to the corrupted Jack Warner and the TTFA in order to be where they are today in the football one of them a present FIFA instructor, the other a analyst with FIFA and the other well now Coaching a foreign base country … hence the reason why our local coaches are treated the way they are treated. and of course you are also speaking about Isa Muhammed. Goal Keeper Coach Lincoln Phillips and meh boy Wayne Cunningham were all on the Women National team because of their services that they gave to our sweet country it was time for them to be paid. Them reaally good yes.

  66. …And the next thing I observed with our Senior Women’s team that failed to qualify for the Women’s World Cup…there were persons on the Technical Staff that Should Not have been there…and when the Government gave out $50,000.00 they were most present…I wouldn’t call names but folks on this site are Very familiar with them because they had a Top Position in the National Men’s team prior to WC 2006

  67. ….So tell me uncle Earl Mango Pierre…Is that worth sacrificing your country’s good name an the sacrifice of the local coaches who are still yet to be paid in some instances…like your player Russell Latapy???

  68. Mark Anthony Scott like yuh eh realized that everything has changed in our sweet country eh, what you are talking about that was long ago to them now it is just picking a team and allowing bootleg coaches who doesn’t have any stats to go to tournaments and get plenty beat up because at the end of the day the corrupted vultures are still getting the millions either from the corrupted FIFA or the sponsors and they are going to the banks smiling and they are not being held accountable for nothing so the destruction of our football will just continue. Them really good yes

  69. them worse tham hitler yes…

  70. …I am of the firm belief that the wrong people are consulted on the way forward where The Way Forward for sports is concerned in T&T…anyone with sports at heart will know that success depends on development…and development begins with the age-group 8 years and up…whether Boy or Girl…so if there is No Development…How can there be Success…DON’T PUT SCOTCH TAPE TO FIX THE LEAK ON YOUR ROOF…IT WILL NEVER LAST

  71. Just same old……same old yes.

  72. the whole scene was a mamaguy. them ain read one ass

  73. All I can say is that I am really hoping that meh friend the Sports Minister don’t end up like Mr. 2 pull or worst because ah done hear that the mark is going and buss really soon eh, so alyuh please keep him in alyuh prayers eh.

  74. …So again…is just same old same old…LifeSport comes to mind

  75. Well if that was announced today, that tells me that they weren’t interested in any feedback but used Lasana to get the story out first

  76. I agree with u mark but we can not stop it, today after the cabinet meeting the minister make the announcement!! Remember ppl have to get pay back and eat ah food tell u thats for another story!!

  77. …So then Gordon Pierre it makes no sense to start such a League now

  78. Gordon Pierre some of dem vultures cannot help themselves nah and this was the same reason when I joined our police service back in the days I told Mr. Burroughs that we should have a section in the police service to only lock up all those vultures like meh uncle Jack Warner who cannot help themselves and like to exploit our players eh, and only interested in making plenty monies and fulling their pockets while our players scrunting the section would have been called the ‘Football Police” yes but nobody wasn’t listening to Mango nah and look what happened to our football Them really good yes.

  79. And uncle u not right the level will not rise bc only a few locals will b playing, no development at the u15 and u 17 levels, etc and the league is only 6weeks active it is purely eat ah food and pay back! That story for another time!!

  80. …I just don’t want T&T to be the laughing stock of the CONCACAF region

  81. …They came and were touted as the ones to save our football on the Administration level…however we have clearly seen that it’s a case of SAME OLD…SAME OLD

  82. Mark Anthony Scott oh lawd listen to the video that I posted nah the Field of Dreams eh, you shudda done that already to see our leader Wired 868 Mr. Live Wire representing and you will have an idea.

  83. Uncle i know u could answer mark but for me, we can not stop it! And anything for progress of football i all for it especially women football but let d vultures know that if the make any bad move we will be all over them!

  84. When will those Elections be uncle Earl Mango Pierre…you know something I don’t???…Share Nah

  85. Yes I am because now the standard of our Women National team will definitely rise and the mistakes that they made on the field when they was competing for a spot in their first ever chance to qualify for Women World Cup in Canada this year well the next time around they will be ready like freddie once we also get the right folks voted in to run the TTFA in the upcoming elections.

  86. Yes to their credit they using community fields kick off at king george mass and thing CPL style!! American Mexican Caribbean and Chinese players because a major sponsor is a chinese firm!!

  87. …So are you all for this League to start now Earl Mango Pierre???

  88. No matter where my sweet trini women will be playing the ball yuh done know that the men will followed so it will be a done deal. LOL

  89. …Earl Mango Pierre so what about people in other parts of T&T that would like to see the matches…it wouldn’t be fair to them

  90. hahahahaha not yet keep them in suspense. Gordon Pierre

  91. Anything else uncle!! I tell Sana i could have the election date in my back pocket!! Lol but i not jumbieing lol!!

  92. Well they should do like uncle Arthur Suite when he first started the Semi Professional league in PSA and play the games on one filed yes either the Hasley Crawford stadium field or the outside field by the stadium just build some proper seating stands at the side and behind the goals, since their offices in Jean Pierre cause ah really tired of travelling to Central to the Ato J. Boldon stadium.

  93. Launch on the 29th May games on the 12th June!

  94. The minister say 7 plus million to be spended after the cabinet meeting

  95. Six teams, the head coaches like u uncle foreign base trini!lol with local under studies, franchise systems with sponsor buy in for 350000, four sponsors confirmed, they move into new offices i the jean pierre

  96. Who will be the coaches of the teams, are there any women coaches involve , how many teams , the names of the teams and are the teams representing their communities nephew Gordon Pierre

  97. If wired folks want more info on the league i will gladly provide such not as ministry representative but as a concerned and inform citizen who is fed up of persons riding on others for
    Their personal gain!!

  98. Well done Sana boi!!! It just goes to show that the ppl running the league do not have good intentions!! They simply want questions to get a chance to answer them bc they did not even think out this league properly!!

  99. Sherlan Cabralis this is why some folks uses wired 868 to get the information and then put it forward like if they came up with the ideas do you really think that they had any intentions of sharing their plans with us on wired 868 eh, it is like the video that I posted Field of dreams eh where Lasana Liburd , Selby Browne, Maylee Johnson, Steve David, and Everad Gally Cummings explained everything as to how to fix our football eh. Them really good yes.

  100. I’m happy to engage the public on a matter of national relevance Sherlan Cabralis. I see that as part of my job.
    If people say the Ministry of Sport is on to a great idea, some might say I’m pro-PP. If they say it is a horrible idea, then some might say I am pro-Opposition.
    But the astute people in the middle will know that the focus ought not to be on the messenger at all. But on the message and the reaction of the recipient.
    All the same, it is good that people feel free to question me which is part of the whole process too. And I know I have to keep a certain standard.
    Sometimes I will think I’m being unfairly criticised. But I’d rather have that than no criticism at all.

  101. Dennis, my intention is not to question Lasana’s integrity. I know he is one of the few respected journalist.
    I originally question the discussion because of lack of information on the topic. How can u have an informed discussion without the relevant information. People went on, on, on about what should be done when we don’t know what was proposed. The question was extremely broad. (PR is also about engagement. Businesses use social media to engage their public)

  102. Sad to say that attitude is quite prevalent in the private sector as well. I am certain every professional has at least one story where disagreement with a superior on an initiative ended badly.

  103. It is a lack of understanding of the role of the media. People think we are there to tear down their opponents or make their side look good. It is neither.
    We are here to provide information. Usually that flows towards the readers and we ask questions on your behalf.
    This was an opportunity for readers to ask their own questions through Wired868. And I gave full reign for questions as you can see in the thread.
    But it is a politically charged season and people are seeing things through very narrow scopes these days.

  104. Exactly Savitri Maharaj. Kendall Tull called it correctly earlier too.

  105. Sherlan…with all due respect for your opinion, what Lasana has done here is not “reporting”. It’s engagement; and what the MoS failed to see is the value of it.
    PR is not engagement, and I’m quite comfortable with Wired868 Volley’s position on the distinction between the two.
    Lasana has made many contacts during his nearly two decades in media, and the new Minister and his advisor are two of them. That fact should not be used to impugn either his character or his loyalties.

  106. Hhmm…interesting turn of events…they don’t like what they’re reading…me thinks.. :/

  107. So your comments were propaganda Sherlan Cabralis? I tried to brainwash you? Read over the question at the start of the thread. And then the comments that followed.
    And then soak in what you are saying.

  108. I must speak to the chair of the league, if they are willing, because it is clear that people want more information.
    I can’t influence people by allowing them to state their opinions. But I know you just mean to say that you want the media to not be influenced by power and I certainly agree. So I take your comments in that vein.
    When a reporter brings you someone’s views, it is an opportunity for you to challenge and dissect them. So it is much better than not knowing what that person was thinking at all.
    Part of my job is to give the views of decision makers from all arenas.

  109. PR, yes. Getting the press to promote their propaganda for free. I am not trying to be mean

  110. Yes I do my friend but it is not working for THEIR betterment, continue to do your job in a professional and transparent manner,you have to understand that if a person in your capacity can influence a lot of people then you are the target

  111. Kurtwyn Baird, you don’t see the value in some of the comments and questions posted?
    Personally, I don’t see it as a waste of time. I saw this as quite revealing. And it was also interesting to see the interest in the WPL and the number of people who are keeping an eye on this tournament.

  112. Steups. I gave people a chance to give their unfiltered comments on the league and you are calling that PR, Sherlan Cabralis? Really?
    The job of the media has always been to get readers information. Here, I tried to go beyond that and let readers be able to speak directly to the decision makers.
    So please explain how that is PR.

  113. Smh… It was their idea to engage the public in the first place.

  114. You should have known better Lasana. They would never want to face the issues raised here.

  115. change = EXchange.
    and who wants to go back to their EX?

  116. At least we do know that they read the comments… But that is as far as it is going to go from their end.

  117. Editor’s Note: A representative from the Ministry of Sport has advised that they will not respond to comments posted on Wired868 about the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League.
    Wired868 regrets their failure to do so as promised but will try to get further information on the competition as soon as possible.

  118. Well you know how they cannot handle the TRUTH why do you think that Papa Everad “Gally” Cummings was never allowed to ever be the Coach of another National team eh, and even in the Caribbean . Jack Warner really good yes.

  119. ….Blacklisted for what Earl Mango Pierre…Speaking your mind…The Truth???

  120. Kendall Tull we are all blacklisted already. Them really good yes.

  121. Don’t hold your breath. They love getting feedback abd responding to comments as long as they are positive. We’ll probably all end up on a watch list for seditious behaviour.

  122. It seems that the Sport Ministry ended up not being as keen to respond to comment as they initially claimed.
    I will try to find out definitively tomorrow if they have any intention whatsoever of joining the debate they asked to initiate.

  123. See Lasana pulling out a few red cards. Lol.

  124. Gordon Pierre why our family so eh like our father God has chosen us to always expose corruption wherever it exists ent. Them really good yes.

  125. Hahahaha!! Lasana u know better than that!! Right now these threads could be going wild bc a picture tells a thousand words but timing is everything!

  126. Oh Lawd Mr. Live Wire fining people now yes so I will have to be careful with my wording ent. ah wonder if “Corrupted” has any racial connotations. hahahaha

  127. Ok lasana having lived in the US we used that word a lot but it was never deemed racial but rather a funny gesture but I won’t if it offends you

    • The Brits have deemed it “racist”… never mind it’s American origins, so if they say it’s racist it must be so.

  128. Gordon Pierre playing Jack Warner with dem “tsunamis” eh Debbie? Lol

  129. Rio Ferdinand was fined over a similar tweet as it was deemed a racist attack. It might be a grey area Dion Sosa. But best to avoid it I think. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/18847477

  130. hahahahahaha The Oreo cookie, well yes. Them really good yes

  131. Dion Sosa, I think you should leave the “oreo” comment off the thread. It has racial connotations. So let us avoid that.

  132. i think they just joking…i hope so

  133. I know what Oreos are but how does that fit in here? Are we name-calling again? Hhmm

  134. A Oreo cookie savitri buy 1 and it will reveal all to you what I am saying

  135. Buss the mark Gordon let we see what the Oreo minister doing

  136. Thanks Kevin I Apologise sir and do keep sharing!! Gordon I will not write everything I know!!

  137. Hahahaha timing is everything!! The art of war!! The house of cards will disappear all who getting ready to run for election will have to pack their bags and head to europe and the USA!!

  138. I wish you would hurry up and buss the mark Gordon Pierre. I so sick ah this shit.

  139. Trevor Bridglalsingh and john it have more, much more but waiting for the right time to bust the marks!! It have things that went on and going on in that ministry that will cause the election to call in 30 days trust me with that one!! But long rope for magga goat!!

  140. John Trinipelvic Patterson it’s actually 13 Central F.C. players and they’re in training for the WoLF league. Central F.C. do not have a franchise in the WPL.

  141. Interesting reading Gordon, Lasana, et al!! Central F.C nine women players in training for this Womens Professional League, let the eating continue!! I operate in Central and not a word about the league at my co-ed school!!

  142. Players already contracted from China and USA,sponsors already on board, just have to work out how to share the spoils.

  143. Gordon Pierre I will never have any affiliations to none of those corrupted fellas in our sweet country I need you to listen to the ‘Field of dreams video that I posted and listen to what Papa Everad “Gally’ Cummings said about himself and not being disrespected by the corrupted TTFA eh, well if I was on that show I wudda ask him one question eh, why he allowed the corrupted TTFA allowed his 1989 Strike Squad team traveled from all the way from down Fyzabad eh, to come to Halsey Crawford to come and play against my American team eh on November 19 th1989 eh and I also wudda as Mr. Selby Browne eh since he too is now admitting that they shudda fix our football problems long long time ago now eh and the question is why that same Pioneer Pro team eventually broke up and why the financier “Foots” wanted to pass out his light eh after he embezzled about $100,000 monies of the man monies. All of them really good yes.

  144. Uncle mango u reach?!? I say they buy u out like the rest!! Lol

  145. Why are they still using the word ‘Professional” when my women players won’t be getting paid real professionals monies eh, they will be treated the same way like my players that are presently playing in our Semi- Pro League. Them really good yes.

  146. As I have said before where is the infrastructure to support women playing football, we have problems in SSFL as there are not enough playing fields suitable for female footballers, as it is many schools have no field of their own . I remember taking a Women’s team to p,any a game on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of the Wueens Park Savannah, not a toilet or change room in sight. Also besides Coaches support teams must have female members especially at School and Youth level this is sadly lacking. I think that this is another endeavour being done from the wrong end….from the top and is another example of what is mistaken for development when it is in actual fact window dressing.

  147. Eat ah Food same snake just a different type

  148. Delay any such move – no question!

  149. Hello!! Sancho owns a Women’s team. Do you need any more information than that?

  150. Sports of a nationwide nature need to structure its own viability with period assistance from outside and Government sources when there is an unusual spike in expenses i.e. that might come from an unexpected success in a qualifying tournament. Leadership and visioning – the missing ingredients. The Government should act with a true teacher’s heart and provide the guidance that is needed to have each major sporting organization function with 1. A proper organizational plan and, 2. Master business and marketing plans that can lend themselves to sustenance and longevity this, regardless of who is at the helm.

  151. and dey not supporting TT national women’s football team who dey trying to fool

  152. These people would not observe what is going on,would not seek the help of those who have been successful in organizing football because their objectives are not with the players and the game .

  153. Kirwin Weston u will not hear from no one because is only money and promises passing!! Kairon Serrette and them no gone to get the answers to all ppl questions!! Trinidad will be the laughing stock of sport in the real world where u ever hear u go from conceptuization to implementation of a proleague in three months? How anyone approve money for this without stats ( how much locals will be affected, where the pro coaches coming from, etc) Moodys must be not only looking to downgrade we but to blacklist us!! Lol The suppose sponsors should be warned that the public will be very interested in know them bc after the national team was caribbean champ only petrotrin was a sponosor and the girls left with 500us, now election year they could sponosor a league where there will be a high foreign presence both on the field and bench!

  154. It would be nice to hear from some of the National women players and coaches (all ages). Lasana

  155. Where’s the research ? This has been proposed and happening too quickly if they do establsih such a league. I think most people want to see a functional women’s league, but coherently, no one wants to see our girls suffering because of poor administration and management practices like the men’s league. Those poor practices aren’t something I think you can resolve in mere weeks. Hold up with this league. It doesn’t make sense.

  156. I’m not the political type when it comes to issues like this in sport. But I can’t see this being anything other than an election gimmick, for someone to stand behind a podium and create a false impression about establishing a Women’s Pro. League.

  157. Is the league purpose is to promote Women Football? Or to promote that T&T has the only Professional Football league in the Caribbean for Men n Women?

  158. First Dennis each School should have a proper playing field.

  159. Lol… Pro women’s football! Lol… Why doesn’t the Ministry spend some of that money on a comprehensive nation wide coaching program? Where exactly is these so called Professional” women coming from?? What? Pay them money and they become professional!?? The wrong approach in my books sir!

  160. Are the same people going to be in charge?

  161. Kester Lendor it have not “5th” to exercise in trinidad….. your days to exercise that long gone…lol

  162. Lasana, i have been included in the discussions my employer has had about being a team sponsor of this league so i would exercise my 5th amendment right on this issue now. (lol)

  163. …Well…as we have seen…the MOS has $$$…so maybe…just maybe they will bankroll the entire thing

  164. Mark Anthony Scott.. u think they care bout sustainability after the election?

  165. Good move. Women ‘s sport does not generate huge revenues andy weds go to financial support to survive. Glad the ladies will have a place to play and make a living doing it.

  166. because lets be real… at least local clubs can earn income by selling players to foreign buyers.. who we going to sell to in a womens league?.. at what price?..whats a livable wage for them to be pro and the club to make money?…well except of course government bankroll the entire thing

  167. …This looks like somebody has been Drinking what they are supposed to be Eating

  168. …Added to that Shaun Lynch…there has been no real discussion and consultation to make sure that this Intended League will not fold after 1 season or just how they are going to sustain it

  169. this is a sad election ploy that will FLOP…lets be real everyone knows this.. evem in the US the league flopped the first time… its not practical for us

  170. …There are so many ways that this intended league Just Wouldn’t Work

  171. ….Hmmm and self sufficiency not happening now…Not The TT Pro League

  172. we already have a male professional league that is nearly totally relient on government subventions.. we going to have a female?..
    yes if its self sufficient…..else salt

  173. Did you guys hear what model they patterning the selection of the players by they doing like the ipl franchising 3 national players with a team they selecting players to sign waste of time I heard it have 6 teams so what is the overall sense of this league 2 develop who as Gordon said its another ploy to eat ah food with tax payers money if your going 2 do something do it properly with ideal planning consultation but then again who will you consult the tt pro league ?

  174. So we want to hear more about their pitch to the business community then?

  175. I’m all for it, Lasana, but I don’t believe the sponsors will come on board without much more ‘selling’ of the idea. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

  176. Thanks Lasana Liburd for this post. The feedback is honest, welcomed and appreciated. It has brought to light many of the concerns and feelings of the general populace. Those involved in the planning process will attempt to answer all questions in due course. Please continue to contribute to the post.

  177. Many comments and interesting insights. Still awaiting the Sport Ministry to join in though…

  178. That is not correct prince borde!! In fact most of the local clubs are against the league starting this season but are being offered large incentives and players big promises!! The only reason the league will play this year is because alot of folks are going to eat ah food!! Tell u when the mark bust ppl will think the sport ministry is the new slush fund!!

  179. Overly ambitious Lasana? Nothing good or sustainable will come from this at all.

  180. …Ok Lasana Liburd…but i cannot understand what is the haste all of a sudden to establish a Women’s Pro League…Yes it is Needed…Yes It will make our players better…However…look at how many fans turn up for Pro League matches currently…clubs already have a struggle(s) where finance is concerned….How about Increasing the current grant/subvention and in about 3-5 years you start the Women’s League???

  181. Another hairbrained idea from a leadership characterized by intellectual bankruptcy and vision less. Pure vaps planning in an attempt to be a populist. The leadership’s trajectory is on the down do anything to shore her fortunes up. After the grand design of payment to the women footballers nada now this? Too little too late.
    Can’t meet a lot of bills but want to sucker ppl just for votes then leave them begging for payment?

  182. Prince Borde, there are barely a handful of professional women’s leagues in the world so that won’t be it. FIFA would be quite happy with its money simply making WOLF better.

  183. The Sport Ministry said the hold up in the payment for the male Pro League teams was paperwork rather than there not being any money Mark Anthony Scott. I will keep following up on that issue.

  184. …How could it be that clubs are still owed outstanding Prize Money yet the MOS wants to start a Women’s Pro League???…shouldn’t they ensure that clubs are given All their monies earned first???…Makes No Sense To Me

  185. I think FIFA is pressuring to start one. I heard somewhere that they allotted money to start one. And we haven’t yet

  186. …Clearly they seeking some late points

  187. If the gov’t want to waste money with starting a league that has no viable way of sustaining itself, then by all means go ahead. No wonder the gov’t dependency continues to permiate our society.

  188. I think there are some serious questions that should be answered. On paper, it looks overly ambitious. But I want to hear the responses first as I can see that the Sport Ministry is throwing a lot of effort and resources behind this.
    The PFL came after three years of the SPFL that was supposed to get us ready for pro football. And obviously the PFL and then Pro League still struggled.
    But since the Sport Minister and advisor already know this, I would like to hear how they plan to make the women’s game a success when the men’s game isn’t.
    I’m assuming that the community grounds might be one answer although obviously if those grounds were in good shape then the men’s Pro League games will be playing there already.

  189. Lasana – do you really think that this is a good idea? A women’s pro league when the men’s league struggling for attendance and the national teams have no paid coaches?

    You think that they can call for ‘consultation’ and then start a league in a month’s time? And where is the TTFA in this?

    Steups. Look – don’t start me.

  190. …..Good points from both Dion Sosa and Brent Bennett…fix the main League (TTPL) first…get that on a Proper footing…then you can sort out the Women…even though the Ladies will feel slighted…but like it or not the Men’s League will Always be Priority

  191. Lasana you looking tuh raise my pressure early this afternoon. How about us having a real men’s pro league first. Taking about a women’s pro league, what they getting paid, junk?

  192. Another harebrained scheme to waste money.We hardly have a mens ”semiprofessional” league in the country,yet we speak of a womens professional league?Please.

  193. Lasana this is a election ploy and a stupid waste of time and funds you’re starting a league when the national team has no coach training or funding to sign a bunch of foreigner who you gonna feed house and pay them then they leave after 6 weeks what a brilliant plan its a good thing is 2 minds come up with this well done minister and adviser

  194. More info is needed to make an informed comment. How many teams? Where will they play? What are the objectives? What’s the format?

  195. most of the bigger women’s leagues fall under the umbrella of the male professional league. not to say that they shouldn’t have some degree of autonomy, but they can benefit from the extra leverage of the more established, higher profile league, as well as benefit from sharing the administrative infrastructure.

  196. Anything of this nature will have challenges at first. Once they don’t expect huge crowds and don’t play games in big stadiums I think it can work. This gives younger girls something to shoot for. Also you have players playing more. I am not sure about just having it for a couple weeks. One thing the US does is they market well to the young girls. You have millions of young little girls wanting to be the next mia Hamm. We will have to market it differently. Play in stadiums that hold less. It’s can work over a 3 to 4 month period to start. Televise the games locally. Bring in other Caribbean girls and foreigners to play in it.

  197. You’re writing off the league even before the questions are answered Gordon Pierre? You’re jumping the gun I think. Lol

  198. So the May launch date is out the window I take it? Has to be if they’re now asking for input.

  199. No debut Sana only season!!! After this madness d party done!! Not hearing from the folks who give their sweat blood and tears for women football tho!! Like they eating ah food!! Tongue in cheek!! Lol

  200. Gordon Pierre has nailed the basic questions that need answers before you can start.

  201. Can you say ‘election ploy’? There is no way in hell you can possibly get an entire league started in less than a month and expect any kind of sustainability.

  202. Easy answer……they can’t

  203. The U-20s play in the CFU in June and the women play in Pan Am in July and Olympic qualifiers in August. That could be close to a month lost without factoring in practice games and so on.
    So my question is: How does the league plan to deal with such disruptions and loss of talent in its debut season?

  204. We starting a proleague end of month ?? Where is the advertising? Who are the teams?? Who is the marquee players? Who are the sponsors?? How can interested players aboard get on teams? Why the rush for the start? What are the goals of the league?

  205. Someone mentioned that double header idea and I think it makes sense. But, at the moment, the WPL will be run and finished long before the Pro League kicks off.
    So I will like to hear if that is a long term idea.

  206. You mean the SSFL Leslie Noel?

  207. Dennis, I could not say it better. We are always looking for quick fixes. But, normally they do what they want anyway. So, I will say that a direct connection with the TT Pro-League may be the best route at this time to build the market, which is the key to any successful business. A double headed with a female and male game, could increase and diversify spectatorship.

  208. We need to better our present football league before we go off getting side tracked……I personally feel that the SSL is better than our semi-professional league

  209. I dont think it will be successful in the first couple of weeks and they will decide to discontinue the league after they’ve ‘investeD’ a large amount of funds. Hence, a very easy way to ‘eat ah food’

  210. Now see y the formerly outspoken senior player gone ananomous now because do not want the ttfa to withdraw their support for this farce!! Which i am sure they will b eating a food and scarificing the future of women football bc money without development is a recipe for disaster!!

  211. Whilst my heart says yes, my brain says no. Our ladies deserve their own league, of that I am sure, however, there are still too many things still to improve in both the Pro and Lower leagues (attendance, infrastructure, administration etc.) before we can make that step.

  212. Lasana Liburd i actually think it can be quite viable if done correctly. Tell them to hire me…. i have plenty ideas.

  213. If development is not in place it is purely an eat ah food project!! And if sustainability is not put in place it should not b called a league but a one off competition a truly professional league should have u15 and u17 s in place proper coaching structures and administrative structures

  214. This is exactly what we need at the top end of our football structure. Each existing Pro LEague Club will create a female team and Game Days will continue to be double headers but with two clubs instead of four, ladies first (of course) followed by the men. Just as with the mens game, players will be sourced from the Caribbean, South and Central America. This has all the potential to bring more fans to the venues and furnish media and corporate participation. At the base end of our football structure, we MUST create and implement a Development PRogramme.

    • That isn’t quite the proposal as far as we have heard so far. But I think that is a very interesting idea. Would like to hear the response to that proposal.

  215. This can only be a good thing the woman footballer is left behind for to long we need this

  216. starting from the top ALONE will get nowhere fast, IMO. we gotta do structural things…plant trees if we want to suck mango

  217. I guess that falls under a general question about their vision for the league.

  218. i can go on and on, but i recall spending an entire day discussing this with the FORMER Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts. I think the CURRENT MoS was there that day as well.

  219. each TTPro League team has to have a senior and U-14, U-18 women’s team.
    they should have a provision to pay a football coach for every primary school team—and not an additional stipend or bonus for a teacher either. a proper coach.
    there should be a facility to pay a coach for each secondary school for Form 1 league, U-14, U-16 and First Eleven.
    the Ministry of Sport should have a division for the development of TV coverage of ALL sports.
    an annual contest for journalists—bloggers, video bloggers, mainstream print, radio and TV—for the coverage of ALL SPORTS, but especially the top five

  220. Do your know the depth of the research done, to produce a sustained quality league?we all know the factors that is needed and I believe the answer is no!

  221. In a country where support for the male counterpart isn’t what it should be, this is extremely ambitious. I question the motive given we are in election mode.

    Having said that, the community based approach seems a step in the right direction but without private sector support, it’s doomed to failure. That means that the business proposition has to be sound. I don’t want a league supported only by government funds.

  222. What are the objectives of the proposed league? Surely we can’t give our opinion if we don’t know what the outcomes are to be.

  223. Won’t be a success. Cooperate TnT won’t invest just as the present Pro suffers for support.

  224. Roneil Walcott

    It would be nice to have a professional women’s league but what kind of structure has been implemented for a league that’s supposed to begin in a few weeks?