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Machel who?! Keith Rowdy and a rubber-waist cop take Road March

There is a time and a place for everything. Context, in other words, is key.

On 21 October 2014, Leeds United’s Italian defender Giuseppe Bellusci remonstrated angrily with Norwich City striker Cameron Jerome and shouted “negro” at the latter player. An FA charge of racial abuse swiftly followed.

The FA accepted Bellusci’s defence that he actually said “nero” which means “black eye” in Italian. And Jerome sportingly conceded.

Photo: Norwich City striker Cameron Jerome (left) and Leeds defender Giuseppe Bellusci are cool now. Bellusci only wanted to punch him. (Courtesy UK Guardian)
Photo: Norwich City striker Cameron Jerome (left) and Leeds defender Giuseppe Bellusci are cool now.
Bellusci only wanted to punch him.
(Courtesy UK Guardian)

It is not every day that a young man is asked to apologise to a man who threatened to punch his lights out. But, every so often, it is possible to be wrong and right.

And that brings us to Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley and an unidentified rubber-waist lawman who both came to national prominence for taking a wine over the Carnival season.

On February 4, DCP Harold Phillip warned revellers to desist from gyrating on policemen during the bacchanal season.

“Well, certainly being lewd in the public is in fact an offence,” Phillip told a press briefing, “and with respect to wining on police officers performing duties, we will ask the public to desist in so doing.”

Phillip’s statement came days after Gary Griffith was sacked as National Security Minister, which was a pity. He should have been deported on the spot.

For almost 363 days in the year, Trinidad and Tobago citizens “steups” when they see the police. It would take a heart of stone to deny them the perks of a Carnival shift when half-dressed women are sometimes in the mood for the equivalent of a cat’s scratching post.

Photo: Ahem, I'm looking for a bumper wanted for a spate of back injuries... I think this one requires some undercover work!
Photo: Ahem, I’m looking for a bumper wanted for a spate of back injuries…
I think this one requires some undercover work!

And the policeman in question was certainly not made of stone.

So it’s okay for Johnny Abraham to shoot down citizens in the street but illegal for an officer to warm up a reveller?

Mr Live Wire has a sneaking suspicion that Calypso Rose was still wearing mini-skirts the last time DCP Phillip got a good wine. Haters gotta hate.

And that brings us to the Opposition Leader. They call him Keith. Keith Rowdy.

Well, maybe not. Rowley didn’t do anything worthy of a spot in the “Vagabond” video much less enough to get on Anil Roberts’ team for a Friday night lime. But there are several shots of the 65-year-old Diego Martin West MP dancing closely with a supposedly 17-year-old Ravina Rampersad and standing side-by-side with arms around each other’s waist during San Fernando’s Carnival celebrations.

UNC supporters almost passed out with righteous indignation. Just as PNM supporters did when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar turned up at an all-inclusive fete in silly stockings.

According to UNC followers, Rowley embarrassed his wife and his post as Opposition Leader and displayed scandalous behaviour for a wanna-be Prime Minister.

Photo: But wha de...
Photo: But wha de…

PNM supporters suggested Rowley had a civic duty to wine on any bumper that presented itself without prejudice and called Rampersad a poster-girl for racial harmony.

Elsewhere, Police public information officer Joanne Archer said the wining policeman would probably be investigated for a breach of discipline. Police Social and Welfare Association official Inspector Michael Seales countered that the incident could somehow bolster relations between the police and the public.

At the risk of being repetitive: Calm down Trinidad and Tobago! Let Mr Live Wire adjudicate.

Officer Endless Wuk should have a series of unpleasant shifts coming his way. A friendly and touristy swish of the hips is fine when confronted with a Carnival bumper on duty. Once you bend your knees and arch your back, it is the equivalent of sneaking off your shift.

Punish him but don’t sully his official record.

And, Seales, Machel Montano and Benjai have enough waist for about 500,000 citizens each. So let us not build a statue for Sergeant Snake Oil until fiends like Dana Seetahal’s murderer are in a cell. Okay?

As for young Miss Rampersad, please remember that anything in excess of a solitary dance with a married man is loitering. And more than a single dance with a man more than three times your age is soliciting. Keep it moving next time.

Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley had a ball in San Fernando for Carnival 2015.
Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley had a ball in San Fernando for Carnival 2015.

And Keithos? Let him explain to his wife why he spent so much time canvassing a woman who isn’t old enough to vote.

It is ridiculous to suggest his Carnival behaviour will have any bearing on Elections 2015. But Live Wire does hope that he has a comfortable couch at home and Sharon lets him take an extra pillow. Party done!

As for Patrick Manning, you can stop laughing now Sir. Methinks Rowley won’t be trespassing on your turf anytime in the near future.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. All you UNC supporters just shut up already!!!! d man trying to enjoy he carnival and alyuh making d big issue of the 17 year old girl she was not the only person he was with he was with everyone in the band being people friendly at least he’s with thee people some of you ministers never with the people when they need their road fix or anything so be quiet!!

  2. Most of what we saw were’still shots’ which can be very deceiving and I’m sure the photos were STRATEGICALLY taken. Though I agree once you are in public life your behaviour and actions are under greater scrutiny, I do not think we have enough evidence to say that he was ‘wining and gyrating’ on the masqeraders. Furthermore persons who play mas KNOW FOR A FACT that all kinds of people boldfacedly ‘tief a wine’ on persons they are not affiliated with, worse yet if they get the opportunity to do so on prominent figures in society. Much more important issues to be dealt with in this country. As far as I am concerned, the politicians achieved EXACTLY what they wanted to over this non-issue. Time to press on!!!!

  3. A little wine never hurt nobody ,there are other things that are hurting the country,let’s deal with them.

  4. Trinidadian is d worst is f***ing Carnival nurses lawyers pastors ect does take a wine kamla dont even wait till Carnival 2 let we kno she is d female drunking master

  5. Kamla is a drinker and rowley is a winer. Done talk. Let’s get on with real issues

  6. Candis Cayona

    Clever writing as always! The non-issue issues!

  7. It’s so disgusting, this being an issue. In the 21st century.

  8. This is a non issue ppl. Our country is going down the toilet and this is the burning issue on everyone’s lips. SMH!

    • Like you said country going down the toilet…. Everybody vex he wine on a girl who apparently is underage. How come nobody asking where this poor innocent girl’s parents are, cause i doubt he is the only man she wine on this carnival!

  9. nice picture. Was this before he wuk up on the 17 yr, old backside??? Bbwwaahhhhh!!!

  10. Cudnt have said it better @kendell stewart

  11. On a serious note – a girl can get married with both her parents consent in writing before she is 18, she can give sexual consent at 16, so wining on Rowley (or any other man)is ok at 17. The problem is that a young, attractive East Indian woman chose to wine on a verile black man.

  12. I calling him Loosey. Keith “Loosey” Rowley! And the police officer should have been winin’ to Kitchie boy’s “Doh ask meh to wuk for Carneeval”

  13. Kris Krisy D why allyuh causing controversy so

  14. Funny article. Lasana just a note. I’ve followed your satire for a while and recently noticed there seems to be a concerted effort to add discord and bring confusion on the column. It is also prevalent on Facebook and has become acute since the after the AG’s firing. I’m highlighting because the persons seem to want to distract from real issues and seem bent on Internet “mischief”

  15. This is ridiculous! Much fuss about nothing!

  16. Great article Lasana Liburd. Perfect satirical capture of the absurdity of it all. Love it!

  17. Why the police doh catch some real criminals? They need to learn to let some things go… what is ” annoying language to provoke a police officer to commit a breach of the peace “??? So, even if you don’t cuss, you can get arrested? Let’s get real in this place eh – if a police officer cannot keep his or her cool in light of some “annoying language”, the TTPS is far worse off than I imagined.

  18. Don’t be distracted people, this is a non-issue. Be more concerned with the President’s decision on recalling Mr. West from the PCA and the matter of former AG on witness tampering.

  19. I tried to remain silent on this issue but I can’t anymore. Isn’t that’s why they call it silly season? Ok so he is an aspiring Prime Minister. .. What about the aspiring fathers; the aspiring mothers; the aspiring teachers where were they? Were they not doing the same as well? You hypocrites this is not the real issue here… The real issue is what we as an aspiring first world country has continued to allow and perpetrate in this country. Point is if we want the best behavior of our people and our politicians in this case we must first of all advocate an environment that is conducive to such behavior; our brand of Carnival isn’t such an environment; it’s an insult to the dignity of human beings and their upright behavior. So before we even begin to criticize others, how about we start with ourselves first… Let’s first ask ourselves the question what have I done or did not do to contribute to this and then perhaps; maybe we will achieve respect…

  20. Sorry…. All them all inclusive hoping for a photo op .. One set ah wannabees

  21. So what would be the comments if he pushed her away . People who never see come see about Carnival should refrain from commenting. A lot of these persons only playing mas because it politically correct,same way they going to all them all inclusion

  22. Actually, I understand it was a WPC who held Kennya. So it makes sense now.

  23. Policeman was on duty, inlight of rules that on duty officers ought not to be engaged in…rowley was on his leisure time

  24. So which ‘straight’ man would have nice young ladies wining on them in a band and push them away ?!?

  25. How do you know that is was not “one dance”? All the pictures could have been taken during that time. Trinis gyrate in all form and fashion while they dancing? SMH @ “soliciting”

  26. Scriptures from Carnival Diaries boy Lasana Liburd. The Book of Revelry hahaha

  27. What is issue on Rowley’s wining? Age of girl? Race of girl?…. I really do not see what fuss is about, based on pics, there was no excessive “wining”…,as for age issue, that young lady looks over 24

  28. so what if he whine on ar woman so what all ur want for he to wine on ar f***ing man all ur bunch ar ASSHOLE.

  29. steups all ur an’t have nothing to talk about

  30. Definitely not! But then my daughter is 4…

  31. …. But Lasana, yuh go wine on someone yuh daughter’s age ?

  32. It is reasonable to start a conversation about his behaviour as a public figure of some gravitas eh. I accept that discussion. I just disagree.
    My personal view: Let he who never wineth on a stranger for Carnival cast the first stone!

  33. If Kamla’s stockings can make news, so can this.

  34. Rowley wine on ah woman, Anand wine on ah goat; Anand still become A.G., but all yuh want to buss Rowley throat???????

  35. Masterfully written as usual.

    Seriously tho, much to do about nothing.

  36. And there is nothing like a dose of self-righteous indignation, to start any debate. Public figures are entitled to down time. As long as public funds was not jumping up in a j’ouvert band, I expect these public figures to be back to work as usual. After the Ash Wednesday cool down of course..

  37. Paula no apologies necessary. I am sure people saying what I did on other platforms with a straight face. Meanwhile just like you, I intend to sleep so well over this, babies will be jealous:)

  38. Why is this news tho? is he not allowed to jam on anybody just like EVERYONE else playin mas? Also never noticed anyone asking for ID on the road

  39. Gaiven Clairmont

    Lorl well yes, (sighs) yea let’s hope Mrs. Rowley doesn’t take it out too hard on Keith, the young girl was really around him too long indeed and I wonder what Dr. Rowley’s mindset will be the next a young lady wants “to take a lil wine” haha good stuff as usual bro

  40. But Cécile Pemberton we do so love our moral hysteria moments here.

  41. Lol, at FB meltdown and Sergeant Snake Oil headlines….sorry eh Lasana Liburd but the number of dotish comments filling my news feed is ridiculous, ur satire pieces are always a breath of fresh air and welcomed laughter.

  42. That soliciting remark made me uncomfortable.

  43. Can we agree that moralising over Carnival is patently absurd? Once no harassment or unwanted attention is involved, isn’t it “no harm, no foul”? Wining on or being wined on hardly merits a Silvio comparison.

  44. Hello. Remember bringing back the Savannah stage as an elections promise?

  45. In a country that loves Carnival, it might help your image more than hurt it. Who knows. Italians loved the promiscuous Silvio and France looked the other way when it came to Presidents and their mistresses and outside children.
    Carnival might be our grey area. Most Trinis in no position to be too self-righteous about anyone else’s behaviour around Carnival time.

  46. Edward Bowen, agreed. People free to talk, but attacking the girl and calling him a pedophile is a bit much.

  47. So as the political leader of the party looking to form the next government, you couldn’t stay out of the limelight from any possible issues for one Carnival?


    I still think it’s incredibly stupid of him to say the least. It’s about managing your image. Doesn’t he have people around him to do that?

    It isn’t a question as to whether he is in trouble at home or not – don’t really care one way or another.

    It does bother me that he isn’t bright enough to stay out of trouble.

  48. cyah play mas and fraid powda…..

  49. All respect to you Rhoda Bharath and Lasana Liburd… But the new MONS says he knows nothing about Dana’s murder. That’s scary shit to me…

  50. Have to agree with Paula. Nite all.

  51. My apologies Kirk… I’m not losing sleep over this topic it’s just a non issue to me…

  52. I’m referring to the pics. More than twenty were posted and he was dancing with a variety of women, yet only one lady in particular is an issue. And clearly she was consenting because his hands weren’t restraining her. In some groups flagrant lies being told. Rowley being labelled a pedophile. His age is being exaggerated to over 70. It is disgusting .

  53. I heard the girl was being harassed. That I find unacceptable. And agreed, Kirk, her ethnicity important. But he danced on older Indian women and they not being harassed or made a subject of scrutiny…just the young girl.

  54. And some how I have this funny feeling (not ha ha) that the age of the girl in question is not as important as race. But it late and I am not an expert on race-related bumper tipsing matters of national importance..

  55. Much tipsing. Many bumpers. So wow.

  56. The photo clearly shows the lady wining on him and not the reverse. Anyone noticed that near to him in a broader photo another woman was wining on Junior Regello?

  57. Kirk A Inniss not being sarcastic?

  58. Paula. My comment was dripping with sarcasm..

  59. So Kirk with a song “bumpa like rain” playing in your head, you ask the chick next to you her age before you take a little wine on her? Be real man…. Clearly you not a Trini

  60. Knowing that Family i’m sure Sharon not taking on any of this BS. You think this is the first time a Woman wine on Keith or with him? I and all had my turn a few years ago in the Savannah in front my Husband. No scene.

  61. I find Rowley was irresponsible for dancing with a girl/woman who is allegedly 17. Every single person I know always verify age before “tipsing on bumpers”…in public..during Carnival..

  62. “PNM supporters suggested Rowley had a civic duty to wine on any bumper that presented itself without prejudice..”

    Take win nah. Take win lol

  63. Well Live Wire have me laughing. Which is most important. I doubt Sharon too perturbed though. Keith always has a whale of a time at Carnival. But it is clear that in some quarters the idea of this girl, more so than the other women, wining on him is a sore spot. My only real query is the age. I keep getting different responses.

  64. Well that’s true Rhoda. Whatever works yes. The Rowley family might well laugh it off!

  65. “Let him explain to his wife why he spent so much time canvassing a woman who isn’t old enough to vote.” Take win Lasana Liburd

  66. In all fairness, Barack had Michelle next to him. The pictures do not give me a sense of how long she was with him for. Does anyone really know the age of the young lady?
    And Lasana Liburd my relationship survives because of stamped passports, oui. If I choose to worry about women wining on him every time he out working for the Carnival season, I would be a mess.

  67. Betcha Ravina couldn’t get so much wine time with Barack… Not if Michelle is breathing 🙂

  68. Maybe he didn’t get boff… But I’m sure he didn’t get a backrub and his favourite breakfast the next morning.

  69. She is only underaged if he was giving her alcohol or cigarettes or the keys to Room 201. I think it was inadvisable to stick around one chick so long. But that’s it really…
    Passport stamped Rhoda Bharath? Basket don’t hold water. But go brave to anyone who feel they could get away with more than one dance with a sexy young ‘un. 🙂

  70. I thought it was incredibly stupid of him to get photographed/videotaped wining on an underage girl. Why in hell would you do that in the middle of a mudslinging election runup? Makes no sense at all.

  71. Suppose the man passport get stamped? Tipsing on bumpers is not even an offence in some households.

  72. Suppose the man passport get stamped?

  73. “But Live Wire does hope that he has a comfortable couch at home and Sharon lets him take an extra pillow. Party done!” Lol, love it!!

  74. I doubt Rowley ask de chile fuh she ID cyard; his defence is dat he didn’t know she was a minor. A picture woulda be nice so we could make a judgement about he chances ah convincing a magistrate…not to mention Sharon!
    As fuh de poleece, he defence simple: If de priest cud play…