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Who you calling Ho?! Live Wire examines Newsday’s titillating headline

Ho ho ho!

Like jumping behind a stranger and trying to ram your groin into her back pocket, some indiscretions are only culturally acceptable during a particular period of the year. Any other time and you’re facing sexual assault charges and, possibly, psychological evaluation.

And the Trinidad Newsday newspaper, according to critics, might just have gotten its seasons mixed up.

Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies cricketer Lendl Simmons is accused of sharing intimate photographs of a local woman with whom he shared a brief sexual relationship. Incidentally, Simmons is a limited over specialist.

Photo: West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Lendl Simmons on the pull during a one-day affair. (Copyright AFP 2015)
Photo: West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Lendl Simmons on the pull during a one-day affair.
(Copyright AFP 2015)

The Trinidad Express went with: “Woman suing WI cricketer for sharing intimate photos.”

Newsday choose the snazzier: “Ho accuses Simmons of sex photo leak.”

Cue women’s rights and media tastes advocates choking on their morning’s cup of tea all over the country.

The Newsday was absolutely right. Undeniably. But could the daily newspaper be right and wrong?

Simmons’ alleged victim was born a Ho and, presumably, comes from a long line of Hos. Her name is Therese Ho.

Before we credit the Express for being more gracious in this delicate matter, bear in mind that the paper did not name the cricketer in their headline. The term “WI cricketer” could just as easily mean an obscure figure like Jamaican Nikita Miller. So the Express failed to establish value in the minds of anyone but avid cricket fans or “intimate photo” enthusiasts.

But did the Newsday keep it too real? Did editor-in-chief Jones P Madeira take too many liberties with Ho?

Elsewhere in the social media, top sport photographer Allan V Crane shared his own photos of a half-dressed Ho. On this occasion, it was triathalon starlet and 2014 First Citizens Sports Foundation Youth Award nominee, Joshua Ho. And there were no shares.

Is the sexism then solely on the side of readers who see nothing wrong in a teenaged male Ho yet feel compelled to rescue his female namesake?

Was Madeira Ho-shaming? Or has Trinidad and Tobago become so politically correct that it is no longer possible to call a Ho… ‘Ho’?

Photo: Who are you calling Ho?
Photo: Who are you calling Ho?

At school, where teachers refer to children by surnames, would there be righteous indignation during roll call? What if it was a co-ed school?

That’s a ticklish one. No pun intended. Honest.

So, Mr Live Wire would like to elevate that Ho discussion. Who’s with me?

As for Simmons and his alleged childish and hurtful actions, he should, if guilty, face the full brunt of his actions. Everyone deserves respect and privacy. Would he like anyone to treat his mother or sister like he did Ho?

And for the outraged readers, Live Wire can only hope they were not sharing DJ Lurbz own “leaked” video, a few weeks ago, with a woman resembling ex-Minister Two Pull’s wife.

Ho deserves civil courtesy regardless of her indiscretions. Hoes too. If the woman in the video isn’t your hoe; it isn’t your business!

So let’s ease off that Ho.

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  1. Is that the old bat he made a stroke filled 69 with?

  2. Oh my, what’s in a name? Call me anything, but a…HO?

  3. Omg Lasagna this too funny. But Simmons should have definitely been more mature even if he is a limited over specialist.

  4. I’ve learn not to expect much class and or professionalism from the media in Trinidad and Tobago ..Apart from poor decisions like this one they continue to make major errors in everyday broadcasting but quick to criticize other people or institutions when they make a blunder

  5. No morals for a black man sue him big times

  6. Very sad that someone hoping to be a national hero continues to act in a manner that would get us all reluctant to allow him that status. He needs to grow up in many ways. His indiscretions continue to show him in very bad light.

  7. It was absolutely dispicable.A puerile display by a newspaper with NO credibility whatsoever.