TV6 goes full corbeaux on late Security Minister

A 65-year-old man tragically drowned in Tobago this morning. Mr Live Wire knows what you’re thinking: What did his corpse look like and was he any good at his day job?

You weren’t thinking that at all? Well, TV6 surely was.

And so a married father of four who held three Ministerial portfolios and had enough university degrees to make Suruj Rambachan drool was reduced to a looped video of a motionless body in a red trunks—thankfully, it was not yellow—and childishly superficial narrated analysis of his time as National Security Minister.

Photo: Late National Security Minister Martin Joseph (left) and Coast Guard Commandant Edison Isaac. (Courtesy
Photo: Late National Security Minister Martin Joseph (left) and Commandant Edison Isaac.

At a time when Martin Joseph’s family and loved ones are grieving his loss and his eight-year-old daughter is getting a heartbreaking lesson in mortality, TV6’s viewer question was: “Do you think Martin Joseph was a better National Security Minister?”

Four years and four National Security Ministers have passed since Joseph last held that post. Is now really the time for his job appraisal TV6? Does incumbent Gary Griffith not have enough problems with dead bodies without TV6 chucking him into a popularity contest with one?

Wouldn’t the public need more information than Joseph’s peak murder rate tally and the fact that Jack Warner once gave him a red card to cast their vote? Will TV6 use the money raised from the call-in to open an ethics class for journalism students?

In case you are wondering, 88 percent of voters declared that Joseph was indeed a better National Security Minister. But then maybe they thought TV6 Head of News Dominic Kalipersad intended to somehow resurrect Joseph and stick him back in the hot seat.

Is there any other scenario where their question might have made sense?

We can handle stupid questions though. The broadcasting of dead bodies during dinner is something else entirely.

Does the media leave anything for the imagination anymore? If Kalipersad has a haemorrhoid and someone asked how he was doing, would he drop his pants?

TMI, TV6. Anymore of this and the company’s logo might as well be a corbeaux.

It has been a year and a half already Kalipersad, please let it go. You know what I mean. Park up the tabanca on Ariapita Avenue and let the police tow it.

Nothing lasts forever. We all have to cut our losses sometimes and recognise that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never experienced it in the first place.

Take Robin Thicke’s “Get her back” off your playlist and put in Cee-Lo or Taylor Swift instead.

No matter how many dead bodies you show, TV6. Ian Alleyne ent coming back.

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    Speak no ill of the dead ‘rm’

  2. Dont worry about me my Karma is Good…

  3. Who cares about wat he was…he is dead fool kno yuh place an have some respect 4 d dead… I wonder wat ppl will say about u wen yuh time come… smfh

  4. I totally abhor TV6s report. However, I must say I’ve seen worst reports on both TV and the newspaper exploiting tragedy involving other citizens of TT and not ah man open their mouth like in this case! So are we prejudiced by stature, political affiliates, race or what? BUT truth be told Trinbagonians are a bunch of bandwagonists and hypocrites.

  5. So are you… To a few ppl out there…. Doesn’t mean when you die your family that cares about you would want ppl to be saying that about you. Be a better human being.

  6. TV6 coverage of Martin Joseph’s death was very distasteful and insensitive to his family, friends and loved ones. Why show his dead body repeatedly being wrapped and taken away? TV6 better was expected of you. Gone are the days of professionalism in journalism!!

  7. that question was really uncalled for…

  8. well they also showing the youth who the security guard shot recently lying dead , so if you are telling me its good for the goose then its good for the gander . These peoples judgement and ethics and standards have been poor a while now .

  9. The way in which TV6 and the Express thrive on sensationalism is truly revolting… and these desperate ploys are clearly pathetic attempts to salvage their plunging ad sales. #disgusted

  10. It is certainly unfortunate that this article had to be written. TV 6 should have acted in a more responsible manner – we certainly expected better from them.

  11. Bravo!…great article…exactly what i was thinking.

  12. Sorry to hear but I wish his family all d best in this time of grief

  13. What is the IQ of those working at TV6? Maybe their brain does not work properly, or maybe PNM must have hurt them badly in a previous life!

  14. Glad I don’t have TV and the streams suck so much out…

  15. That is not the issue. Nobody sugar coating the man failures. Iy is the way in which they covered his death and the tastlessness in which they seemed to have trampled upon a dead man by asking such an out of timing people meter question Rondell Vector Prime. It served no purpose but to politicise his death.

  16. Wired868 has finally shown their true PNM colours…go forth into the night

  17. So because the man dead we must sugar coat everything. Bottom line he was the worst National Security Minister. I’m sorry that he died. May he rest in peace.

    • Rondell, when you die, what would you like people to say at your funeral? Would you like them to say that you used to beat your wife and children or would you prefer to hear them say that you took good care of your family? Your grieving friends and family would prefer to hear the latter, I am sure! We all make mistakes in life, so why emphasise the negative over the positive when we die? Is it because when we are dead, we can’t defend ourselves?

    • I would prefer people say the truth regardless because that is what I would be living to. Strange how we allow some to make mistakes and we are ok with it but not others.

    • His tenure as national security minister was 4 years ago. He died in a most tragic way and I fail to understand what that has to do with his death. This man has a family, friends, young children who are grieving. The coverage was most distasteful

    • Yes his death was tragic and shouldn’t have happened but the point is not because he’s dead we pretend he was so great and perfect. He was human and did wrong like everyone else.

    • Ppl need to understand there is a time and place for everything. Now is not the time to be talking about his time as National Security minister. When he was National Security Minister everybody sufficiently complained about him. That ship had sailed. I wonder if when Mr . Bas dies if they gonna talk about the millions he stole or the fact that he was the only prime Minister to make a jail. During the period of grief wouldn’t be the time to speak of that either.

  18. Leave the frigging man alone let his wonderful soul rest in peace oh god nan go after the she devil and her rats

  19. Maria Antonia Sagar, we now have the opportunity to tell them directly via Social Media not just speak out on fora like this…. Everytime they show someone lying dead, by accident or as a victim, is an assault to our senses and downright indecent.

  20. “Sloppy”?
    More like grotesque, gruesome, uncivilized, Philistine, savage……..

  21. Was mortified to hear people talking about the coverage of this prominent person’s death today. Most people were disturbed and horrified by the footage. Totally disrespectful to his family and friends. Cannot believe so many stayed “quiet’ about this. It is necessary to voice your disgust and label this sort of sloppy journalism as just that…..sloppppy! Horrid. This type of reporting was so unprofessional. Good grief……so anything goes these day? We don’t have to sit and swallow everything they dish out to us. We need to speak out in forums like this.

  22. Too few people are willing to stand up and speak out against our diminishing value systems. Which one of us would not be shaken to the core to see our loved one treated with such indignity? I am appalled at what passes for journalism these days, with everybody it seems looking to race Ian Alleyne to the bottom.

  23. Rest in peace you came and served your Country to the best of your ability Amen

  24. Lasana ,tell it like it really is… in form for 2015….

  25. Some people think this started with ian Alleyne but showing bodies has been done on TV etc before that. May this man rest in peace.

  26. TV 6 coverage on this was tasteless and insensitive!

  27. Why would I have something with Kalipersad? People are not accustomed to straight talk.
    If I don’t like something, I say so and I explain myself.
    I have absolutely nothing against Dominic. I don’t know him personally. But he looks like a man who puts thought into what he does and cares about the standards he sets.
    But I disagree with tv6’s policy where this is concerned and I am a man who speaks plainly. That is all.
    I’m knocking the way TV6 did this story and, as head of news, i figured Dominic should take some responsibility for it.
    It is not a personal attack on him.

  28. Let the man rest on peace please
    Oh gosh .

  29. Why doesn’t MATT try to ensure that Ian Alleyne isn’t using the news as forum for his sensationalist show??

  30. really… tell me more Darryn Dinesh Boodan

  31. But why aren’t we acknowledging that this is a common practice in our media?
    It happens ALL the time, or is it just wrong that it was done to Martin Joseph?

    C News Live has a picture of a corpse in the road as we speak.

  32. think it was in poor taste to put on display the lifeless body of the man on the beach. In life they tried to strip him of his integrity , in death they robbed him of his dignity. but there is no victory in death . His legacy will live on .

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