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Shaka gets FIFA appointment; ex-W/Cup goalie on IFAB panel

Former World Cup 2006 and England Premier League goalkeeper Shaka Hislop has been appointed by FIFA to serve on an advisory panel for the influential International Football Association Board (IFAB), which discusses and decides upon proposed alterations to the laws of the game.

Hislop, who now works as a football analyst at ESPN, will appear on the IFAB’s football advisory panel which meets at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 24 November 2014.

Photo: Former World Cup 2006 standout Shaka Hislop now works as an analyst for global sport channel, ESPN.
Photo: Former World Cup 2006 standout Shaka Hislop now works as an analyst for global sport channel, ESPN.

The Football Advisory Panel and Technical Advisory Panel comprises of former players, coaches and referees as well as representatives from the various confederations, associations and league representatives and the global players’ union, FIFPro. The panel members will generally meet twice a year and serve for a period of two years.

Hislop, who is a former St Mary’s College student and played professionally for Reading, Newcastle, Portsmouth, West Ham and Dallas FC, was nominated for the position by CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb.

“I am honoured to have been nominated by CONCACAF president Jeff Webb,” Hislop told Wired868. “It keeps me involved in the game at the highest level. I hope to further represent players in the continued evolution of the game and give the region an added voice in football.”

KFC Munch Pack

The Football Advisory Panel includes: Anthony Baffoe (Ghana), Gijs de Jong (Netherlands, KNVB), Shaka Hislop (Trinidad and Tobago), Christian Karembeu (New Caledonia), Ioan Lupescu (Romania), Hidetoshi Nakata (Japan), Wynton Rufer (New Zealand), Richard Jobson (England, FIFPro) and Andreas Rettig (Germany, DFL).

While the Technical Advisory Panel comprises of: Neale Barry (The FA), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), Massimo Busacca (FIFA), William Campbell (Irish FA), Lim Kee Chong (Mauritius), Pierluigi Collina (UEFA Head of Refereeing), Sonia Denoncourt (CONCACAF Head of Refereeing), David Elleray (England), Ray Ellingham (Wales FA), John Fleming (Scottish FA), Mark Hester (OFC Head of Refereeing), Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay, FIFA Referees Committee), Yoshimi Ogawa (AFC Head of Refereeing) and Manoel Serapião Filho (Brazil).

Some of the topics tabled for its first meeting includes: the so-called “triple punishment” rule; Law 12 with respect to handling the ball; rolling substitutions for amateur/recreational football; and the use of electronic performance monitoring systems. These items were previously discussed by the IFAB and referred to the two new advisory panels for further analysis.

Photo: Referee Neal Brizan (right) cautions Central FC goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams for dissent during a Pro League encounter against W Connection. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Referee Neal Brizan (right) cautions Central FC goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams for dissent during a Pro League encounter against W Connection.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

The proposals from the two panels will be reviewed by the IFAB’s AGM in Belfast from 27 February and 1 March 2015 along with other matters including video replay for match officials, the use of “sin bins” in recreational youth football, and the Offside law.

The IFAB was formed in 1886 and pre-dates the creation of FIFA by 18 years. Their meetings take place in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in strict rotation as well as locations decided by FIFA in years when the senior World Cup is held.

The IFAB does not have the authority to alter football’s laws on its own but it can forward proposals to FIFA for a final decisions. FIFA has four votes while each IFAB association has one vote each.

For a proposal to succeed, it must receive the support of at least three-quarters of those present and entitled to vote.

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  1. A solid guy and credit to T&T. Handsome, too.

  2. sure he will do better than Jack. go Trini boy

  3. Congrats to a son of the soil who has done us proud

  4. Proud of our distinguished Shaka.

  5. …sent you a congrats email today Shaka…keep the TnT flag flying…

  6. Shaka Hislop

    Thanks all, for the best wishes.
    I remain convinced that my mom would put me over her lap and give me a good spanking if I did anything that she didn’t approve of. That has proved to be a great motivator and moral compass through the years. Hahahaha!
    Seriously, my only hope is that I continue to do her, and everyone one of you!, proud.


  7. Congrats Shaka my son was also a goal keeper in Secondary schools football then for his college always admired u keep our flag flying let them see good things can come out of our beloved country

  8. Well done for Shaka and T And T football.

  9. Congrats Big man. Represent well as per usual

  10. Shaka good things come for those whit integrity and football blance good wrk and congrats true trini

  11. I could have sworn Shaka attended Howard University in Washington DC.

    • And, Fred, you would BE CORRECT!!!

      “After graduating from St. Mary’s College in Trinidad, Hislop earned a scholarship to play college soccer at Howard University in the United States and led his team to the NCAA Final as a freshman starter. He graduated (1991) from Howard with honours with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During this time, he interned at NASA.” From Wikipedia

  12. Congrats and God’s continued blessings to Shaka.

  13. Now some integrity in FIFA. Never seen before! Shaka, you have a hard road to travel, but we know the foundation your family stands on has you in good stead. So pleased, so hopeful. Just keep your girls close & remember to laugh in between. Hooray for Football!!!!

  14. Always a decent Guy and a likeable Feller and Footballer. Was happy for his appointment at ESPN now equally happy for this latest one. Keep it decent Shaka.

  15. Congratulations Shaka!! Maybe your tenure with FIFA might help TnT regain some measure of respect which was sadly lost during the JW era. You’ve earned the respect of many as a Footballer and as an Announcer with ESPN. Good job!

  16. What a good-looking young man u r Shaka. If I remember correctly, u look like yr dad….Good looking TOCO ppl. Congrats!

  17. Congrats Shaka little did I know liming with you when we were teenagers you would of been A HUGE SUCCESS I see a future of more and more success keep up the GREAT WORK STAY POSITIVE AND BLESS YOU ARE FOREVER A STAR

  18. We’re sure this is a well thought out decision. Congrats to Shaka.

  19. Congratulations Shaka Hislop. Continue to make us proud.

  20. No doubt!!!! Kenneth, He will stick with us. I have noticed in the struggle to get what was due to the players for their duties in 2006, premier players whose voices would have made a difference, because they were better off, fell off the struggle, but Shaka remained in his unstinting support for justice for the guys, in spite of him being very economically stable, and I admire that. So I think he would make us proud.

  21. That is Great News Congrats to him

  22. Looking forward to good work and representation from Shaka.

  23. Yes we can ^^^, but not at any cost. We’re already well known for JW saga

  24. Trinidad and Tobago could only benefit from this.

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