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Warriors, TTFA and Warner respond to PM’s W/Cup settlement

Address from Brent Sancho on behalf of the 13 World Cup 2006 players:

I am overwhelmed.
On behalf of those of us who have been fighting a long, tough legal battle to get our just due payment for our efforts at the FIFA World Cup, Germany 2006, this moment means more than any of us can describe.
While so many have turned their backs on us and ignored our pleas, we have finally been heard; as is acknowledged here today.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago defender Brent Sancho (right) in action against Paraguay at the 2006 World Cup in Germany
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago defender Brent Sancho (right) in action against Paraguay at the 2006 World Cup in Germany

And what a time for it to happen. Here we are on the eve of World Cup, 2014, Brazil and when our own memories of that time return mixed with the emotions of our unsettled payments, we can truly celebrate and pay tribute to those who have chosen to honour us.

On behalf of the Soca Warriors members who stuck it out over the years enduring so many legal battles may I take the time to express my gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister and her government for this heart warming gesture.

We recognize that the government has no legal obligation to assist us yet chose to do so through this gesture. All of Trinidad and Tobago can breathe a collective sigh of relief that a moment that brought us all so much happiness and pride is free of any grievance.
Those who played their hearts out have asked me to convey their sincere appreciation. We will all follow the events in Brazil this week with an unfettered spirit and only great memories of the time the Trinidad and Tobago anthem played on the football field in Germany.

Thank you all for the recognition.

Each one of us, humbly accepts this gift from the nation. We feel acknowledged and deeply grateful.

Brent Sancho, for and on behalf of the Soca Warriors


Letter from TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee, who initially reached a settlement with the World Cup players but then failed to adhere to it:

Dear Honourable Prime Minister,

Thank  you!

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (centre) makes an appearance alongside former Cabinet colleague and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (right) at the launch of the 2010 Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. (Courtesy FIFA)
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (centre) makes an appearance alongside former Cabinet colleague and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (right) at the launch of the 2010 Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
(Courtesy FIFA)

After 11 months of collaboration and discussion between our organization and your office as well as other ministries, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association would like to express our gratitude for your acknowledging the outstanding debt owed to the 2006 Soca Warriors. This is a tremendously important and joyous day for all of us football lovers.
Records will indicate, our initial efforts focused on the invaluable role government can play in making football relevant again in Trinidad and Tobago, starting with addressing the vexing issue surrounding the debts owed to the ’06 Warriors and others such as Russell Latapy and other members of our technical staff.
The sport of football plays an immeasurable role in this nation and the rest of the world as the world’s most popular sport. The attention commanded by the World Cup in Brazil further underscores the depth and reach of the sport.
As the entity recognized by FIFA to govern football in Trinidad and Tobago, we are particularly pleased that after months of discussion between our organization and the government, as reflected in the attached correspondence, football in Trinidad and Tobago will thrive as a result of your benevolence.
It continues to be our firm belief that football can be used as an effective and compelling tool for crime reduction and community development.
Honourable Prime Minister, on behalf of our Executive, administration, and rest of our football family, we say thank you very much indeed.

Warm regards,

Raymond Tim Kee, TTFA president


Release from former TTFF special advisor, Jack Warner, who continues to hide the 2006 World Cup revenue and refused to pay the Soca Warriors:

Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

I understand that the Prime Minister will be paying the 2006 Soca Warriors the sum of $1.3 million this evening at her home.

I want to take this opportunity to wish them well and to hope that this finally brings closure to this matter.

This group of footballers who played three matches in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and who never scored a goal nor win a match there and who now stand to benefit from the Prime Minister’s benevolent gesture received $20 million dollars from the Patrick Manning administration, $7 million from FIFA, $4 million from the TTFF, $6 million from Jack Warner through the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago and now $1.3 million USD from the People’s Partnership Government; a total sum of close to $50 million dollars and this excludes gifts from private organisations like Clico and others.

It is my sincere wish that this is the end of this story and that the furniture and the archival material, which the TTFA lost when this team of footballers levied on the TTFF, will now be returned to it.

However, if the Prime Minister really wants to demonstrate that this is truly benevolence and not Public Relations to lift the flagging image of her Minister of Sport, then I wish to advise her to go further and save the home of Oliver Camps.

Camps who served football with distinction for over 50 years as President and Team Manager and who was the most successful football manager ever, taking our seniors to the 2006 World Cup in Germany signed a promissory note of $480,000.00 USD on behalf of the TTFF in order to procure the services of Wim Risenberg (sic) as coach of the national team.

The TTFF has been unable to raise the money and now Al Roberts’ firm, father of the Minister of Sport, is now moving to levy on this 98-year-old senior citizen.

Photo: Former TTFF president Oliver Camps, who resigned his post in October 2012 after FIFA opened an investigation into his role in the Mohammed Bin Hammam bribery scandal.
Photo: Former TTFF president Oliver Camps, who resigned his post in October 2012 after FIFA opened an investigation into his role in the Mohammed Bin Hammam bribery scandal.

Mr. Camps’ home, Madam Prime Minister, is now threatened.  If he cannot raise the money he will lose it by September 2014, if not before.

In this regard I am therefore asking the Prime Minister to be as benevolent to Mr. Camps as she has been to these footballers and save the home of this 98 year old senior citizen.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jack Warner, former special advisor to the then T&TFF


Editor’s Note: Click HERE to read the Soca Warriors’ attorney Michael Townley’s response to the W/Cup settlement and the comments from Raymond Tim Kee and Jack Warner.

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  1. Jack – we cyah wait for you to bust the mark:-)

  2. as i said people.. im a bit busy at the moment.. a lot will be said..

  3. it is imperative we find out certain things.. like where is the 200m dollars.. also.. maybe a fresh start is needed..

  4. Clarity coming soon on a lot of those issues people… I have spoken to the players’ lawyer. And to say his statements were intriguing would be an understatement.

  5. Mistake 1 by Rowley was appointing that fella Mayor of POS and Treasurer of the party. He is on record saying he left the TTFF because of political differences with Jack not because Jack was a capital K crook.

  6. Yes, 868, you forced my hand on this one. Someone did come up with a solution. Credit is due. Look at all ‘dem’ Debit entries though! How do we treat with them if accounts can’t be Controlled? What have we learnt from this Journal because it is no Suspense how the settlement was reached?
    Apparently, there were no lawyers nor napkins around to help mitigate a bonus deal in the beginning.
    It could be seen as true that the players were the only team not to score at the World Cup. Why agree to pay a bonus when the performance is described as sub-par by JW? Here, boys go share up that for not scorin’ and not winnin’! Sounds like an ICC headache now eh?
    If JW’s record as administrator and advisor is scrutinized, he Blazed the trail, but how many times did he take the team to the world cup in 3 decades? One may argue does this feat deserve a bonus or pat on the back if any at all? Why not give the princesses or youth teams ah pound or penny for every time they scored too? What? Tomorrow for them? I hear all ah allyuh; yesterday was yesterday.
    One can possibly applaud if the US50 mil injection that went missing for months was invested somewhere and the interest was used to pay off this debt. It looks like when the Commissioner is not informed and a file isn’t submitted at the DPP’s Office, bank robbers recover and automated-ly bring back the lettuce!
    Wait, the wrong man was on the case all the time; all the Gov’na had to say was bring allyuh books for meh, go an pick ah whip! Or maybe show up in a green tie ready to loud up the place with his Dukes up!
    The vicious cycle that we must all live with until we figure out if to boil the chicken and fry the egg or which come first loops all over again:
    Did the people of T&T owe the players any bonus money? Where is this established? What were the terms of payment? What are the grounds to justify monies going into private banks accounts without any agreement, tendering or process of transparency or mou?
    Yes guys, accept the money. You all fought a battle based on principle, go on, accept it. Just know that I would have gladly given it, but nobody asked me.

  7. Oliver Camps is 98 years old Lasana? WDA he still getting mixed up with crooks at this age?

  8. Really disappointed in Warner’s response but then…….say what

  9. and Kelvin Jack…if you dont want to cuss here…let me know and i will happily do it for you

  10. When Warner took over Trinidad football in 1973, we already had a foreign coach and more than half the squad was playing alongside the likes of Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and George Best in the US.
    For those who think Trinidad and Tobago football was nothing before Warner, think again. History says otherwise.
    Arguably our best team ever, our 1973 team that beat Mexico 4-0, happened before Warner.

  11. Because there are many who won’t think that far.

  12. Fourth, in what universe is the government or a wealthy benefactor the only sponsors of a team?
    I can’t believe you all are buying that nonsense. So when TSTT and Carib and KFC and eBay and BP and everyone holding press conference and announcing million dollar sponsorship deals, they are just joking around?
    You mean in 2014 people still saying Warner bankrolled the team for years?! You would swear T&T is a place without internet and cut off from the rest of the world.

  13. 200,000,000 is d best guess that he received. U really think Jack spend his own money good 4 u. I Will never believe it.

  14. All I would say is produce the accounts. That also goes for Tim Kee. As PNM Treasurer its not a good look for the Party for him to be hiding information just like Jack Warner.

  15. POS mayor past an present is the worst.

  16. Everyone.. I have read all comments here. I have also digested carefully what Jack Warner has said and I’m struggling to not respond with an expletive laden nuclear attack. Jack Warner talks because he has a hole in his face. TRUST ME.. If I were Mr Warner I would be reciting the our father prayer and thanking God that I’m not doing prison time. Warner has the audacity to criticise the players? These are the players who helped to generate over 200 million dollars under his watch which remains unaccounted for!!! To believe there are people who would give this man the time of day beggars belief. I know all the FACTS AND FIGURES in this case and anyone who dares to criticise should understand or see the facts before they do. In my opinion the TTFA have been bullies throughout their history and have treated players with disdain. That organisation has to change for football to prosper. Their arrogant and belligerent attitude disgusts me. Those officials are delusional about their importance. The most important people in sports are in this order, the players, the coach/manager, the fans, the sponsors… Then the officials.. I have a lot to say about this case in the coming days. The population need to know certain things…

  17. Right here u slammed TTFF President/PNM Treasurer/POS Mayor recently, again none so blind as those with paid agendas..

  18. I am not sure about the 7 million from FIFA. But that might have been the money which was supposed to go to charity and was paid first.
    Some of the mentioned was divided between 24 players (including Silvio Spann), some between 23 and the rest between 13.
    I think half the money went to the 23.
    As for Kenroy, if I promise you 500 and give you 200 when would you say is enough?
    I believe the Spain national team was promised 15 percent of earnings at the South Africa World Cup. Jack Warner, in his wisdom, promised 50.
    Whose fault is that?
    The money isn’t at the TTFA headquarters. Warner supposedly has it. Is that preferable?

  19. A story that makes one person look bad is a benefit to the other side. I cannot concern myself with that.
    When I knock the PP, I am a PNM tool. When I knock the PNM, I am a PP assassin.
    That is the nature of the game. I only have to trust that people with sense will see. Those are the readers I care about.

    • Lasana, that is typically how Trinidadians are, we just don’t like to face facts. We also love to marginalise people once we don’t agree with them, even if the person has a valid point. In my personal opinion (one can call me by any name or place me in any party), all the actors in this game of charades are very similiar characters. They have hidden agendas and are mainly concern about self preservation that the preservation of all. I agree that Mr. Warner did put his foot in his mouth by offering 50% and I guess when he realized what disease he was suffering from he tried to treat it with the anti-his-to-determine and it just did not work, propably was not strong enough. The Honourable PM (only used honourable because children might be reading and I want to teach them respect), that act too has its motives and agenda. The Brent Sancho act, again has his (or theirs, if we are lumping them all together and he is just the feature speaker). Raymond Tim Kee, Act IV, a tale of two tongues, also has personal motives. All in all, the play is very deserving of a Cacique Award or if taken on the road and internationally a Tony Award may be forthcoming. So there we go…Queen’s Hall or better yet NAPA, is missing out big time.

  20. One day we should spend sometime discussion the Jack Warner myth..cause he is not anything but a crook. Until the poor people in Haiti gets their money which Jack clearly stole it and possible used it to finance the UNC 2010 election, that man should be liken to worst form of creature on two legs. everything he has is from corruption and ill gotten gain, he is no businessman. nothing admirable about him. Center of Excellence where big business happening is the biggest scandal and symbol of corruption. Is that how we teach our young people our children to do business. Somebody give me a break, let me go sleep eh.

  21. And Lasana, maybe its to late now but you have to be careful that you are not being used by FIFA to spread their dirty internal politics with all the mudslinging against mr warner. They can be using you and maybe you do or dont know

  22. The ways of a UNC and Jack apologist are simple, employ reductionism to conversations, appear objective and balance obscure facts and paint illusions under the guise of independent thought…It remains the strategy to this day cause it worked well back 2007 to 2010. In the final analysis if person are not careful the conversation intent is shifted to matters far drawn from the main topic and such protagonist becomes an effective troll. Lasana Liburd be so guided. Have a good morning.

  23. I have never received any favour from Mr. Warner, Although I know his cell and house number I do not call them. He is not my friend but I respect him as a business man and i think sometimes he is unfairly criticise

  24. What? No evidence? You must have failed reading comprehension in school.

  25. No evidence Kenroy Ambris? You should have offered your legal advice to the Sport Dispute Resolution Panel in London (which Jack Warner and the TTFF chose themselves!) and the Trinidad High Courts.
    They felt they had plenty evidence. I have to call you Kenroy SC.

  26. I cant tell the last year i had a conversation with Jack, so he is not my friend. I just believe that we are all criticising him with no evidence to prove

  27. None so blind as those paid not to see..

  28. Keep waiting for that Kenroy. Over a decade now, people in the industry saying that Jack would love to have me and Jack always hire critics like me.
    Eventually it will sink in that not everyone is for sale.

  29. “A year earlier, the TTFF had told the “Soca Warriors” and the media that it had collected $18.2 million. Hislop suspected the true revenue might be closer to $30 million; half of which was promised to the players.

    But the FOAI figure, which excluded gate receipts for qualifiers and friendlies as well as broadcast rights, revealed that the players had grossly underestimated their own entitlement.

    The TTFF had collected $173,690,113.50 from corporate deals known to the Government; and that excluded several overseas agreements, gate receipts for World Cup qualifiers and friendlies as well as broadcast rights”

  30. I feel Lasana vying to write Jack’s next bio

  31. Kenroy Ambris, take my advice, all Jack’s friends end up like Oliver Camps. Or they are lucky and get out quick.
    Whether it is RamJack, Bas&Jack, Augustus and Jack, Manohar & Jack, Groden and Jack, CampsJack… It is always the same. Be careful pardner.

  32. Committee finished its recommendations over a month or two ago. Shhhh. I will get to that Carlos. 😉

  33. Really Kenroy? Ah think you working for Jack. Revisit your postings.

  34. Isn’t there a committee looking at revamping the TTFA’s constitution? Is there an update on where they’re at?

  35. Same thing ah talking bout lasana, lol. I never work for Jack in meh life. The media getting it wrong again.

  36. Yep. The option is there and they know how to do it if they want to.

  37. Lasana Liburd – thanks for the Lincoln article. Wasn’t aware that was out there.

  38. Kenroy Ambris, Jack sure got more than a photographer when he hired you boi… Best business decision he ever made. 😉


  40. Ok, I move to rest my case. No further questions. (Packs imaginary papers and files in an imaginary bag).

  41. Kenroy fellah. Jack needs to go in court and defend himself. He never shows there does he? Coincidence you think?
    There are not two sides to a story when accounts are concerned. These is just a valid accounting book. Bring that first and talk after.

  42. Btw Carlos Lee, here is the blueprint for overthrowing the TTFA/TTFF as written by Lincoln Phillips.
    Of course sine he wrote this his son has become general secretary:

  43. Yes. The Warriors were offered a percentage well above what any other team was offered. Why? Maybe it was too good to be true because it was. Warner just wanted them to play and not harass him.
    So it wasn’t about what the other teams got; but what Jack promised this squad on behalf of the TTFF.

  44. Oliver Scamps – I mean Camps is well taken cared off by JW. Don’t be fooled. He didn’t facilitate JW’s schemes for free. Only crocodile tears to fool the public and get more free dollars. They were all in it together. Groden included. People think that JW’s Special Advisor role was created for joke. It was a clandestine way to give JW full control of the TTFF and all WC dollars, while having no real legal role in the organization. Camps was JW’s puppet. He did all JW’s dirty works and plan to take his secrets to the grave.

  45. Ok well I following you. Basically the $38 million (give or take) is way below what they should receive. On average a team qualifying for the World Cup and getting knocked out in the group stage should make about $10 million USD (give or take). The 2006 Warriors were promised 50% of all football revenue. Warner, after seeing how much money everybody offered before final figures came in simply offered $5000 TT and carry home the accounts books. So the money generated could have been $100 million or $300 million. Nobody but Jack knows. Is that the crux of the matter? And the basis of the Warriors case?

  46. Lasana, I am not blinded by Jack nor you, My mother always told me there are 2 sides to every story, sometimes 3, I read all your articles and at the same time i also paid attention to mr. Warner’s defence in all allegations against him.
    He does not defend himself often but whenever he decides to do it I pay attention because I am one trini that believe in being fair and balance.
    I do not follow the crowd and start accusing stupidly because of what i read in the media because sometimes the media (including you) get it wrong.
    So until i see evidence infront of me ( which i never ssee) I am not going to join the rest of trinidad and find the man guilty

  47. Doh feel sorry 4 Ollie he made his bed. Not 2 mention he get inducted in d Hall of Fame 4 what God alone knows

  48. Kenroy, there are half a dozen CONCACAF funds available to Trinidad not counting our US$250,000 subvention. Not to mention sponsors. Not to mention teams that pay US to travel and play them.
    A man cannot see unless he opens his eyes. You want to believe that the only money going into the TTFA came from Warner and he is the Mother Theresa of football, feel free.
    You are welcome to your saint. But everyone ends up like Oliver Camps in the end. Spat out and broken.

  49. Remember when d TTFF raffle the rolex anybody remember anybody winning it?

  50. That is exactly what happened after they got d money Jack say a million is enough. So he came up wit d 5000TT and say ok d guys got a million so they will b cool.

  51. Lasana Liburd you are telling the public that Jack Warner banked all of TTFF money and not a bill was paid. No salary, No contractor was paid, Jack thief all TTFF money. He never ever spent any of his money on football. Or maybe you never investigate how much he spent so you dont have figures

  52. And I am not including any gifts or whatever from third parties. From the TTFA and Warner how much have they received? Because Warner can’t use the government ‘gift’ to say well Manning give you $20 million so now I owe you nothing, we square.

  53. All the figures Jack Warner mentioned are accurate. Except the $7 million which was due for charity. So that means $38 million. Some was divided between 24 players and staff. Some between 23 players. And some between 13 players.
    Minus legal fees for an eight year case of course.

  54. I do believe Warner spent from his own pockets in the early days, but that was because he could have seen the kick-back clear as day. He may have invested in the team initially and have always used that to make sure he collected his ‘just dues’ wherever and whenever he could. To paint him as a savior is a stretch, as well as to believe at any point he was seriously out of pocket. I get all that. Since following this case, up and down and across, there seems to be holes on both sides. I am asking now that Warner has mentioned that the Warriors have indeed received some form of compensation, to the tune of almost $50 million (shady maths aside), can the players confirm or deny that? Can the players say how much they have indeed received to date from their world cup exploits in 2006?

  55. Nicole Philip Greene, I spoke about this on Wired868 group page.
    Essentially, the players were offered around TT$5,000 from TTFF/Warner after the World Cup. They took legal advice.
    London arbitrator ruled they were owed 50 percent of World Cup revenue. High Court upheld that.
    The question is 50 percent of what?
    Well, Warner still refuses to show the books. So we don’t know. And chances we are we will never know because Raymond Tim Kee refuses to follow the guidance of the court and take action against Warner to find out.
    If Warner wants to talk figures, he needs to bring those accounting books.

  56. Rhoda Bharath, let me bring you on this because it was raised elsewhere in terms of the players’ case against Warner…
    Warner owes the TTFF millions that were allegedly siphoned from the football body. It could be hundreds of millions over the decades.
    The TTFF owes the players. That doesn’t mean Warner necessarily owes the players.
    If Kirk A Inniss owes me $100 and I owe Savitri Maharaj $50, I cannot tell Savitri to stop bugging me and go after Kirk instead. All the players can do is deal with the entity who owes them.
    Yes, there was talk about the players chasing Warner but it was always a shot in the dark.
    The victim is the TTFA and the victim refuses to report the crime. So what do you do?
    If I was the government, I would refuse to give a cent to the football body once anyone who was connected to the past regime still had a position there.

  57. To summarise, if Warner wants to talk maths he can bring his accounting ledgers to the table and work out what he really owes T&T football and, from that, what is due to the players.
    The reason he has refused to that is not Kenroy Ambris because he is afraid that everyone will see how much money he was generously giving to the TTFF.
    Does anyone believe that nonsense?

  58. Right. So we back on track. Ok so now how about we get some confirmation on what they have indeed received so far. Not from Jack, but from the players themselves..

  59. Seriously, in 2014, I can’t bring myself to explain that Warner was making money off football rather than the other way around.
    Why doesn’t he help his former rubber stamp Oliver Camps? Why not put him in a safe house too?
    He forgot to mention that Oliver Camps was forced to quit his job as TTFF president because FIFA caught him lying to cover for the bribery scandal with Bin Hammam and Jack Warner.
    Why not give Camps the $3 million USD he got from Bin Hammam as consultancy fees?

    • This is the same thing I was saying Lasana, ah mean he has used Camps so much to achieve his end, so why he can’t bail him out now?

  60. Carlos, I agree that there needs to be more incentive, but the sports men(& women) also need to start looking at sponsorship as less of a handout and more of a business transaction, athletes have too often(locally) gotten ahead of themselves with a little money and reduced their performance. In the end it is a business relationship.

  61. Well is a good ting some of them were chicken and d Judas and took d 30 pieces of silver so the money had 2 go less ways

  62. Thirdly, a court case for eight years ent cheap. The money Jack added did not come up $50 million. He likes to average up eh? He should do that with the firetruck money.
    Don’t count the FIFA $7 million. The rest comes up to $38 million. Split that between 23 and subtract legal fees and I don’t think anyone is set for life.

  63. Secondly, the players never asked for $50 million or $500 million or $5 million. They asked to see the books.
    Jack promised them half of all World Cup revenue so they needed to know half of what. It was the same question the arbitrator asked in London and the High Court asked in Port of Spain.
    Bring the books Jack so we can see what money we are talking about.

  64. For starters, the 2006 World Cup players were offered around $5,000 TT each back in 2006. That is what started the whole of this. Some of the players said they would have taken about TT$200,000 each then. They never thought they would get their just due.
    But Warner insulted them so they went to their lawyer instead.

  65. They have not paid attention u know we lack comprehension skills.

  66. It is hard to know where to start with this… It is amazing that after all these years there are so many misconceptions about the case. I think I will have to try a summary for the site soon.

  67. TTFA and other Sporting bodies also need to become less depending on govt funding. This needs to stop. Greater private/corporate giving is needed. Government should provide better tax incentives to private corporations to help increase giving. Government has too much control of stuff on TNT.

  68. People with corporate support/backing would help tremendously

  69. Just need the right people

  70. The timing might be perfect for change to occur

  71. Nah – cyah happen. The “new” entity will have to work under the TTFA constitution and try to topple the current executives through the electoral process. Which can be done

  72. Need reputable, selfless, honest individuals to run the TTFA. But that’s like looking for ah needle in a hay stack.

  73. recognition can happen over a period of a year if done properly.. there is a loophole… unless the conglomerate decides to buy over the ttfa and assume control, which gets rid of the waiting period for approval

  74. FIFA would not allow that. TTFA is the FIFA recognized body for all things football in TNT

  75. there is an alternative, alternate federation with private investors and the ear of the regional football bodies and the govt.. once this is in place, they need to present a plan that can give the majority an option that supercedes the current ttfa…

  76. Total house cleaning needed. The TTFA constitution need to be revamped to prevent past deeds from ever occurring again. No Special Advisor. One club one vote. Term limits for all executive positions. Independent annual audit of accounts. Just to name a few.

  77. YEP but is d season 2 get rid of dictators

  78. i agree but who giving the marching orders? you remember how men getting elected… that is a fiasco in itself

  79. I tired of evil so letsclean house

  80. the lesser evil for now imo

  81. Sheldon d man behind heart of a warrior fiasco.

  82. i dont see trinidad qualifying for any world cup in my grand kids lifetime

  83. Joann the only man I believe have any credentials is Sheldon.. i not on the tim kee train… i suggested the govt pay the players a week or 2 weeks ago and get rid of these men, but that doesn’t seem to be the order, I just happy these players got their money

  84. Kenroy – politicians love people like you. They can screw you over and over again, and all they have to do us give you a few pieces of silver and you quickly forget their misdeeds. Smh

  85. Goin after Jack and paying the players is a good deed.

  86. Gino once Tim Key etal in d picture 2016 will be a pipe dream.

  87. Ah like you Joann. Keeping it real.

  88. I thought that the fair thing to do is to criticise persons for dotishness and compliment them for doing a good deed. Thats the way my parents grew me up

  89. D warriors owed d money since 2006 u is PM since 2010 dman who owe them d money was yuh bff. Yuh Minister of Sport say they eh deserve dmoney they eh even score a goal and is mercenaries. Ot ofthe blue u pay them d money d mist of d LifeSport chaos and is not a PR stunt. She like Saul on the Road 2 Damascus she saw d light. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  90. Ha ha ha then they would fit right in since life sport is funding all kind of criminals

  91. Easy money / and you don’t have to work for it

  92. TTFA should be put under the LifeSport program.

  93. How ? Who in their right mind will give the TTFA any money

  94. whether it is PR for Kamla, the fact of the matter is, the PM paid the players, now we can move on and start the campaign for Russia 2018..

  95. You have to admit though that it was a good distraction for her Brazil lime

  96. And also im hearing about Kamla giving this money is a PR stunt.
    Everyday they bashing kamla for all her wrongdoings but when she do something positive its a PR propaganda. What im understanding from some of you is that she must continue doing dotishness because anytime she try doing something positive you will still get vex. ..

  97. Kenroy – Not sure I get your point, but no worries.

  98. Unfortunately for the TTFA from a strict legal standpoint they still owe the warriors 1.3 million. A judgment cannot be released unless the government files the funds with the court as the balance of the settlement on behalf of the TTFA.

  99. Well said Joann. All PR. All to minimize public outrage concerning her Brazil lime and shift focus off the LifeSport debacle. The PM said no public funds will be used on her trip. Who paying for her security detail? And for the nurse that she often travels with?

  100. And thats my point. Same as the the people with the money, they also will get off on a technicality

  101. Kenroy – 1) my point was that people with $$$ don’t make jail for white color crime in TNT. 2) only poor, uneducated people make jail for white color or other crime (they often don’t have the $$$ to pay “smart” lawyers to keep them out of jail). 3) the video images could not be used as evidence against the men, not because of politics, but because the images were capture prior to proclamation of the Anti Gang legislation, which is the law under which the fellas were arrested. They basically got off on a technicality.

  102. Adrian u really believe that? It is all PR for Kams.

  103. Tim Kee has no shame. The PM chose to pay the players directly and not risk letting the TTFA get any money. They don’t trust them with 13 cents much less 1.3 million .

  104. Carlos that is not a true statement because the poor uneducated bandits who got arrested during the SOE got away free all because of politics although the police had video evidence of them robing innocent drivers. Do you remember that?

  105. Who in d TTFF will take him 2 court when they reaped the corrupt seed he sowed. They all knew that no way it was 5000 TT was d net profit but they went along. They all enjoyed their free trips.

  106. In this country once you dont like someone you are GUILTY until you can prove yourself innocent. And if you manage to achieve that, then the perception is the court is also corrupt. So it means you are guilty for the rest of your life.

  107. Kenroy – no one with money makes jail in TNT. TNT is one country where the justice system is not blind. Only poor, uneducated people make jail for white color crime on TNT.

  108. Have anyone ever ask themselves why the TTFF cannot take Mr. Warner to court? Because if it was a simple case as him thiefing all the money from TTFF, by now he might of been in court or jail or even already paid back the money.

  109. Pure wickedness. Add JW’s and TTFF accountant

  110. U kidding right d man was on d TTFF executive when all d bacchanal was goin on. Y u think he eh goin after Jack

  111. Well said Joann. All fingers of the same hand.

  112. Mr. Timkey is innocent in all of this. He came and meet all the mess and trying his best to clean it up. That comment is the mentality of the Typical uninformed trini. They dont know but running their mouth.

  113. Who Camps/Grooden/TimKey all of them should b locked up

  114. Kirk I agree with you which goes to show that not only warner is a crook but everyone is focusing only on him while others around him also escaping with taxpayers monies but that is OK


  116. I can easily believe Jack spend his own money. I can also believe that he spend other people own as well.

  117. I on the other hand care little for Warner, or Hunt or Anil. Warner to me is still a crook. All I want to know is if the Warriors did in fact receive money to the tune of $50 million and why during all the debate and discussions and public support, there was never any mention of that. At least I never heard..

  118. PLEASE Joann, Flash back your memory… My Hunte NEVER give the TTFF any funding until last minute when Mr. Manning told him to do so. I remember because I was in the media back then.

  119. Kenroy – you’re kidding right?

  120. I find it curious that Jack could say that the Patrick Manning administration gave them 20M when Jack made a political football of the the Minister and Administration in saying no money was being given. Jack used football and the players among others to booster his image for a political run for office in 2007 and made TT citizen like him which resulted in him being able to mobilize support broadly. In short i wonder if anything this man says can be trusted.

  121. So I will not join the typical Jack Warner haters and accuse him of thiefing TTFF money. As far as i know he spend lots of money on the team and at the same time he also received lots of money. Maybe he received more than he spent but , you need to remember he is a businessman.

  122. No he got booed because he was Hunt. The only time funding stop was when Anil became Minister. D only source of funding is not d govt what bout d stipend FIFA pays every year? We qualify 4 2 Youth WC after that so we got money for that. Doh believe Jack and his nonesense that it was his money.

  123. The Ministry of sports funded the team last minute. Do you remember when Gary Hunte got booed at one of the world cup games at the stadium? That was for lack of funding from his ministry. By that time the team was traveling all over the world to play with not a cent from the ministry. Where were they getting the money from to travel?

  124. It had Maturana 1 of d worse coaches ever. D only coach who was not paid was d local coaches. Latapy etal. SPORTT and the Min of Sport funded the teams

  125. I will have to go back on sw.net 4d exact figure. They were promised 50 % of the net proceeds that include FIFA money and sponsorship. They were offered 5000TT. Then d court matter began. You cannot know 4 sure because they had to do their own maths to figure out.

  126. I agree Joann but while he was trying to put them in check Mr. Warner was spending money on the teams and paying the coaches for the years Mr. Hunt was not doing it. Do you know what was the coach monthly salary back then and do you remember who was paying it?

  127. Mr Liburd, I don’t think there is a single Wired868 reader who does not expect you to pen a response to the 71-year-old? senior citizen, the former special adviser to the TTFF, who was bold-faced enough not only to pen this insulting letter to the Prime Minister but also to make it public.
    You certainly have my permission to give him my regards straight from the hip with no holds barred.

  128. Ok fine so tell me Joann Charles because I can’t say that I know the answer to the question I posed. If I did I would not have bothered to ask. How much money was the Soca Warriors 2006 promised, and how much were they actually paid? In that regard we will know how much they are really owed. It would also shed some light on the $50 million dollar claim that Jack is making. Suffice it so say, I have never heard that sum discussed in any way, in any forum at no point over the last 8 years..

  129. U believe Jack plus where u heard that Hunt never funded d warriors. He tried to put the TTT in check.

  130. Kenroy Ambris you making sense. And if you wrong, this is the best place for correction.

  131. If u follow the story you would know how much they received at every point the players received money it was stated.

  132. But Lasana Liburd Mr. Warner’s defence over the years was that HE was the person paying all the bills including rents, airfares, hotel accommodations and the salaries for all coaches for years for our football teams including the under 20 & 16 teams. So that is why whenever the TTFF receive any money Mr. Warner takes control of it to repay himself. dispite that the TTFF still had a very huge outstanding bill for him.
    I remember when Mr. Roger Boynes gave the TTFF money for the team to get ready for Germany 2006 they also repaid Mr. Warner approx 17M that he claimed the TTFF still owing him.
    I dont know if you can remember or paid attention to these stuff that was news back then but you can correct me if im wrong.
    Also you might remember that under Gary Hunt the TTFF was not funded but they were traveling to far countries to play friendlies on a regular basis and that was loooong before corporate T&T started their “banwagonism” so Mr. warners claim that HE was paying all the bill and has receipt so thats the reason why the TTFF and their lawyers cannot take him to court. Am I making sense?

  133. Well since the 2006 Warriors never declare how much they received should we just ignore them as well?

  134. Well if he never declare how much was received then he can now come and say anything. So just ignore him.

  135. Yes but it would help to know what they were promised and what they actually received. Because this story about to go all over the place. Meanwhile we have been hearing this story from one side mainly. And now today Jack talking about different money paid that equals almost $50 million. Of course I confused..

  136. I eh really care if it is 500 million. They eh put a gun to anybody head they were promised d money.

  137. The spin is in and the fun is on

  138. Before we get side tracked, Jack is suggesting that almost $50 million was given to the players from 2006. That is more than the current prize for getting to the same stage in 2014. Give or take. Not a percent mind you, but the entire payout in 2014 is almost $50 million TT. So the Soca Warriors should basically say how much money they have received so far. I have always been of the impression that they got next to nothing, if any money at all.

  139. Why do tax payers have to foot JWs bill?

  140. Lasana Liburd for years you have been reporting on this matter, can you tell me if the figures that Mr. Warner quoted tonight if they are true? If not can you tell me how much money the players collected since 2006? AND what about your opinion on the amount of money they got so far, also how much do you think is enough before they stop asking for more because i heard Brent saying tonight that although he is happy with the government he still has some issues to handle with the TTFF. Is it more money he is going after? You are the investigative journalist on this matter and i will be glad to get your opinion on these. Thanks in advance.

  141. Just as a point of reference, the current pay-out in 2014 for a team that reached as far as Trinidad and Tobago did in 2006, is $8 million USD, OR $50 million TT..

  142. Nah hold the red card. Warner set to make a serious tactical substitute. He taking out he self and sending in the whole 2006 squad. Lasana Liburd and Kelvin Jack, talk to me about this alledged almost about around $50 million the 2006 team received. Allegedly.

  143. so this woman takes my hard earn tax dollars and gave it away….when Jack and company who supposed to give these former players their money……..I give madam prime minister a RED CARD for her stupid action

  144. Cant help laughing out loud as I say “Jack mus’ be lying!”

  145. I thought it was interesting too Kirk. 🙂

    “This group of footballers who played three matches in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and who never scored a goal nor win a match there and who now stand to benefit from the Prime Minister’s benevolent gesture received $20 million dollars from the Patrick Manning administration, $7 million from FIFA, $4 million from the TTFF, $6 million from Jack Warner through the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago and now $1.3 million USD from the People’s Partnership Government; a total sum of close to $50 million dollars and this excludes gifts from private organisations like Clico and others.”

  146. But Warner mentioned some figures I never heard in any discussion before. Are those figures facts or fiction?

  147. Kamla gave them US$1.3m today. Or promised it.

  148. Wait. Hold up. Based on Warner’s response, did the footballers get the money he mentioned??

  149. it took 8 years for this woman to remember this beloved footballers, thank god election near

  150. As my Grandmother, if asked to comment on this matter, would have trenchantly asked: “Awright. An den w’at?!!”

  151. When this deceitful woman says things like she instructed the Minister of Finance to find the money to pay the Soca warriors, is she trying to make us believe the money is coming from a private cabinet fund and not from OUR TAX DOLLARS. How stupid does Kamla Persad Bissessar really think we are?

  152. But the TTFF is not a govt organization so she pay them from her pocket?

  153. Is there any money owed to the present soca warriors and the technical staff?