Fixin’ T&T: Gov’t owes us full disclosure

The Motion of No Confidence to be debated in our Parliament on Friday 2nd March, 2012 is a significant occurrence in the life of any government and by extension country. FIXIN’ T&T views this as an exceptional opportunity, in the interest of Good Governance, to bring clarity and full disclosure to the people of Trinidad & Tobago on the following issues:


1) Who was ultimately and directly responsible for the appointment of the vastly unqualified Reshmi Ramnarine to Director of an organization critical to the national security of Trinidad & Tobago?

2) What was the transparent process used to appoint the new CEO of WASA?

3) How does someone holding a position of Director in a major financial institution at the time of its collapse become a Government Minister in Trinidad & Tobago?

4) Why was the painfully flawed process inherited from the previous administration to select a Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police continued?

5) What was the process used by the Minister of Transport to engage the services of new legal counsel at the Port Authority?

6) What are the criteria for appointments to State Boards, management positions in State Agencies and Diplomatic Posts? Can the resumes/qualifications of all persons occupying these positions be immediately made available online for public consumption?

Minister Jack Warner:

1) Why was Mr Warner allowed to maintain his position at FIFA after being sworn in as a Government Minister?

2) Why was Mr Warner allowed to continue his ministerial role after leaving FIFA amid corruption allegations?

3) Why has the government not insisted that Mr Warner obey an order by the courts of Trinidad & Tobago to provide audited accounts for the TTFF ?

4) Why has the government not insisted that Mr Warner provide irrefutable evidence that monies received by the TTFF from FIFA and the Korean Football Federation for earthquake ravished Haiti , was actually delivered to the Federation of Haitian Football? This in light of the fact that the TTFF has confirmed receipt of the funds which it stated was deposited to an account under Mr Warner’s control.

5) Was Mr Warner’s personal lawyer awarded significant million dollar legal briefs by two state agencies which fall under his ministry? If so, how could this be right?

6) Why is the internationally discredited Jack Warner still a Government Minister?


1) What is the status of the Attorney General’s investigation into the controversial NP contract involving the Gopaul’s? What, if any, are his findings?

2) Why the rush to award mega projects like the rapid rail and Invader’s Bay before the new procurement legislation is enacted?

3) When can we expect the promised Procurement Legislation to be a reality?

4) How many of the ninety one recommendations of the Uff Commission of Inquiry have been implemented?

State of Emergency (SoE):

1) Our Constitution dictates that our citizens be provided a specific reason for the declaration of a SoE. Kindly take this opportunity to provide same.

2) Who provided the legal advice to the government on the SoE?

3) Was there meaningful consultation with the leaders of our protective services prior to the declaration of the SoE? If so, over what period…weeks, days, hours, minutes?

4) Who provided the legal advice to the police on arresting and charging persons in the face of little or no evidence?

5) Was there any attempt to verify the veracity of the information on the alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister and three Government Ministers before a decision was taken to go public? On what basis was sixteen persons detained?

Moving Forward (To all of Our Representatives):

1) When will we collectively address in earnest our social ills of illiteracy, poverty, HIV Aids, health care and safety & security?

2) When will Constitutional Reform become a reality?

3) What will you do now as our representatives to ensure that our institutions (Police, DPP, Judiciary, EMA, Media, BIR, etc) become strong, truly independent and free from political interference?

As people elected to represent us, it remains our expectation that you put Country First.

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