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Dear Editor: Our treatment of Venezuela migrants will reveal Trinidad and Tobago’s true character

“[…] We should ask ourselves, ‘what would compel a mother to embark on a treacherous and uncertain seven-mile journey with her young child?’ They are human, not faceless migrants/refugees. This simple fact seemed to have been forgotten and disregarded by the authorities…” The following Letter to the Editor on Trinidad …

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Dear Editor: T&T’s legal profession woefully short on ethics; pound home Her Excellency’s message

“Twenty years ago, the ‘Nolan principles’ in the UK sought to improve standards in public life. These seven principles are: Selflessness; Integrity; Objectivity; Accountability; Openness; Honesty; Leadership. At the time, these principles were revolutionary because they focused on behaviour and culture, rather than processes. “You’d be hard-pushed to find anyone …

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Dear Editor: Human rights are non-negotiable; Senator’s suggestion to castrate paedophiles is wrong

“Human rights are non-negotiable and prisoners who may be paedophiles are not excluded. That is the law—even when we don’t like the results. “[…] The implication of [Dr Varma Deyalsingh’s] statement is that the paedophile prison population is the cause of overcrowding and so chemical castration is proffered as the …

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