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Gaslighting: How psychopaths manipulate us

The following column was written by Dr George Simon, PhD for the Counselling Resource.com website: Gaslighting is a sophisticated manipulation tactic which certain types of personalities use to create doubt in the minds of others. Here’s how it works and what to watch out for. In a stage play and …

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No fire-trucking way: Jack X looks for a way out latest scandal

Scene: International Rescue Committee headquarters in New York. Phone rings. IRC Chairman George Rupp answers George Rupp: “Hello. George Rupp speaking…” Ex-Minister of National Security, ex-Minister of Work and Infrastructure, ex-UNC Chairman, ex-Chaguanas West MP, ex-FIFA Vice-President, ex-CONCACAF President, ex-Caribbean Football Union President, ex-Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation Special Advisor, …

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