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The Art of Rebellion: ‘A parody of the plight of single mothers’—the story of Baby Doll mas

“[…] Activist Amanda McIntyre believes that the original portrayals of the Baby Doll were a parody of the plight of single mothers and, generally, women—a stark demonstration of how they frequently bear the blame and responsibility ‘for something that is normal and natural: sex and sexuality’. “[…] McIntyre situated her …

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In Memoriam: A celebration of the life and work of iconic folklorist, Al Ramsawack

“[…] Al Ramsawack’s stories gave extensive life to the details of jumbies, Papa Bois, soucouyants, Lagahoo, Mama D’Lo, douens, jins, bhutes, La Diablesse and other characters that populate the region’s folk tales and oral histories. He also published fictional narratives that include the much cherished Monkey Polo and Sly Mongoose.  …

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Caribbean gender violence is a left-over from colonialism: Letters on domestic violence in T&T

“The Caribbean’s brand of gender-based violence is partly supported by the legacy of colonialism that manifests in race, age, gender and class relations. “The power construct of the plantation system included the ownership of bodies that transferred into the post-emancipation/post-indentureship entitlement of men and masculinities in domestic and social relationships.” …

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