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Monitoring Me 4: The Sisyphus miracle of rolling stones, uphill tasks and labours of love

My first encounter with Sisyphos came in Sixth Form Latin class at QRC when I was in my mid-teens. And a decade or so later, I was halfway between 18 and 28 in 20th Century French Literature class at UWI when I was introduced to the Camusian version of the …

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Claude’s Comments: Homage to Winnie Mandela, the greatest 20th Century African heroine

Arguably, Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was the greatest 20th Century African heroine of the combined struggle for the emancipation of humanity from white supremacism and the liberation of woman from patriarchal oppression. Accordingly, it is difficult to imagine a greater outpouring of tributes to any other contemporary female freedom fighter. Nevertheless, …

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Attorney, Dr Crowne, joins MATT’s Cybercrime Bill steering committee

“The Steering Committee appointed by MATT to address the Cybercrime Bill 2017 is satisfied that [Dr Emir] Crowne’s legal opinions and recommendations seek to correct the concerns raised by the association about the controversial legislation. “In this regard the Steering Committee is comfortable working with Crowne to ensure that the …

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‘Inexcusable delay;’ Judge says no to FoIA information for fired Rambarran

“Mr Rambarran was found by the Court to be guilty of NON-DISCLOSURE in filing his claim. In his media release of December 26th, 2015, he failed to disclose that he had been invited to meetings with the Minister of Finance prior to the revocation of his appointment. Additionally, in his …

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Dear Editor: Counterfeit goods are a threat to the economy and can kill

“The argument that counterfeit goods do no harm is immediately silenced when matters of life and death are quite literally in issue. Imagine being prescribed a certain pill at a certain dosage to treat your condition. “Invariably, a counterfeit pharmaceutical will lack the essential compounds necessary to treat your condition. …

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AG’s Cambridge Analytica probe is “misuse of power;” UNC insists TTPS and not JSC should investigate

“We support an investigation by the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Integrity Commission, who are the appropriate persons to conduct investigations into allegations of breaches of the law. They are charged with the legal authority and responsibility for conducting fair and transparent investigations that can …

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