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Warner subjects German TV crew to horror show

Works Minister Jack Warner yesterday threatened to embarrass a German television crew that questioned him on his ongoing court matter with 13 World Cup 2006 players and other FIFA-related scandals. The ZDF TV crew didn’t ask any further questions but Warner subjected them to a humiliating experience anyway; as they …

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The football fan, the talk show and the ex-FIFA VP

… Radio talk show fan hits Jackpot   I really did not want to call that day. I had no intention of calling in when the live discussion started on Radio I95.5 with Minister of Works and Infrastructure and ex-FIFA Vice President Jack Warner as the studio’s special guest. But …

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Warner lies on himself

Works Minister Jack Warner filed an affidavit in October 2011 that claimed he had accounting statements related to the 2006 World Cup and was happy to produce them for the courts. Last week, he suggested that was a flaming lie. High Court Judge Devindra Rampersad should determine which Warner is …

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Warner tongue-tied on TTFF chaos

Works Minister and former TTFF Special Advisor Jack Warner refused to speak when approached by the media for comment on yesterday’s police raid and the football body’s insistence that he took everyone’s money. Wired868 cannot confirm that the MP asked to be woken up when it is over.

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Football men get their balls back

Caledonia AIA football coach Jamaal Shabazz was allowed to take several bags of footballs from the TTFF office yesterday; even as all other equipment was seized due to the non-payment of an interim award by the football body. Wired868 cannot confirm that the imminent fall of the TTFF is prompting …

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Brent on success

The reason I have and still continue to attend each court date, is to not only witness for myself the audaciousness of key figures like Mr. Warner, Mr. Camps and Mr. Groden but also in hope that Judge Rampersad puts an end to this fiasco. Arghhh another early rise; it’s …

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